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hello is one of the most highly recommended products in FOSHAN SAN DUN Furniture CO., LTD. It is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, showcasing the strong power of the company. Produced by the excellent equipment and made of the well-selected raw materials, the product is guaranteed to be of great durability, stability, and long-lasting performance. To win the favor of more customers, it is designed with the aesthetic concept and of attractive appearance.We make every efforts to enhance SANDUN Furniture brand awareness. We set up a marketing website to advertise, which proves to be effective for our brand exposure. To enlarge our customer base through the international market, we actively participate in domestic and overseas exhibitions to attract more global customers' attention. We witness that all these measures contribute to the enhancement of our brand awareness.We achieve exceptional quality control and provide customization services at SANDUN Furniture year after year through continuous improvement and on-going quality awareness training. We employ a comprehensive Total Quality approach that monitors every aspect of service procedure to ensure that our professional services achieve the demands our customers require.
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You Say Hello?
yo, to my close friends. yo *****, to my best friend. hi, to people i know/dont know. a lot of ways.1. Hello ?? i need help ! ?i have the lg vu too and ruined another phone because i downloaded apps so i would advise not doing it unless you did it thru the phone provider itself and not one of the free, on the side type things2. "Hello, World!”In order to input this program, you will need to switch your Commodore 64 to character set 2 by pressing .The Commodore home computers come with two character sets: "unshifted" mode, which is derived from ASCII-1963 and so lacks lower-case letters, and "shifted" mode, which has both lower- and upper-case letters, but in the opposite order from modern ASCII-1967-derived encodings. Any "Hello, World!' program that produces the requested byte stream on a Commodore will look funny on the Commodore's screen. In the interests of not having to look up a half-dozen obscure Unicode characters, I've chosen to write my program in "shifted" mode, which merely has reversed case.As a side note, the Commmodore Basic interpreter (and presumably many other Microsoft Basic variants) will let you omit the trailing quotation mark if a string extends to the end of the current source line3. How to write hello in different languages?If they traveled to earth in an area craft they will be sensible ample to be trained our language after which converse freely with us. Even if it took rather a while to be trained our language I am certain it might be tops on their precedence to take action. They might without doubt have complicated applied sciences to guide them.4. What is "Hi" or "Hello" on Japanese?tricky factor look into using a search engine it will help5. FOR FANS OF HELLO KITTY?challenging point query onto google and yahoo just that could actually help6. Do you remember the 1963 hit, "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah"?Yes I remember it. We all sang along with it. It was a fun song.7. Hello Kitty.. A do or a dont?A do not ...unless you are 68. hey just looking for a hello....?Hello! That would depend on a lot of things...if you are young, do not settle for the first one that comes along and be very choosy. If you already know the other someone, try being friends first.9. What does the song "Hello" mean?problematic thing search from google or bing just that could actually help10. When does Hello Kitty Online Open?There's a Hello Kitty Online? Awesome. Sorry I do not know.11. What is hello in spanish?You are kidding, right? Cause, people USE this, all the time.12. Are you obsess with Hello Kitty ?Nope. When I was a little girl, maybe yeah. I still like Hello Kitty, though(:13. What's the Lithuanian word for "hello"?Labas - hello (simple, anytime)Labas rytas - before 11amLaba diena - between 11am - 6pmLabas vakaras - after 6pm14. hello where can i find cute hello kitty desktop themes?problematic point do a search in search engines like google it may help15. Is it true hello kitty is evil?I've heard & seen the history of hello kitty too, but I think it's stupid. I do not believe it & still buy & wear hello kitty products16. Is a Hello Kitty Diamond ring okay to propose with?Unless you are both 7, no I would not think a Hello Kitty ring would make for a suitable engagement ring--this is coming from a HK lover. The price is fine, the fact that it's a cartoon cat is not. Honestly, you think any 55 year old woman would want to wear a Hello Kitty ring? She would not . This ring should last her a lifetime, not until 6th period17. Why do we say hello ?I like they way they do it in Sweden. They announce their name. It's nice to know with whom you are speaking thus saving you from having to ask or guess. In Mexico they say "bueno". Yes, it means "well" or "good" but it can also mean "well" as in "well....?" so I am thinking that's why they say it that way in Mexico as if to say "well. ..go ahead, I am waiting to hear from you". In Argentina they say "Hola", hello, too. I sometimes answer the phone, "this is Adam!". LOL. mom always replies: "This is your mother!" So, I do it even more with my mom as I find it to plesantly irritate her!
What Purpose Does Saying Good Morning/hello to a Person You Already Do, and Expect to See Everyday i
I've asked this time and time's a social norm that people have used for a long time, and it's considered a sign of respect and acknowledgement. People love holding onto traditions & values that have remained in history. Many cultures believe it's a sign of friendliness. Others use it as an introductory statement before they say something else. It can be used in formal settings as well• Other QuestionsHello! Can I give exams in rgpv with very low attendance and do the teachers fail some students inspite of the students scoring good marks?Don't worry too much,attendance is just a formality , teachers make pressurize students to attend college classes regularly if we don't then teachers sacres students that if u have very low attendance then u won't be eligible for exam. Everything depends on your teacher if your behavior is good enough with them or if student tends to flatter his/her teachers then it's too good you can surely get good internal marks. It's all about how is your behavior with your teachers and no one can fail you if you scores good marks.------Hello everyone when Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are going to open Employment visa for Pakistani is there any possibility in coming days?Everything is still up in the air right now as to suspended policies. Because of COVID-19 things are still uncertain. In the UAE itself people traveling from Abu Dhabi to Dubai still need negative coronavirus results every single time in order to pass between the cities. They even moved the Expo 2020 to next year but even that is uncertain. Insha'Allah if it's meant for you nothing on earth can stop your employment in the UAE or elsewhere. Good luck------Why is PHP so complex?If you talking about learning PHP syntax and basic, it is not hard, but if you talking about using PHP development and everything other what comes along in web development, yeah, it can be complicated.Because PHP is one of easier languages to start with, Php become very popular. But there are things that not just learning language you must to know how server works, to learn about design patterns, coding standars , security, databases, frameworks, cms-stuffs.------Hello there, I'm 33 years old and has been working for more than 14 years in IT. Is it too late to me to learn Interior Design?Of course not.It will be never too late to learn or to do anything in life..In fact it's important to do what you like and to achieve your dreams.. and on the other hand it's our responsibility to keep learning till our last breath.So if you're looking forward to learning design and you're interested in it then go for it.The secret of success is to do what you like------What do you think about people sending messages to just say hello and not wanting to chat or commit to plans?All is fine sometimes a simple hello trumps any ice breaker. people play games so beware but don't think committing and making plans plays into it. after the hello and initial contact to determine whether the person is serious, serious enough to dedicate time to and ultimately important enough to continue to mentor into committing and planning is all upon your capacity to open this up in them in a way that benefits both.------What is the better domain name option in terms of branding, marketing and SEO, a '.com' with a hyphen (dash) such as '' or a '.co' with a continuous name such as ''? - all the way.Since, it is better than in terms of branding and maketing. will be easier to brand and market than People tend to remember plain domain names easier than hyphenated domain names.Regarding SEO, as .co is a TOP LEVEL DOMAIN and as google treats every domain names equally, it is not going to affect your SEO too.So, go for!.------Hello Mrs. Clinton, If elected president how long do you expect it to take for your affordable college plan to be put into action?It would never happen, since she is someone who will say anything but do nothing. Just another corrupt DC official, looking to be the next asshole president who does not give two shits about anybody but themselves. Ask yourself why people raise millions upon millions of dollars for campaigning to win presidency, when that job only pays $400,000 per year. Does that make sense? Makes you wonder how much money they earn from selling out the best interests of the people they've sworn to represent. The "game" is rigged------In my two weeks of engaging with Quora, why haven't I come across even one African American?You probably had but just didnt realize it. It usually isnt obvious unless someone mentions it in their credentials or answers. We cant tell from names or answers unless it is specifically mentioned. And its not always easy to tell from photographseven for those who use real photos in their profiles.African Americans are indeed here on Quoraand it looks like a few have already answered this question. So now you have come across them!------Is it normal for a 25-year-old male to be in love with Hello Kitty?In love? Well it's fine to love Hello Kitty just in a way of liking the franchise or character, but if you've actually fallen in love romantically or sexually then no. It doesn't sound that harmful but it seems like for that to happen you're missing relationships or fulfillment in your life that apparently only Hello Kitty can bring at the moment. Not something you should be public about but it's not harming anyone so you don't really have to worry about it I guess.------Is the player actually the bad guy in Hello Neighbor, because we are sneaking in his house?No, because the thing in the basement is the player's(Nicky Roth) friend(Aaron Peterson), and Mr. Peterson or THE NEIGHBOR locked him inside to prevent Aaron from any dangerous deaths after his daughter and wife died. So, the player, isn't a bad guy because he is trying to save Aaron, but he sure is going against the law because he is Kleptomaniac, which means he can't stop himself from stealing stuff.------What is an API? What is an example in C with a simple "Hello world" like code and point to the API line?Well here is hello world in C:#include int main(int ac, char *av) printf(hello worldn); return 0;In this example, one of the APIs is line 4, the printf() function.What makes it an API? Well, you didnt write the printf() function, it was provided for you and it was documented as to what it does. That is what an API is. Code that was provided for you to use, rather than code you have to write yourself.------How do I make C language programs in Code::Blocks IDE? When I make any program and run it, the console shows "hello world".Thank you very much for A2A.This is the tutorial regarding how to run C program in code blocks ide. I think the problem with the console showing Hello World is you need to build and run the project and in case of multiple projects being open in the ide you need to right click on the project you want to run and select Activate Project and then click on build and run the project.If the above solution does not work please let me know.------Hello there I'm having problems to understand the meaning of "letting off" in this sentence: 'They might as well be letting off atomic bombs': Sir Paul McCartney blames 'medieval' Chinese wet markets for coronavirus.?I think letting off comes from archery, where, when you have tightened your bowstring, you can let (fly) off an arrow by letting go of the string.So when you speak of letting off in other contexts, youre usually talking about firing some kind of projectile.In the Paul McCartney quote, I think hes referring the act of firing missiles that carry atomic bombs in a war and comparing the devastating effect that would have, to the devastating effect the Coronavirus has had.------Hello there bhaiyya! Can you please say how much hours did you study in a day for your IIT preparation?I used to study minium 7 hours a day.( When schools were closed)3 hours mathematics,2 hours physics and chemistry.Now excluding my school classes i used to study 4 hours for my IIT preparation and 2.30 hours for my school( my subjects are PCMB ENGLISH). For this reason i used to study less for my IIT preparation.If in your subjects biology is not present then you can study more as compared to if you have taken biology------Hello to all the marketers out there . Can a mobile app (which will definitely help customers to save time) be considered USP for a business?If the business is the app itself where the key pain point faced is the 'time taken' - it most definitely would be considered to be the USP. If you have a completely different business - where your key-activity has very little to do with the app then probably not. It's hard to say until you tell us more about your business. Saving time could just be considered as a convenience rather than a unique selling point that actually puts you on a pedestal in comparison with your competitors------Why didn't my boyfriend want me to say hello to his neighbor who is a girl I know, just because of some issues he had with her family?Like David said ask her, no harm done she wont have anything to hide. Be straight up and say he didnt like you talking to her and you were curious as to why. Coffee or such would be cool, Im sure next time you see her it will fall into place easily.We could sit here and guess what the issue was. Bear in mind if it really is a neighborly fight her side will be biased too------Hello. I read your reviews on preparing for ICSE class 10. Do you really suggest exam18 books?There is no requirement of any extra book only benefit to see previous year paper some questions are repeated next year also .extra book you by then you will not study NCERT books you confused among them which book you read.At Last I want to say that you should solve at least 10 previous year paper set of each subject so that you may know what type of question come in examination and there is many questions which can a repeated many years.Thank you if you like it then upvote it.------I've been having a recurring dream where I "wake up" to my phone's ringtone and someone is calling (Unkown Number). When I answer and say "Hello?", I wake up. What does it mean?To dream of seeing unknown caller on your caller ID represents foresight about a situation that makes you feel cautious or like it can't be trusted. To dream of seeing a blank caller ID may symbolize your foresight about a situation never being what you want or hope it to be. This dream could also mean that someone is trying to communicate with you, this could be in Waking life or the Spiritual life, so keep those lines of communication open.------What does the code of a website displaying "Hello World!" with Elixir and Phoenix look like?I'm assuming the real intent of this question is to try and ascertain the minimum possible code required to have an Elixir/Phoenix code.Phoenix itself is extremely lightweight compared to something like RubyOnRails, the code you get out of the box with the default generator is already very close the minimum viable one.If you are really looking to be as barebones as possible checkout this article by Peter Corey: Minimum Viable Phoenix.------Lately, babies have been saying hello to me. Are they seeing something that adults don't?I'm not sure if this applies to you or not, but I'll put it out there for you. It's not uncommon for babies, kids, and animals to perceive different things than most adults do. As a medium, I've seen them react differently, and my understanding is that they were perceiving something spiritual in nature, such as individual spirits that were around and about at the time. It might also be that they perceive your energy, your aura. It's hard to know for sure, but it's something to consider------Why do I (very often) wink, smirk/smile, say 'hello' in a flirty way and fingergun at plants (usually when I'm just passing by)?Because that is how you would like to interact with other people, but you are afraid to do so. The plants are non-threatening and do not judge. Also, you probably like plants. Plants are nice.I am the same with birds. I always greet crows and magpies very respectfully, and wish them a good day, which I do not do with human passers-by. Mind you, those magpies can swoop you when they get angry, so it is best to stay on their good side------What are some cute, informal, or silly idiomatic ways to say hello or goodbye in French? Like how we say "hiya" or "see you later, alligator" in English?In Normandy , people say boujou/ boujou bien for goodbye, in Western Brittany: kenavo/ kenavo arvechal (goodbye, see you soon), plus, dans le bus, plus tard dans le car :see you later in the bus/ in the coach. In the Occitan region , adiu or bon jorn for good good morning. Everywhere, salut Ave for hello. Tas le bonjour dAlfred means goodbye. it is generally used to get rid of a tiresome person. There are some more idiomatic ways . People make them up all the time------If you saw an unfairly banned Quoran, would you still say hello to them?Of course. Even if a person gets banned from Quora, I'd say hello to them. Why would you be rude to a banned person? They're still a person. And even if they did something so bad that annoyed the whole community, hey, just say hello to them, you don't have to be friends with them, absolutely not. But can't you be nice and say "hello"?If you saw a banned Quoran, would you still say hello to them?
Hello Friends and Yahoo Readers!Is This a Scam?
They want you to spend your own real money to buy cartons of mystery solution from a stranger at $2,500/carton. Then you will wait to sell this mystery solution to someone (who never arrives) for $4,000/carton. You know that you can trust them because it stands to reason that they are more honest with you, a total stranger, than their own supposed fellow purchasing agent within their own company. Will there be any cartons of mystery solution to pick up? Will there be an actual person to meet you to collect your money? If the local police are corrupt enough, they might do that and rob you without worrying about getting caught. My guess is that they will have some dialog to learn more about you than you want them to know, and offer to save you the risk of carrying all that cash with some kind of transfer from your bank account.1. Hello! A question about gifts!!?Depends on how you celebrate. Christians give gifts to repersent the 3 gifts the wisemen brought baby jesus. Others just celebrate the joy of giving and the friendships they have with family and friends.2. Hello, can someone please help me with figuring out whats wrong with my heart/chest ?Go to the Doctor. And, if you've been smoking causes heart Palpitations3. How did Hello World come to be?AppleScript:display dialog "Hello, World !"Assembly:variable: .message db "Hello, World !$" code: mov ah, 9 mov dx, offset .message int 0x21 retBash:echo "Hello, World !"Basic:PRINT "Hello, World !"C#include using namespace std; int main() cout 4. print "Hello, World!”Only tested on an Atari ST emulator with the parallel port redirected to a file. It should work on the Windows version of GFA-Basic (which is free), but this is untested.Note: This turns out to be identical to the QBasic syntax.5. Hello. this my plan to be the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, read and then tell me what you think?HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH DO U EVEN KNOW HER ADDRESS? how can u send her a gift without knowing her address plus she's too famous so your "expensive" gifts wo not matter to her she probably changes her mobile every day she's that stinkin rich!6. Hello Anime people! Will you pleez answer my Q?American 5'11 Muscular A black leather duster that's bullet proof, and works as armor. A sword hidden underneath said duster. Name: The Knight Age: 20 Rather calm. Usually hidden in the crowd with a baseball cap and looks rather normal, once a monster appears, he dives into action, luring the demon to it's own demise. Food: Whatever he wants.7. Is Hello a good cell phone company?Is Hello a good cell phone company? #EANF#8. hello all Some english essay help plsss !?start with the heading "how to wash a car" then give the tools you will need to wash it: eg a car; water; bucket; drop of washing liquid; sponge, etc then give the points of what to do eg make sure car is turned off and handbrake is on, if very dusty then maybe brush it first with a hand broom then put drop of washing liquid into a bucket of water, wet sponge and wipe it over the car in circular movements, etc............rinse it with clean water. smile into the side mirror.... end it with something like, then go driving to show off the clean car Or take a photo of the good job Or remember to get paid for doing a good job.....9. new hello beautiful??Wow, a new Hello Beautiful?? What ever they are going to do they shouldent change it! Its just so cute! But they could possibly mean that they are going to change it so it isent just acoustic. But I dont know I havent heard anything about that. It could be a rumor as well.
Why Would a Girl Say Hello Back in a Disliking Way?
>Because she is not happy at being forced to greet you in the name of politeness.>What should I do now?Back off. If she does not welcome your attentions, leave her alone.I am a lawyer, but I am not YOUR lawyer. This answer is not a substitute for professional legal advice and should not be relied upon for anything other than entertainment. If that.• Suggested ReadingWhy do we use main() in C or C language? Is there any program in C or C that can be run successfully without main()?I've worked in a system before where the board level operating system" had a call to main, but not the main of the OS, but it was actually calling a program to run. It was quite surreal, it was like being a fish and all of a sudden seeing the top of the lake from the air.Similar thing for PCs. The operating system makes a call to main for a program and the program executes from there.------How do you deal with a neighbor who does not bother to say Hi/Hello and avoids eye contact?Two people have to be open to communication. There are lots of people out there who have problems. Our area is not overy friendly. I just go about my business and pretend all is sunshine and unicorns. I do my business and go back inside my lovely comfortable home and dont give them another thought. I will only invest my time in good hearted kind people those who want to know me------What is the story behind the hello world program?Hello World,This is an extremely popular phrase in programming with no real meaning. One would guess it just means the program is greeting the world as it runs (not literally, figuratively). In fact, it has become legendary and a programming classic. It is generally used as an example to beginners as well.The simplest program in Java:public class Mainpublic static void main (String args)System.out.println("Hello World");Thanks for reading,Ben.------Should I use char *p"hello"; , char p"hello"; or string p"hello";?You should use std::string p "hello" Simple reason safety.You can pass std::strings by reference to avoid copying (if they are too large for copying), or a pointer to the instance, so I don't see any real advantage using char pointers. I use std::string/wstring for more or less everything that is actual text. char * is useful for other types of data though and you can be sure it gets deallocated like it should------Why is it so hard for me to greet/say hello to strangers?Maybe, you try too hard to talk.Maybe, you don't talk until you have a reason to.Maybe, you speak only when spoken to.Maybe, you write better than you talk.Maybe, you are not into small talk.Maybe, you are an introvert.You know what? They are all okay. Be yourself first. Understand yourself and get comfortable in your skin. That is more important.Communication is a trainable skill------Can 'Hello network' a new social networking app by Orkut Buyukkokten mark beginning of end for Facebook?Only time will tell, those who are comfortable with Facebook will continue with it.Some may move on for curiosity resons.Others might want to check on the USP of the new networking system.And, no way does it mark the end of FB & Zuckerberg is no ordinary, he would have thought of multiple means to choke this new network at the inception level itself.Thousands and millions may have sleepless nights. Certainly not, in any case with Mark Zuckerberg.Cheez.;!)------After a second date with someone new, would it be too needy of me to call him to say hello?Not exactly.But its boring. Hello gives no emotion.Instead, tell him how happy you are from your date - ex.I love that restaurant! I can still smell our dinners. Thank you for planning it!or tell him something youre doing thats exciting you: ex.Hi!Im excited today, Im making my 1st peach pie! What are you up to?Best!------Is Hello Fresh cost effective?HelloFresh isn't exactly the most cost effective meal kit.However, there are meal kits out there for people on a budget. Dinnerly and EveryPlate are two of my personal favorites.I actually write about and review all the different meal kits boxes out there. Feel free to Google search "Food Box HQ" to check them out :-). And let me know if you have any other questions!.------In Italian, how do you pronounce "hello"?In Italian you could translate "hello" in several ways, depending on the meaning you're giving to this word.If you are greeting someone, you may say ciao or, in a more formal manner, salve. "Ciao" is often used between friends or when you are familiar with someone, "salve" is more polite and respectful.In English you use "hello" when you're answering the phone too. In this case the Italian equivalent is pronto.I hope I have been helpful. Ciao! ;)------Which Electric Light Orchestra song features the lyrics "Hello. How are you?"That would be Telephone Line - excellent song.I remember listening to them as a kid. It first appeared on A New World Record in 1976. Its appeared on several albums and compilations since then.If you want a good site for music resources check out AllMusic | Record Reviews, Streaming Songs, Genres & BandsIts an excellent resource. It settles quite a few arguments!Glen M - Manchester NH------If I can print "Hello, World!", would that make me a better programmer than average?It depends.If you are asking if that makes you a better programmer than everyone in the world, not just programmers, then yes, probably (depending on the language).However, if you mean just programmers, then I have to tell you that no, it does not make you better than average. To call yourself a programmer, you should really know much more than this, and have a wide array of things you can do.Still a great start, most dont try!.------Hello! Which are the best tourism and hospitality studies in Canada to get PR ? Thank you!i suggest you not take this field of study. Canada is not the travel and tourism hub like EU or Asia or AU. Canada does have toursim but it is only a very small percentage of what Europe experiences. At the same time Canadas 5 star hotels are more like the 3 stars that EU would have.You might want to consider another field of study instead------What is the output of print str * 2 if str 'Hello World!'?Either execute the program in your head the way you model a computer will do the computation. If you don't have confidence in your answer, write the program and run it. If answers agree you have done well. If the answers don't agree, you have still done well, just work out what is wrong with your mental model.But asking for an answer online - you have not done well------How much would it cost to code and deploy an iPad app with no animation or or database that simply says 'hello world'?Assuming you already have an iPad and internet bandwidth cost is negligible, the cost is 0. You can download a free development environment that can build and pack the app with almost 0 coding apart from writing that hello world string.To deploy, however, is another story. I bet it wont pass Apples QC and prior to that, youll need to subscribe to Apple Developer Program for US$99 per year.------Where can I watch the Hello Mini web series?Hello Mini - MX OriginalMX Player : Hello Mini is launched officially by MX Player. You can watch the series for free on the MX player beta app or MX player website. No need to buy any subscription to watch it.Hello Mini is a psychological thriller show. Pallavi Joshi stars in the lead as Mini while the show also features an ensemble cast with Gaurav Chopra, Priya Banerjee, and Mrinal Dutt in key roles.Image Source : Facebook------What's the most complicated Hello World program you can write in C?Well I suppose you could make it arbitrarily complicated, couldnt you? You could simply write each letter individually, or you could write a program that individually generated the machine instructions to perform the HW program and then branch to those instructions, or you could write a complete Lisp interpreter in C and then feed it an S expression that printed Hello World. It could go on and on------Which raga is used in cover of Adele's "hello" carnaticversion by Mahesh Raghavan? Is it Hindustani or Carnatic?It is closest to abheri (bhimpalas in Hindustani), as Jayanth Hegde says. But it does have noticeable deviations in certain places, and even uses the shuddha dha (komal dha) a couple of times now, some may argue that that is the original abheri and that the modern one with the chathushruthi dha is just wrong, but I'm talking about abheri as it is currently known. So we may call it mishra abheri, perhaps.------What's the probability of creating a Hello World program?"What's the probability of creating a Hello World program?"I'm not sure what your question means. Lots of Hello World programs exist in many languages. So the probability is 100%.If your question is "How hard or easy is it to create a Hello World program", the answer is "easy". Most introductory tutorials (posts, books, or videos) use a Hello World program as their first example. They provide every step and also the source code------What does it mean when someone says "hello hello hello" when there's a fight?I'm taking a guess, here, and perhaps others will have a different idea of the meaning. In the middle of the melee of a fight, the fighters are intent on bashing (physically or verbally) their supposed opponent, and they're so busy punching/yelling over each other, that someone who's trying to referee might be saying, "HELLO, HELLO, are you LISTENING? STOP! HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME? STOP YELLING/FIGHTING!" I'd welcome some input on this, as well------How can I say 'Hello' in Korean?there's different ways to say hello in Korean, depending on the politeness level and so is the most common one. if you are an English speaker, this is how you pronounce it an-nyong, ha seh, yohif you are a Spanish speaker this is how you pronounce it an-ong ha se io you can say it in a very very informal way (to close friends, or children) like this ! which translates to "Hi!"which is pronounced simply as "an-nyong"------Are Windows Hello and Cortana the same? If not, what is the difference?Windows Hello is the authentication system, like face recognition, fingerprint scanning, pin protection , picture password, etc. You can find these different types of the authentication system in "Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options".Whereas the Cortana in Windows 10 is your digital assistant, much like Google Assistant, Siri, Alex, etc. You can ask Cortana to take notes, set reminders, ask questions, etc.Are Windows Hello and Cortana the same?------Are you one of the programmers who learned programming the way before Programming 101 started using send "Hello World" to the screen?Yes. The first computer I worked on did not have a screen. The only output devices were paper tape and a Teletype Model 33. This could have printed hello world but I dont recall being taught that. The first language I learned was Fortran, not C, where I think that meme originated in the K&R book written a couple of years earlier. (I started in 1970 - K&R was 1968)------What is the Indian language of hello?India is a very big and diverse country,and that is why no single Indian language and not a single system for the word hello. I am just trying to find out more about this complexity. Muslims usually say , as Salamo alaikum. Hello is universally accepted in urban areas. Hindi heartland, Ram Ram, namaste, Pranam. In Bengal, ki bhalo, in Gujarat Kem chhe. And all over Lydia simple eye contact and social smile serve as hello.------Which "Hello World" process will consume less memory, Node.js or Python 2.x?The memory allocation of hello world will not be a good metric for your actual lambda function. The v8 engine and Java vm and python runtime are all built into lambda. Its unclear how they will impact the memory calculations at all. You best bet for this is to either build something more robust in the various languages and compare the actual costs on (better) talk to your AWS reps about your specific problem (they love to talk)------How do you say "hello" in Iraqi Arabic?This is not hello per se but often used as a response to hello in Iraq, as well as Khaliji countries and Saudi Arabia. I think some Jordanians even use it.Halla Wallah, lit. meaning welcome but can be used as a response to hello in Arabic. Amongst friends and family, this is rather common.Asslam w3laykom and Mar7aba are too formal and not really considered Iraqi dialect but phrases that are pan Arab.------What languages have one word for both "hello" and "goodbye"?Even three such words in is a widely used Latvian word borrowed from Italian which serves for both greetings and farewells.Sveiki/Sveiks is used as hello in modern language and as good bye in a little bit outdated language. Latvians who do not live in Latvia still use it in both meanings.Vesels is a regional word, used in the same meaning as Sveiks.
How Do I Say Momma in Hebrew?
You say אמא, pronounced "ee-mah."You can also say אם, pronounced "em" or "eim," but this is much more formal and not something you would use to refer to your mother.How do you say momma in Hebrew?• Other QuestionsHow is life being a BSF soldier?I have not served in BSF but more or less the duties are almost same except they are deployed on the border and CRPF soldiers are on IS duties. On border they have to man the morchas and do patrolling. Prone to enemy sniper fire. Life is monotonous but 8 hrs of duty and then rest I suppose. Unlike CRPF deployed in Maoist areas where there is no uncertainty when they will be ambushed or face a mine blast------What is the meaning of n and t in C language?In C/ C these are known as Escape characters. There are more escape characters.(you can read about then on internet)Coming to n and t,n is known as new line character. While using this in printf ("n"); it gives a line break. The output marker goes to next line.Eg. printf ("hello nworld");Output - hello worldt while using in printf statement gives a tab space between the words or characters. Eg. printf ("hellotworld");Output- hello world------Is it appropriate to say GOOD MORNING to a person except during evening and night?I think it is just fine. Saying good afternoon feels like a mouthful in the afternoon. It is one of those salutations that makes you feel as though you have to stop and tip off your hat to the person. Whereas, saying good morning rolls off the tongue. If you feel awkward saying GM when the time of day is past noon, you could try saying "good day".The overall effect is one of pleasant sincerity------Is the DNA of modern Greek people similar to that of the ancient Greeks?Is the DNA of modern Greek people similar to that of the ancient Greeks?Yes it is. According to DNA studies, the modern Greeks are indeed the descendants of the Bronze Age Mycenaean Greeks, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece. The Mycenaeans in turn are genetically related to the Minoans:The Greeks really do have near-mythical origins, ancient DNA reveals.------What is the difference between char *p and char (*p) in c?There is absolutely no difference in C betweencase 1 : As you mentioned char *p and char (*p) there is not difference. both are 2 : if char p and char *p in this case also there is not difference, because char p simply reduces to char *p when passed as argument to a function, and for the record, even char p20 is exactly the same thing as the function sees it as char *p------Why does a narcissist ex want to destroy you?That is such a good question. The answer is because they are mean, vendictive and manipulative. They lack real empathy, sympathy and compassion. Though they can fake it well.If they are trying to destroy you then you did something to make them really mad. You left them, exposed them, called them out on something, embarrassed themIts a control thing to put you in your place in their mind------In Welsh, how do we say 'great grandad'?In north Wales, you would say Hen Daid, Hen meaning old and Taid meaning grandfather, so it therefore translates as old grandfather.This is also what they would say in the Welsh-speaking communities of Argentina, since Argentine Welsh is essentially North Wales Welsh transplanted to Argentina.In South Wales, people will say Tad-Cu for Grandad but Im not sure what they would have said for Great Grandad.------What is an empty line in Python if I use an input function?Aloha!!Empty line is the line which does not contains any characters (number,string,special characters ) or the line that consists entirely of whitespaces.The data type of data taken as input is str , when u take blank line as input and print it , a empty line or a blank line will be obtained.JD------What is a good first program to write (besides "hello world")?Create a game.Developing Your First Game with Unity and C#Tutorial 4: Make a Game in 60 MinutesLearn C# by Building a Simple RPG - IndexThat is what Java easy to learn for me and got me excited about computer science in general.I ended my first class with a 101% because I got excited about creating a game. The time I spent on that class alone is greater than the other classes I took that semester combined.------How do you say good morning in Nigerian?My brothers and sisters have responded to you better. Nigeria is a diverse country with over 300 ethnic groups. English language is our official language. So we say Good morning ma or sir to an elderly person. If you want to say it in their native dialectsYoruba will say Ekaaro Ma/SirHausa will say NnakwanaI don't know that of igbo------How do you know if your narcissist won't do you the same way again after he asks for you back?You dont. With people like that its almost a guarantee that they will. I dont even understand why people like you go back with people like that. They hurt you once. They havent changed. They are exactly the same person as before. Eventually theyll hurt you again. Its like certain people have a masochistic streak that wants to be hurt over and over so they just go repeat their same mistakes over and over------What does "ATGATT" mean to bikers?All The Gear All The Time. That includes riding gloves.A riding jacket.And proper riding pants. (at least his hands and head are ok)Its not just for people who ride sport bikes.The pavement you skid across doesnt care whether you fell off a sport bike, cruiser, bicycle, or a skateboard------Would it be possible to have a common syntax targeting different language compilers/runtimes under the hood, since most current programming languages look very similar in syntax?There already is. Its symbolic logic, a subset of mathematics that is taught in the philosophy curriculum. What you see in computer languages today is mostly just an attempt to optimize the programming experience around different goals. Interact with the hardware? Use C. Script and call fast libraries? Use Python. LISP is its own issue because it is designed for easy manipulation of data strings. See Wikipedia------Is Windows 10 now available for the Lumia 640 & Lumia 640XL?I don't know if you are referring to windows 10 mobile or windows 10(desktop os), if you are referring to windows 10 mobile, then definitely you can upgrade to windows 10. However windows 10 mobile for consumers is not yet available but you can upgrade once it is released. Still if you are very eager to get your hands on then sign up for windows insider program and can download windows 10 mobile for free(build 10586-RTM build).------Does my ex still like me? When she sees me drive by, she always looks away and pretends she is on her phone. If she didn't care, she would not act like that.Maybe it just makes her uncomfortable. In any event you shouldn't dwell on how your ex feels. You are not with her naymore focusing on why does or doesn't do something will just rent space in your head. You need to work on getting her out of your head. I don't know why you split up but since you are focus on things that don't involve her------In The Godfather, would Michael Corleone have said yes to Sollozo and the drug trade if he was Don?I think so, Michael like Vito seemed to have an aversion to the drug trade, in part 3, even though Vito had been dead for 30 years he says to the commission if every drug dealer at this table were to drop dead , I would be the only one standing so I assume when he had control of the family he still stayed away from narcotics------How do you say "mom" in Hebrew?The translation to mother is ima, as mentioned before. It is quite short already so there is no need to shorten it.I think most Israelis use the term as it is, but I'm sure there are some cuter versions. I can only think about imush, where -ush is used in general to make things sound cute------Why are Thais and Cambodians mostly polite?In Thai society, we have the cultures that we honor and respect to elders, such as in family, children respect for parents, grandparents. Whether it is the act of speak we use "krab" "kha" at the end of the conversation sentence, or for example the younger walking through an adult the younger must bend...etc.Thereby, we treat others resemble as we treat our family members.------How do cats say sorry to humans?I have had cats who, after accidentally hurting me, would come to me and nuzzle me in a way that seemed to say they were sorry. They would snuggle against me when I told them I knew it was an accident and I wasnt mad at them. Ive never had a cat who showed any remorseful about property damage or slapping the snot out of a (feline) housemate for no apparent reason.------How can I introduce myself as a student?According to me .....everybody is a student . We don't need to express it is naturally......because a student is one who learn new thing ........and try that itself.So show your reality .......and love to learn . Trust me you will be the best student ...... ud83dude0d------How should I address an email if I don't know the name of the person receiving it?If you are sending an email to a group or generic email ids like info, hello etc you can address Hi Team or Hello Team or Hello there etc. For an Email which you think it is a persons name and you don't know what exactly it is, you can use Hi or Hello rather guessing the name and writing it on your own------In which language is the Windows operating system written?Mostly Object C which has been refined and optimised over many years of development. Not much of the original source code would still be in use having been revised and rewritten probably several times over the years. Certain performance critical components would be written in pure assembly language making Windows less portable which is why Microsoft would stick to the one processor architecture.------What is the output? int I 0; int limit 6; while (I
Hello Sir, Can I Apply for Ues Indian Army in 5th Semester but I Have 1 Live Backlog?
I don't know whether you can apply for army or not, I am a a teacher in an engineering college. But I thought I should answer you because I see a lot of students around me in your position. So I thought I should answer.Most of the students with backlogs get very very frustrated and loose confidence ultimately. Don't be like that. Its not the end of life. Take your time, study well and get passwd. World can wait. There will still be a lot of opportunity.Geting self concerned and stigma is natural. But think this way - most of the people don't give a shit about you - so don't think that they might judge you bad. Again, people forget, so two years down the line, nobody will ask you whether you passed with back or not.Failing in exam is a normal thing. Concentrate on life, not on your failures. Don't get stressed.Take care of yourself.Hello sir, can I apply for ues Indian army in 5th semester but I have 1 live backlog ?• Related QuestionsDo you agree that "hello world" is a dumb first program to teach programming?On a totally utilitarian basis, no, it's not at all a dumb first program, because it doesn't teach about programming, it teaches about infrastructure.Consider: To get "hello world" to run, you need to learn at least a few things:How to use your system's text editor and save files.How to invoke the compiler/interpreter. Additionally, if it's not a language that comes pre-installed, it tests that the person doing the install didn't screw the pooch while installing it - I've probably written code in over 2 dozen languages by now, and over the decades I *have* seen installers go very very wrong(*).How to run a compiled program after compiling it.These are all things that you're going to have to already know once you try for the second program after 'hello world'.(*) My favorite screw-up: A mid-80s Fortran compiler install script on a Unix-based machine that tried to do:nchmod 666 $A/$Bnto set permissions on an install manifest. Unfortunately, A and B weren't set. Brownie points for the first person who figures out what error message users got when they tried to log in - it's not as obvious as it looks------How do you say/write "Hello lady" in Italian?It really depends, there's no best translation."hello" would be translated to "ciao" if you're in an informal relation with that lady. You could translate it to "salve" too, but Italians would probably say "buongiorno" (good morning) or "buonasera" (good evening) if the lady is not young or you're in a formal relation to her."Lady" is also not always easy to translate. "Signora" refers to an at least middle aged, possibly married woman. A young lady would be a "signorina" if you were to formally refer to her. If you were in an informal relation, well, you wouldn't call her either way, unless you were jokingly addressing her in a formal way - like if your were to say "hello lady" to a young girl. So perhaps it would be "ciao, signorina" in the latter case, and "salve, signora" for a formal greeting to an older lady. "Ciao signora" sounds really awkward.All in all, we would probably just not say it. Perhaps you should say a bit more about the context in which you want to use this phrase------How do I create a C program to print a message (Hello World/Hello C) without using any semicolon in the program?There are many different methods. You can use if statement, switch statement, while loops, for loops, or by macros.Using if statement:/ CPP program to print / Hello World without semicolon / using if statement #include int main() tif (std::cout int main() tswitch (printf("Hello World ")) t tt Using loops:/ CPP program to print / Hello World without semicolon / using if statement #include int main() twhile (!(std::cout #define ANYWORD printf("Hello World") int main() tif (ANYWORD) t t All program will print: Hello WorldThis answer is of my personal point of view and choices. It may vary from person to person and this is not any official list of Hotel Ranking. And this answer is not an official review to Hotels and Restaurants in Bhopal.------Did ancient Romans call each other by their "first names" (e.g. "Hello, Marcus"), or would they have called each other by last names (e.g. "Hello, Cicero")?Most Romans had three names, their praenomen, nomen, and cognomen, although this changed over the centuries and wasnt necessarily a fixed thing. The praenomen is equivalent to a first name in English, the nomen indicates ones family (more specifically, gens) and the cognomen was a bit more complicated. Typically, it was almost like a nickname, although more formal, attributed to an individual indicating a personal trait, or accomplishment. It was then typically passed down to a mans children, and ended up indicating a kind of sub-family of ones broader family, or gens.For example, Scipio Africanus, the general who beat Hannibal, was born Publius Cornelius Scipio. His first name was Publius and he was born into the Scipio branch of the Cornelius gens (which was vaste and prestigious). After he beat Hannibal at Zama in Africa, he was further given the cognomen Africanus to celebrate his victory, and his descendants would have inherited it.I couldnt help but including an image of this coin, traditionally held to represent Scipio, because I own a very nice example of it.So, to respond to your example, yes, Cicero would have been Marcus to his friends and Cicero to everyone else (the cognomen has something to do with chick peas).------In season 1 episode 18 , Phoebe told Monica: "Hello kettle! This is Monica! You're black!". What does this mean?The saying is "that's like the pot calling the kettle 'black'". In the saying, both the pot and the kettle are black. You would use it when someone's being hypocritical by being negative about something someone else does, when they actually do the same themselves. I found this explanation on are the pot calling the kettle black when you point to another person and accuse that person of doing something that you are guilty of doing yourself. "The pot" (for cooking) and "the kettle" (for boiling water) sit on the stove over the fire and become black from the flames. Example: "I'm tired of you always wearing my clothing!" Answer: "Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black? You're wearing my pants right now!" The pot and the kettle are like old friends who have turned black with time; the pot only sees the blackness which is on the kettle; he doesn't see the black on himself.'------What do you think of the song, "Hello" by Adele?I really do like the song "Hello". It has a good balance of emotion, range, and power. As a comeback song, I feel Adele made the right choice going with this one as it definitely plays to her strengths. The message is very simple and poignant and there is an inherent honesty and simplicity in the lyrics. The vocal delivery is overwhelming. Keeping aside the immense hype surrounding this song, from a listener's perspective it is musically, lyrically and emotionally sound. It is also relatable without being overly generic. And the fact that Adele can pull it off live with the same power and feel proves that it is not just a product of studio recording and editing. The problem with most of the people reviewing this song (or any song for that matter) is that they are comparing it to other songs or singers. Are there better songs than Hello? Certainly. And since it's objective, that makes complete sense. To each his own. However, if you look at what this song aims to convey, no one can deny that it thoroughly achieves that in all aspects. It is easy to criticize, but one must not compare apples and oranges------Can you try to type "Hello my friend" with your eyes closed and see what you get?Do you want that done on a laptop or a phone?Writing on my laptop with eyes closed. Trained in writing by having fingers stationed on the correct buttons. That makes it easy, although I wouldn't be surprised if there are occasional errors.Forgot what sentence I was supposed to type. But all I typed in this answer until now is done with eyes closed.Writing on a phone with eyes closed would be a lot more challenge. I'm not trying that onee- - -EDIT: Seems that the only error I find quicly is "onee" instead of "one." in the end. Amazing. But I had to stop several times and think if I had done correctly, and sometimes I knew I had hit the wrong button, so I hit delete with eyes closed and hit the button I believed was the right one.But then - typing with a QUERTY computer keyboard is easy. Typing on a phone would be a lot different. Except if you'd connect a real, full-sized keyboard to the phone. But that would be an overkill for a tiny phone for most purposes.------Why don't mountain bikers in San Diego say hello?This is something that's specific to Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve. Ride anywhere else in San Diego county, and you'll see mountain bikers who smile, say hello, and even stop to chat sometimes.LPCP is sort of an odd place, though. It gets a lot of traffic from all sorts of trail users after work on weekdays and on weekends, and that includes a wide variety of mountain bikers. You'll see everything from first-time riders out on department store bikes, to cross country race teams out on training rides. Some riders don't know what they're doing, much less how to interact with other riders. And some riders are so set on their training program, and pushing the pace so hard, that they don't have a spare breath to say hello. And, yeah, that's not exactly polite.So, try riding Black Mountain, Sycamore Canyon / Goodan Ranch, Mission Trails, Calaveras, or any of the other trails nearby, and you'll see a different scene.And while you're out at LPCP, keep smiling and saying hello. I'll run into you sometime and stop to chat!------In how many languages have you written "hello World?" Which was the first programming language did you write it?QBasic. That was the first one.I have written it in a total of 19.C/CJavaJavascriptLogo (IDK if you will consider it a prog. language)F# (Hello world is the only program I ever wrote in it)PythonMATLABBrainC#AssemblyBash and BatchADAActionScriptGoPHPRSqlIn essence, I try out hello world first unless the Language is meant to do otherwise.(For Eg. Helloworld was not even in the first 20-30 sql commands or Flash Games I made in free time. Even Logo. My programs in LOGO were basically a spam of REPEAT command with arbitrary FD RT movements etc. which magically created some fascinating patterns :p)EDIT : But "Hello World" was not my first program in Qbasic. The first program asked for user's name and printed it.I came to know about "Hello, World" quite late, when I learnt there was another language called 'C', (I was in 9-10 years old and had absolutely no idea what a Compiler was) and I started reading the tutorials. (I didn't even had a C Compiler then), and came to know about the Hello World Program.I then tried it in Basic.CheersJun
If I Pick Up a Telephone in Los Angeles, and Dial a New York City Phone Number, When the Party in Ne
It's impossible to tell, and will be different from day to day.Back in the day, before Judge Greene OK'd the 1982 consent decree that ended United States v. AT&T Co., breaking up "Ma Bell", it would be possible to give you a nearly exact map of the exact path down to the wires.The "phone number" was actually an E.164 address, much like the MAC address on an Ethernet card. It literally was the exact physical address of the wire pair that connected from the main distribution frame in the nearest CO or wire center to your instrument.That's all gone. These days, living in a world where literally all voice is VoIP (whether you know it or not) and we have number portability and this little thing called least-cost routing, it's completely impossible.For a while, I ran a company that ran a long distance intermediation service. You'd hand us traffic (via a SIP trunk on VoIP), we'd terminate the call for you. We did that by having a bunch of interconnect agreements with a variety of third parties who had presences on the ground in different NPA/NXX areas, plus a couple who have fixed-price termination to "anything".We sold a fixed price service - let's call it $0.05/minute to anywhere in the US. That was a deal, particularly since there are huge pockets where the base rate today is well above that. We mainly sold to foreign operators and to other carriers who couldn't get deals with some of the carriers with which we had deals. Our job was to makes sure that it cost us less than $0.05/minute for literally every minute that crossed the network.So, running in real time, we had software that was looking at route updates from our carrier partners. If calls to 212/695 (midtown NYC) shifted by $0.002 in favor of Carrier X versus Carrier Y, we'd shift our routing. Carrier Y would no longer see any of that traffic, it would all go to Carrier X.We'd see similar things - we'd all of a sudden stop getting calls too particular NPA/NXX pairs. We'd be rocking along at a million minutes a month, then *poof*, zero. Sometimes, the retention team would figure out where the traffic was going and why, and sometimes we'd be able to get much cheaper pricing that put us in the running again, and sometimes we'd just shrug and go looking for other places to cut costs.And when those costs got cut - either through negotiation, or through a carrier partner posting a pricing update, which happened several times a day - we'd update routing.Plus, you have the vagaries of IP routing in general. It's on VoIP leaving your phone, it's getting routed over IP to a session border controller which then forwards it according to it's routing rules to somewhere (like, us) and you have no idea what that route is going to look like.You may have a local SBC. You may have a very distant SBC; for instance, I've got one phone on my desk for which the SBC is in New Jersey. You have no idea. You could packet trace your network, find the IP address, geo-locate the endpoint... but even then, your routing to that endpoint will vary by day of week, time of day, outages, changes in peering agreements, all sorts of things.So it's not even possible to tell what the path is from your phone to the first place it hits the voice network, much less tell how that call actually travels from anyplace to any other place• Other QuestionsHello I have a question about Germany, if I decided to live in Germany, how is the Islamic life there? Is there Islamic centers that can teach kids about the religion?First: What is your motivation that you, as a Muslim, want to come to Germany? What will be your contribution to our country, what is your education, your professional experience? Competition on the job market is very high in Germany, with natives as with migrants from EU-countries (often well educated and equipped with all the rights of free movement and job search the EU offers). It is hard for a non-EU citizens to start a decent life here.Some years ago, our president stated, that Islam would belong to Germany. This statement was highly controversial: Historically, Islam is connected to those migrants, who came as "guest workers" from Turkey (and Morocco and Bosnia, to a smaller extend) in the 60s and 70s, so it is too new to be part of the German culture - of course Muslim migrants are part of the German society (as are migrants from all the other countries and cultures and religious groups).If you look at the chart for religious beliefs, you find basically, that about a quarter of our citizens are member of the large protestant church (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland), another quarter Roman-catholic, close to 40% belongs to no religious organization. And that orange slice, about 5%, are Muslims:Source: de/meldung/religionszugehoerigkeiten-2018So being a Muslim basically means dealing with other Muslim immigrants.Beside public schools, a lot of Muslims have their kids taught Islam in one of the many mosques and Islamic centers in Germany. Teachings are usually in the native language of that specific group, and this way of separate education is a bit frowned upon by non -Muslims, especially if the Islamic center is seen as more conservative (which is often radical in the eyes of the non-Muslim majority).To integrate Muslims into the society, some efforts have been made to also offer Muslim teachings in school (since in Germany the state has the monopoly on education, although religious teachings are an exception).Confessional Christian education is (in most states) part of the usual school schedule; In some states, schools now offer also Muslim teachings (parallel to the Christian ones, and to Ethics, which is read to those pupils who would not like to participate in Christian teachings).nThis is a map, where the different forms of cooperation and offers are shown:Orange means, no offers - so that's all of the former GDR or Eastern Germany which exception of Berlin, since the share of Muslims is very low there (guest workers only came to the West of the republic). Blue is in cooperation with or by Muslim organization - since our fellow citizens from Turkey represent the largest Muslim group, they have a large saying in the religious life down to the school teachings. Light orange (Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein) offer it state-organized. (source: Islam und Muslime)Here is another picture of the beliefs of Muslims in Germany:source: Religious in a secular countryThis is a citation from Goethe Institute (see source above), which gives some more insights:"RELIGION AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR HOMELANDThe German Islam Conference gives the number of Muslim prayer halls as 2,600, of which around 150 are "classic" mosques, i.e. buildings with a dome and generally also a minaret. With 900 mosque communities, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Ditib) is the largest association of mosques in Germany. It is governed by the Ankara religious authority and preaches a religiously conservative Islam. After all, the first Muslims to come to Germany in large numbers were the so-called Gastarbeiter (meaning "guest workers") from Turkey, who started to arrive in the 1960s. Many came from rural parts of Anatolia, where the population followed a traditional, primarily Sunni Islam. They and their children and grandchildren still make up a good half of all Muslims in Germany. During the 1980s refugees arrived from the Arab states fleeing civil war there, to be followed in the 1990s by many Bosnians. More than half of the approximately 900,000 people who came to Germany in 2015 seeking protection from war and persecution came from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Eritrea."
Hello How Do I Protect by Show Before Submitting It to Someone?
firstly patent you show and who ever you give the work of your have a agreement that this will not be utilised for ANY purpose Reuther for them viewing it for your benefit and the plan of your work shall not be given to anyone or idea be sold to anyone it is only for the view of the of the negotiator of the tv channel with you and with out the express concern of your your work will not be publicised and this will be given in writing by your self to let any one have a look at it beside the tv channel you are going to give to. this is called a non circumvention agreement between your client and you: always patent your work and the show it so you are protected by the law of patent breech in other word register you work so no one can steal it.1. Where can I find Hello Kitty things that aren't to expensive?sophisticated factor look over yahoo or google it could help2. hello,Need help with convincing my parents to let me get a Russian dwarf hamster?I brought a guinnea pig home by surprise and had to get rid of it because my mom started crying. Do not get it. Parents will get really upset (especially mine who hates rats, mice, etc.)3. Why does my Java program on compiling shows "cannot find or load main class hello"? I am a beginner and not able to compile a basic program to print hello.I'll not go into much detail, as it might demotivate you. Let me start from the basic.Your experience with Java with hugely depend on the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) you are using. If you are using notepad to write your programs and use cmd to run them, then it'll be a tough work for you. I'll recomend you to use BlueJ IDE, which is the best IDE(according to me) for beginners. Once you get accustomed with java you can use NetBeans(Which I use). In BlueJ you can run any program by right clicking on it and calling the method. Understand the main method and it's importance. In originality, there is only one main method in a single package(except for exceptional cases like swing) and there is only one class containing the main method. The main method is declared as:public static void main(String args[])We execute the class containing main() and the OS calls the main() which is directly or indirectly conected with every other part of your program. So it's compulsory to have one and only one main method in a package.As you are a beginner I'll recomend you not to use the main method system. But just check your programs using IDEs like BlueJ. Another piece of advice from your programmer friend, never get disappointed while programming, Don't lose your hope if the program is not compiling or not working. Programming needs a lot of dedication and love for it.Hope it helpd, feel free to comment to my answer for further help. Happy Coding :).4. hello, i am 40 years old, and working , i am single,,?pee before you go to bed :)5. Hello, may I please have some anime suggestions?How about doing fairy tales like "Red Riding Hood." Anime could really do wonders for the wolf. Perhaps Little Red Riding Hood could do a few kung fu moves. LOL! IDK.6. Cannot create "Hello World” module (and NVIDIA, and VirtualBox)This is no good:I am willing to bet that in at least a few of those directories you had $PATHed ahead of /bin and /sbin - especially the ruby ones - you had common shell app wrapper scripts for colorizing output. Maybe you even had similar configuration applied in /etc/skel in which case not even /bin/env -i grep could have saved you from yourself.This is why people compile in chroot.P.S. I am only so critical because I had to learn the same lesson the same way a couple years back. You probably would not have needed the =never if your $PATH was clean. Also, you can just use --color=auto in which case the terminal escapes are only used if grep'sstdout is a terminal - in other words - not in a |pipe to gcc.Or, even better, instead of setting an inflexible shell alias with:You could take advantage of grep's$ENV setting:.
Hello My Snake Laid Eggs and I Found Out a Weak Later They Are a Bit Wrinkle but still Not Dry What
More info would help. What snake do you have? Most eggs dehydrate if not kept in the right conditions, if they still look white on the outside it means that they are probably still alive. Try increasing the humidity of the terrarium, incubator or the place you have them in but dont spray the eggs directly.1. when to use wrinkle cream?per chance the product you are utilising is complete of chemical compounds and your epidermis is reacting to it. i take advantage of a botanical device for 5 years and that i like it....not in any respect had a topic with it and that i look youthful and epidermis feels large.2. Can someone help me with my wrinkle problem?Some homemade treatments that may help you are: Massage the wrinkled area with castor oil. Another effective home remedy would be to empty the contents of 3 Vitamin E capsules in a small bowl and add honey, lemon and yogurt into it. Mix it well apply the mixture on face. Rinse it off after 10 minutes3. I have this horizontal crease/wrinkle right between my eyes that makes me look mad all the time I'm 19?try anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream. i know, it's weird, because you are not old or anything, but it tightens skin up. you can get some at your local pharmacy. i saw at rite aid yesterday when i went their. if this does not work, then i guess you will have to get cosmetic surgery, but the anti-wrinkle cream is likely to fix it. i used it for a week by accident beacuse i thought it was cold cream and my face started tightnening up. woops!4. Does undereye wrinkle treatment creams work if applied to skin with makeup on?I honestly think they do not work anyway whether over or under make-up. I have tried them all from the least expensive to the most expensive and cannot see a difference5. at what age shoud women start using anti-wrinkle cream?in the late thirties or fourties. Yeah. Olay I reccomend6. What do you think would be great to wear with a red wrinkle-free jacket?i recon you should wear it with a pair of dark denim skinnys. and a black singlet. not a blouse or anything that will overpower the jacket, because its already bold enough. maybe black ancle boots with it?7. In your opinion, what is the best anti-wrinkle cream?I have found a retinol lotion works wonders on my face8. I'm 25. Are any of these creams good for me to avoid ' smile lines and under eye wrinkle?(Please note the detaThese are all very expensive creams, if you can afford them its ok but if no, believe me mostly any cream does the trick of moistening your skin. Just keep it moistered once or twice a day. I do have to tell you though that there are two things that are unavoidable: one is that we all age and the aging process causes our skin to wrinkle. As you grow older and older the skin gets less elastic and does not regain its looks as when you were young. Second thing is genetics. Look at your mom's skin, your sisters and aunts and see what skins they have, you will probably have a similar type of skin. Do not count every day your wrinkles. Be happy to be alive and understand that this is nature, we are born, we grow old and one day we die but therefore we have to make the best of the time between birth and death. End of lecture:).9. How to get smooth, no wrinkle bed sheets out of dryer?You have to pull them out right after the cool down cycle is complete and put them on the bed or lay them flat somewhere. You can also try drawstring sheets as they are pulled flat by the drawstring where there will not be any wrinkles and they re much more comfortable that way10. Wrinkle cream that would work for a teenage girl?why not just get a boob lift and liposuction while youre at it? try using the olay ones11. I am 24 years old and need to find a anti age wrinkle cream what is the best kind that anyone finds works well?Retinol is good for fast action overnight and you see results quickly. But it can get expensive. If you want to use a premium retinol based firming serum than you can get ARTISTRY intensive skincare anti-wrinkle firming serum. I personal use Artistry creme lux. I only have to use a small dab of it and there is more in it. Whatever you choose it is always best to use a skin care cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Night time moisturizer does your repair work and day time does the protecting. I included in the source where I get mine every few months. I love it and will always recommend it. Good Luck Hun!
What Is the Connection of GURUS If Any Between TM and Kriya Yoga?
The exploitation of followers. Human is a social animal like wolves or baboons. Some really sweet talking gurus found a hack to this phenomenon and turned them self into the alpha male or the alpha female. Unfortunately, many followers dont realize this and began a life long of blind devotion and giving away precious money and hard labor to their alpha male and alpha female.The real guru is simply a teacher who wants their students to follow the practice and develop their own tolerance, determination, and compassion. Nothing more.Some cults became dangerous and even engaged in illegal activities. Any seekers should be aware of anything external are all transient. The most important is their inner qualities. No more guru exploitation, blind faith, and superstition.May all enjoy real peace, real happiness, and real joy!! Happy meditation .• Other QuestionsWhy is it rude not to acknowledge someone's existence?I think it has to done when we lived in caves and it carried down through the ages. Lets go back to medieval times. People lowered their eyes to the king, it the king acknowledged them they were somebody. If the king did not they were a nno body. Fast forward today, if the boss walks in and says hi, you feel good because by saying hi, you feel things are ok, if he does not say hi, you may thing he is mad at you and you feel like a medieval non person.Sometimes people think I am rude or cold because a lot of the time I am u2018so in my headu201d and I know they are doing their job in a medical clinic, they unless we meet eyes I do not say anything.Have you ever noticed men when they are passing on the street, if they know each other they look down, if they do not know each other they look up.------Is Lua a good language to learn?Lua's greatest strength is that it is very easy to add to an existing C or C application. It's a simple, lightweight language that's flexible enough for making a wide variety of Domain Specific Languages, suitable for your needs. If you are writing a C or C program, and would like the ability to run scripts, Lua is a great language to know.It is very easy to include or exclude any part of its standard library, which makes it straightforward to sandbox Lua scripts into doing only what they're supposed to do. Because of this, it is used by many game engines to provide mods and customizable features.There is also a standalone Lua interpreter that includes all of the default standard library. It is fine for simple scripting tasks like processing files or performing calculations. You probably wouldn't use Lua for that alone; Python can do far more. But it's a good language to know for extending other programs.------How can I tell someone they're overreacting without being rude?Judging people is not polite. Unsolicited criticism is not polite. Telling someone that theyu2019re overreacting is both.They could be having a tantrum which would make a spoiled three year old sit up and take notes. Their histrionics could be entirely unwarranted. Unless they ask you what you think, itu2019s rude to tell them your opinion of their behavior.If it makes you feel any better, I donu2019t think anyone in human history has ever been told u201cCalm down, youu2019re overreactingu201d and actually calmed down. Iu2019ve certainly never done it, nor have I ever seen it happen. In fact, telling someone that theyu2019re overreacting usually makes it worse.So you might as well be polite. Stay quiet and wait it out. Pragmatically, thatu2019s your best option. Who knows? Maybe after itu2019s all over they will ask you what you thought. Then you could say, u201cI get that you were upset, but honestly, you seemed more upset than the situation called for.u201d------What's wrong with telling someone they're overreacting?A friend of mine does this to me sometimes and I hate it! Its okay for him to get angry at things- Ive seen him curse at traffic lights, swear because he didnt get loot in a WoW raid, and dont get me started on how he reacts to potholes, even little ones.But it seems that Im not allowed to get angry. Whenever I get upset about something, he always tries to stop it, as if its his place to decide how much emotion is allowed to be shown, and about what.Its not helpful at all, rather it comes across as invalidating and arrogant. So no, unless somebodys reaction is such that theres immanent threat to somebodys safety or property, its best not to say or do anything in the moment. Let them be upset, then if youre really concerned, talk about it after they have cooled off. And be sure that youre not doing what my friend does- holding the other person to an unfair double standard. (Youre totally justified in flying off the handle in any given situation, but the other person isnt, theyre just too high strung, their concerns are frivolous, whatever).------What will happen if I say u201cAllah Akbaru201d to a Muslim?Allahu Akbar means u201cGod is Greatu201d in Arabic and Muslims use u201cAllahu Akbaru201d in certain situations like :When amazed or shocked : Allahu Akbar! What happend?!When scared : *Boo* Allahu Akbar!!!!When anger : Allahu Akbar! You are making me angry!When seeing something pleasing : Allahu Akbar! What a cute baby!When saying something positive about someone : Do you know? Someone in our school called Peter got the highest mark in our whole school!Allahu Akbar, really?When in a war : Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! (We say it in wars to make Allah bring us victory).So if you said that to a Muslim, they would start looking at you and seeing if you have happy, sad or angry emotions to be able to know what you are saying it for but mostly they would use the positive ones and think that you liked their look or think that their look scared you.Allah knows best and I hope this answered your question.------What can you do if the guy you like puts you in the friend zone?Some things, in life, make us deeply sad. We sometimes get so disappointed we dont want to eat, sleep, talk, have fun anymore. Things like :A person we are in love with, who doesnt love backGetting a bad markMissing a diplomaA person who doesnt come at an appointmentMissing a flightLosing something expensive (phone etc)This kind of sadness is a consequence of a lack of wisdom :When somebody doesnt like you, it just means that this is a beautiful opportunity for you to meet another person who will like you back, and that you will like even moreMarks at exams are just a way for the huge education system to rank students. It doesnt even mean that you are bad or stupid. It just means that that day, you did not answer the questions as the teacher wanted to. Teachers can and do fail.When you miss a train, your life event tree massively changes. You will go back home, meet people on your way, you would not have met It is actually wonderful ! And sometimes, and that is sad to say, by missing a plane, you miss a potential accident that would have killed you.Whatever happens to you, LOOK FORWARD.That is really hard to graps, and harder to do, but LOOK FORWARD------How can I split the string " () " into " ,, , (, ..." in Java?You are asking one of three things based on your question:nSplit a string into an String array containing its constituent characters. As of JDK 8, this is simply accomplished: yourString.split(""). If you're using JDK 7 or before, that method will return a String array with a leading empty string; the equivalent statement involves a negative lookahead regular expression: yourString.split("(?!^)").nSplit a string into a char array containing its constituent characters. This one is relatively straightforward using Java's standard library method: yourString.toCharArray().nAdd a comma between every character in your string. You can do this one using regular expressions and replaceAll, but I prefer to do it more simply, replacing empty substrings with commas and trimming the leading and trailing commas: yourString.replace("", ",").substring(1, input.length() - 1). Note that method three will output a new String and will not change your old one in place. I'm also not entirely sure if regular expressions provide the best result in terms of performance.nETA: I realized after answering this question that you wanted the non-whitespace tokens only. Any of these answers will still work if you perform a preprocessing step to strip your string of whitespace using a regular expression: yourString.replaceAll("s","")------Why wonu2019t narcissists call you by your name?I love this question and have thought about this during and after my relationship with my ex narcissistic boyfriend.I believe it is very difficult for a narcissist to use your name for a couple of reasons.They are unable to form intimate bonds. Using someones first name is intimate. When they wish to view you and treat you as an object why use your name?They use common terms of endearment like Babe, Hun, Love, etc. because youre only one of likely several women they correspond with. God forbid they slip up on a name.My ex literally went into a rage when I called him by his first name. Particularly when I was attempting to set a boundary or stand up to his BS. It is hard to argue with someone using terms like babe and honeybun.Oh Honeybuns! Please stop throwing my cell phone across the bedroom when youre mad!See??? RightF that.I was emotionally abused and I dont respond like an animal when someone calls me by my name.Its all quite fascinating. Having to argue about calling each other by their first names. Who does that?Yes, narcissists------What are great responses to the question: "How are you?"In sweden were not used to that phrase, When someone asks How are you we think that this person is for real interested in my status (health, financial, social whats on our mind). We answer in short how we are Well, Im a bit cold, and my wife left me yesterday,,, or something like that depending on whats the problem on my mind.It took some time in US, before I understood the strange reaction, when I answered the cashier, or whoever trying to be friendly, truly what was bothering me At the same time I was surprised how many people who was interested in my wellbeing. But, I thought it was the introvert reputation of us swedes, we just care about ourselves.Now I know How are you, means, I dont care how you are, say Fine thanks, and you? so we dont need to talk anymore with each other------How do you change a relationship from a friend zone to a love zone?It depends.Men know the minute they first see a girl they are sexually attracted to her looks. If he is, he falls in love right away but takes his time to decide if he will actually speak up and commit. Either he was attracted right away, or he never will be.Women have to fall in love usually, before they are attracted to the guy. This takes time and bonding conversation, the guys personality meshing with her personality in ways that make her comfortable. Either she and the guy match up psychologically or they dont.There are always exceptions to any generalization about human beings. And also there are those who are just out to use others and fake falling in love.But if someone views you as a friend, you are not likely to change this. Especially if they are a guy.
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