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small led is developed by FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD's qualified designers via combining advantages of other suchlike product in the market. The design team invests plenty of time in research regarding performance, thus the product is more superior than others. They also make reasonable adjustments and improvements to the production process, which better optimize the efficiency and costs.SANDUN Furniture has dominated certain markets for decades since the establishment of our own brand values. Progression lies in the core of our brand value and we are in an unswerving and consistent position to uphold improvement. With years of experience accumulation, our brand has reached a whole new level where sales and customer loyalty are dramatically boosted.At SANDUN Furniture, we know well the importance of customer service. Comments and complaints are an important resource for us improving the performance of small led. So we continuously ask for customer feedback using some tools and software.
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What Was Positive About the Crusades?
While not an area of expertise, I would say that one very positive thing about the Crusades was the historical prominence achieved by Salah ad-Din (a.k.a. "Saladin") as a "noble warrior" while leading the Muslim military campaign against the Crusaders, refusing to engage in bloody retributions even when warranted, and exhibiting values that are to be greatly admired.To briefly quote a couple of passages from Wikipedia:"In the nineteenth century, Saladin achieved a great reputation in Europe as a chivalrous knight, due to his fierce struggle against the crusaders and his generosity. Although Saladin faded into history after the Middle Ages, he appears in a sympathetic light in Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's play Nathan the Wise (1779) and in Sir Walter Scott's novel The Talisman (1825). The contemporary view of Saladin originates mainly from these texts. According to Jonathan Riley-Smith, Scott's portrayal of Saladin was that of a "modern 19th-century liberal European gentlemen, beside whom medieval Westerners would always have made a poor showing". Despite the Crusaders' slaughter when they originally conquered Jerusalem in 1099, Saladin granted amnesty and free passage to all common Catholics and even to the defeated Christian army, as long as they were able to pay the aforementioned ransom (the Greek Orthodox Christians were treated even better, because they often opposed the western Crusaders)."Notwithstanding the differences in beliefs, the Muslim Saladin was respected by Christian lords, Richard especially. Richard once praised Saladin as a great prince, saying that he was without doubt the greatest and most powerful leader in the Islamic world. Saladin in turn stated that there was not a more honorable Christian lord than Richard. After the treaty, Saladin and Richard sent each other many gifts as tokens of respect but never met face to face. In April 1191, a Frankish woman's three-month-old baby had been stolen from her camp and sold on the market. The Franks urged her to approach Saladin herself with her grievance. According to Bah' al-Dn, Saladin used his own money to buy the child back...URL: there are not nearly enough examples of such chivalry and honor stemming from that period of history, but the example set by Saladin as the "noble warrior" will always be timeless.• Other QuestionsWill Joe Biden be worse than Trump?Joe Biden has consistently held a wide polling lead over US President Donald Trump ahead of Novembers election. But, despite Trumps botched response to the Covid-19 pandemic a failure that has left the economy far weaker than it otherwise would have been he has maintained a marginal edge on the question of which candidate would be better for the US economy. Thanks to Trump, a country with just 4% of the worlds population now accounts for more than 20% of total Covid-19 deaths an utterly shameful outcome, given Americas advanced (albeit expensive) healthcare system.The presumption that Republicans are better than Democrats at economic stewardship is a longstanding myth that must be debunked. In our 1997 book, Political Cycles and the Macroeconomy, the late (and great) Alberto Alesina and I showed that Democratic administrations tend to preside over faster growth, lower unemployment and stronger stock markets than Republican presidents do.In fact, US recessions almost always occur under Republican administrations a pattern that has persisted since our book appeared. The recessions of 1970, 1980-82, 1990, 2001, 2008-09, and, now, 2020 all occurred when a Republican was in the White House (with the exception of the double-dip recession of 1980-82, which started under Jimmy Carter but continued under Ronald Reagan). Likewise, the Great Recession of 2008-09 was triggered by the 2007-08 financial crisis, which also occurred on the GOPs watch.This tendency is not random: loose regulatory policies lead to financial crises and recessions. And, compounding matters, Republicans consistently pursue reckless fiscal policies, spending as much as Democrats do, but refusing to raise taxes to make up for the resulting budget shortfalls.Owing to such mismanagement under the George W Bush presidency, President Barack Obama and Vice-president Biden inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression. In early 2009, the US unemployment rate surpassed 10%, growth was in free fall, the budget deficit had already exceeded $1.2tn, and the stock market was down almost 60%. Yet, by the end of Obamas second term in early 2017, all of those indicators had massively improved.In fact, even before the Covid-19 recession, US employment and GDP growth, as well as the stock markets performance, were better under Obama than under Trump. Just as Trump inherited millions from his father, only to squander it on business failures, so he inherited a strong economy from his predecessor, only to wreck it within a single term------How would you explain the Theory of Relativity in layman's terms? How can you explain it to a child or teenager?I would explain the Lorentz transformation simply as a method to construct new solutions of the standard wave equation if one already has such a solution. The resulting solution is a Doppler-shifted one. This works for every wave equation, for water waves as well as sound waves, with c being the relevant speed of the waves. So this is nothing but a nice math trick to find new solutions.The same trick works not only for a simple wave equations, but for some more complex variants of wave equations too. It appears that it works for all the fields we need to describe our most fundamental particles and their interactions - the standard model of particle physics.Then, one can find out what this means for clocks and rulers, constructed completely out of things which follow those special wave equations. Once such a clock at rest is a solution, the trick gives another solution, namely a moving clock. And it appears that the moving clock is time-dilated. Similarly, a ruler at rest is such a solution. The transformation gives a moving ruler, and this moving ruler is Lorentz-contracted. A device which measures absolute contemporaneity if at rest fails, for the same reason, to identify absolute contemporaneity if moving. And, similarly, a device which establishes absolute rest fails too - if moved, it would identify absolute rest differently. This is the physical part of relativity.Then, one can interpret this failure as an unfortunate consequence of our restricted possibilities, but without any fundamental relevance. For water waves or sound waves we have other, independent possibilities to measure something, not constructed out of configurations of these physical waves, for the standard model of particle physics, we have no such abilities. Our problem, but reality does not care. This would be the Lorentz ether interpretation.Or one thinks that this inability to identify absolute rest is some deep fundamental insight, that this mathematical trick named Lorentz symmetry is a deep fundamental symmetry, and everything which does not follow this Lorentz symmetry does not even exist. The positivist what cannot be observed does not exist. This would be a world without contemporaneity. Once I cannot measure what is now on Andromeda, it means, the whole history of Andromeda is somehow in the same status of existence. That means, the whole history of Andromeda exists, as a whole. That is the spacetime. If this construction makes sense, I doubt. But it is the accepted mainstream interpretation.For more details, with some formulas, see here.------How do we as conservatives overcome the ideological civil war that's tearing us apart?The first thing we do is, realize that conservatism is a philosophy, not a party.Conservatives arent being torn apart. The Republican Party is. And thats happening because the lunatics, in some sense, have taken hold of the asylum.We need to differentiate between two types of conservatives: Social and fiscal. Social conservatives are mostly evangelical Christian and fight against social changes (e.g., gay marriage, the drift of society towards more secularism, etc.). Fiscal conservatives want the government to spend less, yet still keep its core functions.Right now, its the social conservatives whove taken over, and to put it bluntly, theyre getting their asses kicked, on an electoral basis.Gay marriage is a settled issue. However you might feel about it (and I happen to support it), it just is. Most people under 40 simply dont understand why were talking about gay marriage as a controversial issue in 2016.People are increasingly, across the board, less sympathetic to religious arguments. We live in an increasingly diverse society with a great number of religious beliefs even within Christianity and without so that calling the U.S. a Christian nation has no more power, because a) a lot of people arent Christian, and b) what it means to be a Christian is a personal thing.Its also true that theres a Southern Strategy legacy that the Republican party has to overcome. A lot of the people who left the Democratic Party over the Civil Rights Act ended up in the Republican party. Of these, the ones who were successful opposed civil rights. So theres a legacy there of opposing civil rights. That doesnt go over so well with a population thats changing and becoming more diverse.So Ive listed a lot of the problems. Whats the solution?Jettison social conservatism. Theres a path forward with fiscal conservatism, because people want to know that their money isnt wasted, and is spent well. Theres no path forward with social conservatism.The conservative movement will survive this, as long as it sticks to fiscal conservatism. Either the Republican party will destroy itself and become a former shadow of itself (with a third party made up of fiscal conservatives), or once Trump gets smacked around in the election, the fiscal conservatives will regain control of the party.Theres a path forward for being conservative with how you spend money. Theres no path forward for being conservative with peoples rights.
Common Questions About Small Leds
1. Is Robert Mueller out to get Trump?No. He is investigating what happened during the 2016 election and any connections with Russian interference in that election. If there were Americans involved in this interference and how they were involved. He is investigating a conspiracy of behaviors that may have lead to a tainted election due to this conspiracy. Those who were involved have been indicted and some are going to jail. Not necessarily for crimes associated with this conspiracy but for other crimes found during the investigation such as money laundering, fraud, lying to Congress and other federal officials etc Mr. Mueller is a very, very through person and highly respected prosecutor. If there was any conspiracy, he will find it and he will issue sealed indictments against those who were involved. If the President was involved, he will be a subject to one of those sealed indictments. He has already been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a election finance violation.------2. If a police officer enters your house illegally in a state where you can shoot trespassers, can you kill them?In no state can you shoot a mere trespasser.To use Deadly Force you must be in reasonable fear for your life, using the Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy triad as a yardstick, or (in most states) the person upon whom Deadly Force is used must be committing or attempting to commit one of the heinous crimes, usually specified by statute, namely sexual asssult, murder, robbery, or kidnapping. Other crimes which may be stopped or defended against with Deadly Force include (in most states) carjacking, home invasion and burglary.As an example, see Texas Penal Code 9.32 and 9.42.If you shoot a police officer (or anyone else) for mere Trespass, you will not be able to show anyone, especially the Grand Jury, and later a trial jury, that your use of force was reasonable. You will be going to prison. You will also have committed a tort, and you will be sued into bankruptcy------3. How can I write a good paragraph about myself?Try these three simple steps:Write an unfiltered, brief account of your greatest passions, convictions, your heritage or anything else you believe defines you. Write as if nobody will ever see it. Speak from your heart and allow vulnerability and even obnoxiousness to ride shotgun. (Authenticity often requires acknowledging vulnerabilities, albeit without embellishing or flaunting them. And passion has the power not only to inspire but to annoy, which is okay.)Now edit for self-incriminating or overly-personal material, excess profanityanything a person concerned with his or her future wouldnt want a million or so people to read.Now remove almost all the adjectives and qualifiers. Your language should be vivid and open enough that the reader can fill in the blanks. For instance, passionate people exude passion; they dont have to point out that theyre passionate.Good questionit made me think. Hope that helps------4. Why was Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, kicked out of the Navy?In May 2013, Biden's application for a limited duty officer (LDO) position in the US Naval Reserve was approved after Biden received an age-related waiver and a waiver due to a past drug-related incident, and was sworn in as a direct commission officer. Hunters father, Vice President Joe Biden administered his commissioning oath in a White House ceremony. The following month, Biden tested positive for cocaine during a urinalysis test and was subsequently discharged.Biden attributed the result to smoking cigarettes he had bummed off of strangers, only later suspecting they had been laced with the drug. Biden chose not to appeal the matter as it was unlikely that the panel would believe his explanation given his history with drugs, and also due to the likelihood of news leaking to the press, though it was ultimately revealed to Wall Street Journal by a Navy official who provided information to the newspaper on condition of anonymity------5. Why was China, which was too weak to resist the Japanese invasion in the 1940s, suddenly able to push back the US-led UN forces down the 38th parallel in the 1950s? What changed in such a short time?Leadership and understanding of modern warfare changed considerably in that time. At the start of the war with Japan, Chinese officers were given suicidal instructions to lead from the front and the like (which led to them being sniped). These poor ideas and a refusal to retreat led to a catastrophic loss of Chinas finest officers (I believe around 90 percent of their educated officers) which paralyzed the military for much of the war. After that though, new officers were able to be trained properly and were then put into the chinese civil war where they could gain experience. This experience allowed them to eventually go toe to toe with the americans in the korean war. The important thing I guess is that retreat and discretion were not properly valued during ww2 by the chinese side and were later.------6. The last place you googled is now your home. How's your life now?I, the President of India, typing this answer from Rashtrapati Bhavan, hereby pass a law banning examinations from schools.The last place I Googled is Rashtrapati Bhavan, So, if is now my home, that would mean that I am the First Citizen of India, the President of this Country, and I have probably broken a few laws as well as records by becoming the Youngest President of our country.And my life???? It must be awesome, after all I am the President of my country, I have a lot of powers. Or wait, maybe its not, I may really be that screwed up teen learning the lesson that WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.Ok, so now let me go and study about my functions or I will fail in the upcoming exams. (My funtions cause I am the President)*wink*^I know that was a very lame joke.------7. A century ago, Bengal was producing revolutionaries and nationalist leaders while it is now producing mostly communist leaders and less leaders of national importance. What led to this transformation?Same thing, just that the ideas of revolution and wild nationalism etc. do not hold any currency in the modern world. Every effing day I worship Zuckerberg more than a Bengali revolutionary leader who blows the world on a chai cup. When the Brits ruled India, then words like revolution, nationalism etc. obviously had more specific and relevant meanings which struck some chord with the rest of the country, and the rest of the colonial world (which was vast parts of Asia and Africa). So those Bengali intellectuals found a well developed market for their ideas where they could peddle their rhetoric to influence people. Now the world has moved on, but most of those Bengali communist intellectuals have not. (Wait, they worship when the son sends them Dollars or Euros from overseas! Just like every soviet elite worshipped coca cola and jeans.)------8. What in Harry Potter makes you the happiest and the angriest?For me, all the moments where Harry is just having fun with his friends (and that time he pretended to put Felix Felicis, a Potion I despise almost as much as I do Amortentia and the Weasley twins love brews but for different reasons, into Rons drink in front of Hermione because in it he is being quite cunning for a change and it shows that Harry knows his two best friends) makes me happy.Every scene involving Snape, Umbridge and the Dursleys enrages me because as a child reading the books for the first time I felt like Rowling not only condoned child abuse but encouraged it too! None of those four characters were ever told their behaviour was wrong nor did anyone stop them. Moodys threat to the Dursleys once was complete BULLSHIT since Harry was still shoved back to the Dursleys.------9. Is it safe to buy a LED TV from Flipkart or Amazon?Yes! That is totally safe.Talking from my personal experience, I bought mi tv from flipkart and it was a risk free experience.There are two main reasons for this.Firstly, the mi tv was handed over to me after a proper physcical check for any out of the box damages.Secondly my tv is covered under company warranty for the year, just in case any issue arises.Thats why I am saying, You can buy led tv from amazon or flipkart without any risk. Inshort is is totally safe.But in extreme cases, things may turn unfavorble. For such cases I advise recording a video while recieving & unboxing the tv, to make claim easier just in case you have recieved a damaged, faulty or fake product. This is very rare to happen, but playing safe never costs much.Hope you like my answer------10. For a human whose only energy source is 2 AA batteries, what could he possibly do?An sedentary human man needs about 2,000 calories per day. His energy-hungry brain is going to use about 25% of that fuel, just in standard operation.A pair of AA batteries hold about 18,000 joules (Battery energy storage in various battery sizes). That is about 4.3 calories. (Because food calories are actually kilo-calories).So a human can keep their brain active for 743 seconds, with no other activity or biological processes going on. He can lay prone, breathe and pump blood with his active brain for 185 seconds.Yes, three minutes! Good guess.Be aware that the human body actually has a lot of stored energy in the form of fat or the ability to break down its proteins for energy. A healthy human can go without food for up to three weeks in the right conditions (although they will become very sedentary)------11. Why is Bali still predominantly Hindu?Indonesia was in early days, a Hindu/Buddhist kingdom, long before Islam and Christianity reached the shores. Under the great kings of southern India like Cholas, Chalukyas etc Hindu/Buddhist culture reached Indonesia and Malaysia and flourished there.However, Hinduism there is beautifully blended with the Javanese spiritual culture and therefore slightly different from what we practise in India/Nepal/Mauritius/Fiji/Suriname/Guyana etc.The Majapahit era, the Sriwijaya empires etc are some of the greatest examples. In fact, it was an Indonesian prince who named Singapore in Sanskrit as Simhapura or the City of Lions.Unlike Malaysia which zealously adopted Arabised version of their religion, Indonesia culturally remained Hindu and despite overwhelming practise of Islam, incorporate the Hindu concepts very proudly even today.Indonesia is one of the rare examples of a very tolerant society (except Banda Aceh province) despite having an organized religion majority------12. How much does it cost to build 1mW of wind power?It depends on the average wind speed. There are two main parameter.The average wind speed on the elevation of the turbine.The load factor which depends of the frequency of the avg. wind speed.You can have a quite steady wind but if the wind speed is low it means the power density of the wind is low. The installation cost of a plant is higher.For ex. in Hungary close to Austrian border at Kisalfld the load factor is about 0.25. But the avg. wind speed is just only 67 m/s. Regardless the load factor is considered high it was expensive to build the wind turbines.The specific installation cost depending the year, location and wind speed can be 150010000 USD/kWh.Offshore turines can have even 0.5 load factor but they are far from the shore, they are so expensive that their spec. cost is not better than onshore plants------13. Boris Johnson is PM. So what is most likely going to happen now?More deadlocks in parliament.More of the same Tory pre-recorded messages: we can force the EU to the negotiating table despite having few to no cards in our hands.EU giving another extension so UK politicians can save face (a maybe on this one)The economy will do slightly worse than it should, not probably not noticeably for the average dude, at least for a while.Parliament will stay a mess.PM Johnson wont be able to get anything significant done because of opposition to him and the Tories in general.Labour continue losing support as Corbyn cant be asked to declare for or against Brexit, so voters on either side will flock to the Lib-dems (if pro-Remain) or the Tories (if pro-Brexit).This, in turn, will negate some of the loss in support that the Tories will suffer.(Maybe, not 100% sure on this)
Why Has the Video of the Hong Kong Protester Being Shot Not Made Mainstream News?
Perhaps because some western news are somewhat biased and not keen to show evidence against Hong Kong protesters/rioters? The video youre referring to seems to show the circumstances of the shooting, described in the answers by Mr. Singer, Mr. Cawley and Mr. Mitchell to this question in a straightforward way.I have even seen messages from the protesters/rioters asking each other not to forward the said video clip. The messages are in Chinese and contain foul language so they are not fit to be published at a public forum.As the matter will likely be investigated lets suspend discussion until more is known. Mimi Chan's answer to Do you think the police is in the wrong over the recent shooting of a Hong Kong protestor?. · Suggested Reading What have you done when a waitress said your tip was not big enough? I told her exactly why the tip was low, in this case that there was a mistake on the bill, and that she had also failed to mention that there was an additional charge when she asked if I wanted my Coke refilled. She then claimed that she didnt make out the bill, and so wasnt responsible for the mistake, to which I replied that if she wanted better tips, she should review customer bills to ensure they are correct.On another occasion my waitress disappeared for a long period, then when she reappeared she stank of cigarette smoke, so I left her a note suggesting she should do her smoking at home and use a nicotine patch or gum while at work, if she wanted better tips. ------ I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? Thanks for the A2A. It looks like you have received some good advice and have wisely decided to leave her alone. When a girl brings up the fact that she has a boyfriend out to the blue or when you ask her out, she is trying to tell you that she isn't interested in you and is taken, the delete from FB is also indicating she doesn't want to talk to you. It's possible she felt uncomfortable when you continued to ask her out or chat with her on FB, or it could just be that she wants to give you a very clear message. Either way, you have no choice but to leave her alone and go about your life, you will certainly meet other women and eventually you will probably find someone who is as interested in you as you are in her ------ What are some of the best bands that feature two lead singers? There are lots of great bands that feature two singers who work as a duo. They often sing close or tight harmony, like the Everly Brothers or the Bee Gees. The Beatles had two of the greatest rock singers of all time in the same band and they used their duo talents generously and brilliantly over the years. They were possibly the greatest rock harmony group. However, I have another favorite I want to mention. I always enjoyed the vocal approach of The Jefferson Airplane when Marty Balin and Grace Slick shared lead vocals. Their voices were distinct, and they didnt really harmonize as much as they interwove their vocals, alternating, singing over each other, and sharing the vocal space as equals. It created a great effect and was completely original. I thought it was great. YMMV ------ Can pit bulls be trusted around kids? It depends on the dog. Just like people have different personalities and qualities so do dogs. It also depends on their training, socialization, etc.I have two pit bulls. One of them is the sweetest, snuggliest, gentlest dog ever. The other one not soo much. Hes obedient and loyal, but a bit averse to new situations and people. Now, they both had the same training and loving environment but they are just different. The first one I would trust with children, hands down. The second one, no. Hes not mean or aggressive however children are loud, jumpy, and unpredictable. Which would make him unpredictable. And that is not a risk Id be willing to take.But I dont think this a pit problem. It is a dog problem ------ Is it better to live in a big powerhouse country or a small neutral country? Small neutral countries spend their tax money on the citizens rather than on a big military and the militaryu2019s suppliers. They also donu2019t get into diplomatic shouting matches and one-upmanship that make their citizens unwelcome, or even targets, when they go overseas. Nobody targets the Swiss or the Swedes when they travel. If youu2019re the kind of person who is comforted by knowing that your country has a big military, youu2019ll prefer the powerhouse. If youu2019re the kind of person who prefers that their country stay out of stupid wars and unnecessary conflict, youu2019ll prefer the small neutral country.Best of all is when a powerhouse is led by someone who doesnu2019t use its power to bully other countries, but concentrates purely on self-defense. ------ What is a virtue that is missing in today's world? One virtue that literally has disappeared from current society is an ancient Greek virtue known as sophrosyne.Sophrosyne is basically a mashup of temperance, modesty and contentment with what one has. It was a highly regarded trait in ancient Greece, something all should strive for. I guess it's kind of similar to self-actualization. What I find interesting is the clash between sophrosyne's belief that one should find satisfaction in one's best-fit place in society, and current society's more competitive ideals of striving for the most esteemed positions. Honestly I think a reintroduction of sophrosyne could resolve a lot of the angst that comes from the pressure to attain top-notch jobs.Here's a link discussing the virtue: http://home.earthlink.net/dbscr/Sophros.htmPlato had a dialogue written up discussing what defines sophrosyne: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charmides_%28dialogue%29 ------ If the voltage is already correct for the LED, why does there have to be a resistor in series with the LED? Think from the perspective of slowly increasing the voltage from zero.The LED will not conduct until the Forward Barrier Voltage is exceeded (lets say 2.0 volts).As the voltage increases there is effectively, resistance of the LED, since this effective resistance is very large there is no current (I E/R). Once the Forward Barrier Voltage is exceeded, the resistance effectively drops to zero or very close to zero once this happens the amount of current flowing in the LED is very large (I E/ R), The amount fo current flowing, will very quickly (instantly) burn out the LED.Therefore, the resistor in series with the LED is there to provide CURRENT LIMITING, as most resistors in Series with a device. The resistor LIMITS the amount fo current to a safe value for the device. ------ Why don't bikes have a gear indicator? I've ridden bikes with and without this facility, and I don't ever remember making one shift because of seeing what was indicated. One rides by feel. If I feel I could shift up and lower the engine revolutions, I shift up. If I feel I need more power for acceleration or use the engine for slowing down, I shift down. It's as simple as that. I could say this of the tachometer too in most cases. There's enough of a tactile and audible "scream" from the engine to know when it's revving too high.That said, there are many bikes that do have gear indicators!Some unique ones too, built in, like on the Suzuki Zeus and Slingshot:Page on motorbeam. comYou can also install an aftermarket device for this:Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator ------ What is Donald Trumpu2019s responsibility in what has led to the chaos and destruction due to the protests for George Floyd? In order to hate, one must objectify your opponents. He has done this at every opportunity, reducing American citizens to labels in stead of offering constructive criticism. He believes the best way to lead is to make those under him try to kill each other. Hes fired his own staff left and right and encouraged competition at every level. This is the example he hopes to lead America in, and theyre following.Through incompetence or intent, he has led the nation directly to this point. In other answers about the election in November, I previously said that there would be no elections because he would declare war on one of the countries we were already at war with. Now that we have civil unrest, its more likely he will declare the ineptly-defined antifa as The Real Enemy and declare martial law because of that ------ Could Britain possibly have defeated Germany during World War Two had the U.S. and Soviet Union both remained neutral? If the US remained neutral, that would mean Japan never bombed Pearl Harbour. It would still mean Britain won battle of Britain, as the US had nothing to do with it. However, the Normandy landings wouldve been different. Probably only British and Canadian soldiers would fight in it (since Canada was part of the British empire).For Russia to go neutral is impossible. Hitler hated Stalin and Stalin hated Hitler. There would be no peace between the two, since Germany really wanted to invade Russia. Since Germany was known for invading neutral countries, at the time, Russia would never remain neutral.The US remaining neutral would also mean no nukes on Japan. Russia would possibly deal with them to surrender, if Britain doesn't bomb the hell out of their cities. ------ Is an LED power supply safe? LED lamps dont require a whole lot of voltage (viz battery powered LED flashlights), but most people want to power LED lamps from house ac outlets which run at 115vac in the USA, higher elsewhere. Cheap power supply devices for that have scant framework and grounding conventions, so when working with them ALWAYS have an ac voltmeter handy to check the voltage between the framework (that you would handle) and a REAL ground. Water pipes, the framework of existing light fixtures, or in a pinch, the third contact in most ac receptacles are handy items for that. If said voltage is more than 3 volts ac, attach an external ground wire to that frame. If you dont know how to do that, get someone with electrical knowledge to do that for you, or dont be fiddling with receptacle powered circuitry that you dont understand ------ Did steam trains ever explode? Yes if the boiler overheated and ran out of water. It was quite catastrophic.The last such incident in Germany happened in Bitterfeld in 1977.The 01 15162 before the accident . a powerful express steam locomotive, the pride of the late steam age. And after. Everything above the wheels went to pieces.9 dead, 45 injured. The locomotive was out of water. It is assumed that a miscommunication between the driver and fireman caused the accident. The locomotive had to be refilled with coal and water quickly because the train was delayed. Somehow they seem to have forgotten to take water.As a safety precaution, a fusible plug was installed; this should extinguish the fire with the remaining water in case of overheating. But it didnt work even though the locomotive was relatively fresh out of a revision. ------ What is the UK government's Brexit policy? Brexit is BrexitA Red, White and Blue BrexitTo have our cake and eat it.Apart from that, we do not know and it looks very much as though they do not know either. We do know what they want, which is membership of the Single Market without free movement of people, and they have been told many times that they arent going to get it because it is a contradiction in terms. It is also clear that the three Brexiteers, Johnson, Fox and Davis, dont agree between themselves. Johnson is a fraud who knows perfectly well we are better off Remaining, Davis is an idiot and Fox is a crook. May is also hoping against hope that the cake-and-eat-it option, Single Market with free movement of everything except people, is achievable.
What Are Some Great B2b Marketing Video Creation Tools?
Since youre looking to make B2B marketing videos youll need a tool that time efficient, easy to use and most importantly a tool that lets you do more across social media platforms. While there are a couple of options listed already, Im going to ahead and talk about the tool I use, just in case it fits your requirements better.I started out creating creative text videos for my brand and hence Typito seemed like great choice. While it specializes in motion graphic text videos it isnt limited to just that, theres a whole lot more to it.Heres why I find the tool compatible for B2B marketing video creation:Easy work-flow and Time efficientWorking in such a quick paced line, I couldnt afford to spare time with sophisticated software, here where online tools really helped me. Typitos one click motion graphic text templates are customizable to the extent that you can match it with your brand colours to make it look like it was created for your brand. This also lets you maintain uniformity of brand identity. Whether its stylized motion graphic titles, lower third, captions, and social media tags they have text templates for all. Since you mentioned B2B marketing videos, you might like the social media call-to-action templates; theyre great for B2B marketing videos. Heres how the text templates workSourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyBranding BusinessFor great B2B videos need branding is something else you might want to consider. Branding on videos is key to helping your video stand out. Their branded templates lets you blend images/logos and text that is decently customizable. Sourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyThe videos you export from Typito are all in HD so theres no question of video quality, and you can share it across Social media platforms directly from the tool after exporting.You can save templates you've created so if you want to reuse them for future projects itll show up under the saved tab, and save you the effort of recreating it for any series of videos you might want to use it for in the future.The tool offers a feature called Brand Kit which is great for working to ensure that the videos that are published are brand-compliant. This basically lets me upload a specific brand font and other language fonts making my videos accessible across other languages as well. In addition to this I can add colors that make up my brand's color palette. This can be saved so that it's easily for later videos. Team CollaborationTypito supports a workspace that allows you to add team members. You can even have designated roles for each member like owner, producer and editor which smoothens the work process.So these are some of the reasons why Typito stands out for me. I would recommend trying out a demo to see if it suits what youre looking for. They have reasonably priced plans under Plus, Business, Agency that have monthly and annual subscriptionsHope this suggestion was useful :) · Related Questions Could Britain possibly have defeated Germany during World War Two had the U.S. and Soviet Union both remained neutral? This is a much more difficult to answer than it might first appear. And those that base their response simply on what happened to the British Army in 1940 have not considered enough factors. The fact is that Germany was set for short war. Germany did not have the economic means to wage war for an extended period without getting them from elsewhere. This means invading other countries because they arent going to be shipped into Germany anytime soon through the British blockade. Hence the final gamble of invading the Soviet Union. Germany was critically short of particular materials required for their military, as well as, perhaps most importantly, enough oil. This means that you can quote as much wonder-weapons as you like, but they arent going to be as effective without certain strategic materials. Also, the bounty gained by defeating France, the Low Countries, Norway etc was soon exhausted and if anything they became an additional burden on the German economy. This is moreso if Italy becomes an ally. So as long as Germany cant defeat Britain - and countless Quora answers will explain why not - the German economy is going to fall apart eventually. And this is without the British strategic bombing campaign, which is going to accelerate the issue. Yes you can have the most powerful army in the world, but unless you can properly equip it and use it, its not as effective as it seems on paper. In Britains case this means also getting it across the English Channel, established on shore, and keeping it supplied (this last part being often forgotten). Germany was incapable of any of this, and to create the required conditions (bigger combat navy to fight the RN, bigger logistics navy to transport the forces and carry the massive amount of supplies, bigger airforce to achieve air superiority to do everything else), would be somewhere between impossible, and taking so much time that the economy would implode first. And dont forget the vast bulk of the German army is fairly immobile infantry divisions, lacking motor transport. This is in stark contrast to the fully motorised British Army - particularly in a war where mobility is vital.All this is the opposite with Britain. The longer the war goes on the stronger it gets. Britain has the German codes and intercepts, has the potential to build the A-bomb before Germany, and, perhaps most importantly, can draw upon the resources and manpower of the the commonwealth. Certainly the British Army is defeated in 1940 - but its relatively tiny and not really directly engaged. It also loses a few times after that. But it learns and improves and grows, and utilises technology and firepower to achieve parity with the German army - in the places it chooses to engage.So Britain defeating Germany is possible, because Britain has the time and resources to do it eventually. For Germany there is only a certain time available, and since it cant defeat Britain in that timescale, it must ultimately lose. It is also worth reading books such as James Hollands The War in the West that describe how poorly prepared and suited Germany was for an extended war, making those Quora questions about whether they could win the war after (whatever) date quite pointless ------ What was positive about the Crusades? Sometimes, you fight a battle in a foreign land, so that you dont have to fight one on your land. The Crusades took the battle of Islam to the middle east, but if they had not, the battle would have been before the gates of Vienna or Florence, and the Crusades gave Europe time to prepare for the Islamic invasion. So what was positive was that the crusades bought time for Christianity to be prepared for the cultural clash that came later. It was successful, and to date, Islam has been stopped and limited to the 40 or so countries found in the 1040 window (Latitudes 10 north and 40 south). The Crusades gave us time.Secondly, while we learned principles of warfare, modern money and banking originated during the Crusades. Money deposited with the Templers in one spot would be available in another, merely on presenting a marque. Like checking, its a concept born out of the Crusades, and we rely on it to this day. We also developed modern military tactics and it gave monarchs new power and trade routes. New foods, new materials, and even the concept of income taxes grew out of the Crusades. There were negatives. The First Crusade was the only crusade that was truly successful from a military viewpoint; lots of people died on both sides over 200 years, and disease became a battlefield of its own. True, we learned how to do surgery, and imported the concept of hospitals from Islam. It also set up a long-standing military opposition between Islam and Christianity that persists to this day, largely because of militants in both camps who wish to eliminate the threats posed by a rival ideology, rather than finding a modus vivendi. Most people forget that the Crusades were to protect the Christians and Christian sites in the Holy Land, and to halt the oppression of Islam from encroaching on Christian Europe. Faced with an implacable foe who relentlessly opposed and oppressed Christians, the Crusades sought to take the fight to their turf before they brought it to ours. Its a fair tactic: Put the pointy end of the spear, and the hardened shaft, into the heart of the opponents land rather than let him bring the fight to your land. Today, jihadis are taking their fight to Europe and America in the hopes of winning a cultural battle and taking control. They desire to subvert, oppress, and marginalize a culture that is arguably superior in almost every way, and to do it at the point of a gun or by terrorist means. The job of the Christian opposition is to marginalize such acts, and make them costly, and to show them as a failure. Its a long conflict, and because its still a salient issue, I suspect we will be battling between cultures for years to come, unless there is a final decisive war.If Islam is a superior civilization, it should be able to show it by advances in science. It should be able to show it by incredible economic success. It should be able to do it through acts of charity and humanity. It should be able to win the hearts and minds of people, not through acts of terror, but through acts of kindness and charity. Its challenge to do so speaks to me of the challenge facing Islam today, which is to grow as a civilization out of its roots in 7th Century Arabia and into a modern world.
I Need to Know Where I Am Able to Buy Or Order a LCD Or LED Video Curtain/Wall?
There is no such thing as an LCD video curtain. Only LED. This technology was invented by a small company out of Boston called Color Kinetics a few years ago. You can find these curtains for sale on the internet, but you will pay around $600 per square foot. Want it cheaper? You'll just have to keep wanting. Just like any other new technology, it will take some time for the prices to drop. It's all about supply and demand. As long as the demand is high and the supply is low, you will pay a fortune. · Related Questions can you make laptop ccfl to led? He's correct that CCFL screens aren't manufactured anymore, at least for the most part; regulations from Europe and the United States, along with EPEAT certification, required that technology companies move away from CCFL technology since it requires the use of mercury; in fact, any fluorescent light bulb has a small amount of mercury in it. However, there's a lot more to swapping your screen from CCFL to LED. The electronics that control the screen backlight work very differently with both technologies. CCFL lighting requires high-voltage AC power that the inverter board in your laptop provides; LED lighting requires low-voltage DC power. So on top of the new screen, he'd also have to replace the backlight controller; there may or may not be one available for your particular laptop. I'd honestly stick with a CCFL screen for your laptop, because it would be much easier and less iffy to replace. ------ what do i need to solder a small LED light to a microchip? I would suggest NOT doing it. You need to scrape away the conformal coating off the chip's leg. It is a clear coating they spray over electronic components. A magnifying glass is very helpful as well as a good light. Tin the leads of the LED first. Place the 650 degree soldering iron tip on the leg till the solder is just melted then place the tinned leg of the LED on the chip leg solder - not the iron - til the tinned LED's leg solder just melts, then take the iron away. DO NOT let the iron stay on longer than necessary or you can damage the chip. I still would not do it - but you must have your reasons. Good luck! ------ When you want to add wire to an existing wire.smaller or bigger gauage? that's basic to function one greater field into yet another room the BT line purely makes use of two wires they are White twine with short Blue stripes. And blue twine with long White stripes and that they go on the No 2 terminal of the xtra field. earlier you placed the field at the same time do a attempt to verify you are able to telephone out and the telephone jewelry, you will might desire to purchase a field with a capasitore interior different smart whilst somebody telephones you the xtra telephone won't ring yet you may answer the telephone whilst it does ring. that's the capasitore that makes it ring. A greater less complicated way even with the fact it particularly is that if think ofyou've have been given a spare bt information superhighway filter out by using connecting this to you new field the telephone will ring the filter out as a equipped in capasitore. wish this helps ------ What electronic parts (LED, Capacitors.) and when? LEDs don't explode? that is news to me! over voltage will cause them to blow the lens off with a loud crack. Over voltage could be as low as 3.5v If you need a loud POP. I like capacitors. I would wire electrolytics backwards across a power supply and BOOM! there would be capacitor guts all over the room. larger cap, lower working volts, the better. If you like the sound of popcorn, put 15V on the 5V Vcc buss of a TTL circuit. This will blow the plastic caps off all the TTL devices. pop, pop, pop. popcorn! ------ Author who led a normal life? Sure there were writers who led normal lives--at least relatively normal. William Carlos Williams was one of the great poets of the early 20th century. He was a physician who lived in a fairly small neighborhood and who bragged about the babies he had delivered. Wallace Stevens was another of the great 20th C. poets. He was an executive in an insurance company in Hartford where few of his colleagues realized he wrote poetry. T.S. Eliot led a relatively normal life. Many of the first American Nobel winners (in literature) were alcoholics, but even that is fairly normal. I believe there are writers still living who lead normal lives. Richard Russo and Jonathan Irving and Joyce Carol Oates come to mind, but I certainly don't know enough about them to be sure. ------ Vizeo 26" Razor LED HDTV Issues? No it is not normal, bring that TV back. My friend has a small 22" Vizio Razor LED, and it is clear as day with the ps3 with no fuzz or lines. You have a bad set. My friends set is just a smaller version of yours and it works fine. I think the only companies that make LED TVs this size are Vizio and Viore, at least according to Walmart. com. LED is just the type of backlight used instead of it using florescent. LED is supposed to give a brighter more vibrant picture, which you want for gaming, so either get another identical Vizio, or consider a Viore. Both have 1080p models ------ if I add LED lights outside my car will it take more petrol? An early Ford concentration from around 1998 to 2000 is interior your budget. An evident decision, yet there is inexpensive upkeep and areas, as you will anticipate from a Ford. ought to have greater room than a Fiesta-sized supermini, which needless to say would be available as your newborn grows. you're saying you're after a motor vehicle this is low on gas intake, and a a million.4 ought to do over 40MPG (widely used). whilst that'ought to be good around city, you could desire to locate it slightly weedy in case you undertaking onto motorways lots in any respect. if so, a a million.6 ought to be nicer. swifter, and it would not consume lots greater gas in any respect. in case you rather want better area, there is in all probability some estates lurking around too. As for defense, it rather is have been given a 4 (from a poss. 5) celebrity Euro-NCAP protection score ------ Can I leave a bike LED light on the whole night? Mountain biking has always been a popular sport and if you a regular night rider, you'll know how beneficial a good set of LED bike lights can be. Biking at night is also becoming a popular pastime with many who find it to be a very exhilarating time to enjoy this challenging sport. For others, riding at night isnt always a choice; if you are riding home from work in the dark or get delayed on your leisurely ride, it can be extremely dangerous if you dont have a powerful set of LED bike lights. Whatever the situation may be, you need a powerful set of LED bike lights to ensure you are safe and visible out there. Traversing your way through the darkness as everything whizzes by is very exciting and but it is guaranteed to be a whole lot better if you have that trusted LED light attached to your bike ------ Which should I get for PS3? 3d monitor or small/medium led tv? Firstly, do not worry about burn in on a plasma screen. It's really not an issue these days (particularly with the likes of Panasonic). However, Plasma sets only start at 37". As for what you should go for? Well that's down to you. If you're a big gamer and think that 3D games is something you would use a lot, then go for the 3D monitor. If not, then get yourself a nice LCD/LED TV. Which model depends on size. Stick with a top make though - something like Panasonic or Sony will do you nicely. ------ Who led the civilians in the boston massacre? An apprentice of a wigmaker, unaware that he had already paid his dues, began to yell at a British redcoat for not paying his bills. (he had, though.) Later in the day, the apprentice went to the British post in the city and lodged a formal complaint. When he tried to get his money, an officer hit him over the head, probably with the butt of his musket. A hour or two later, he was back with a gang of his friends. Fairly soon, the grumbling gang had turned into a screaming riot, throwing stones and large pieces of ice at the redcoats, who were standing in line. You know the rest; someone said "fire", whether it was from an officer or just a random word will never be decided, and the mob was dispersed. There was no particular "leader" as in many mobs, people just gathered and threw stones. End of story? ------ What led to Japanese expansionism in Asia? Japan was an agrarian society and had the practice of leaving land to their sons. Japan was also very small in land area. As the population grew, they needed more land to survive. Thus "in self-defense" they had to expand. After WWII, Japan became an industrial society where the amount of land was no longer an issue. In fact, we, The USA, defeated them in war and then helped them build one of the most successful industrial economies in the world. Detractors form The US often forget that we are the ONLY nation that ever rebuilt a defeated enemy and set them free to rule themselves. Germany was another country we helped gain a solid economy after WWII. Chow! ------ Does it exist, and where to buy, a micro-voltage led lamp to light up by the human body electric current? The voltages and currents (so power) produced by the human body are fleeting and too small for any LED device. These can be detected using electronic devices for example, and used to control an led powered by something else, but it is not possible to light one from the very small energy involved with these impulses on the skin of the human body. A red LED might be lit comfortably by a voltage of 2V and a current of 1mA which is 2 milliwatts of continuous power. The voltages picked up by surface skin electrodes as used with ekg, emg, eeg etc. are millivolts from internal nerve firings, and the currents involved make these impulses in the microwatt to nanowatt level at their peak. The impulses last for maybe 1/1000 second. ------ How did the Led Zeppelin soar to the top?. Hang on a moment! Small Faces, their management were corrupt! So much so, its only in recent times, royalties are said to have been paid. Humble Pie, they were one of the most popular bands of the 60's / 70's, especially in the U.S. Faces too were major both in U.k. and U.S. Led Zeppelin were different because the market can't sustain too many top table players. For example, The Who are one of the most popular bands ever. They do not however, compare to L.Z. From the beginning, L.Z. criss crossed the U.S. playing to huge crowds ( as did the Pie & Faces ) L.Z. had what was then the best manager in the business Peter Grant, he was the foundation for much of what they now have!.
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