Why Do Ashes From Burned Wood Weigh Less Than the Wood?

Wood is primarily cellulose which is a compound of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

If there were NOTHING else and if we had PERFECT combustion, Carbon Dioxide and Steam would be pretty much all that would be generated, and they would disappear into the atmosphere leaving NOTHING behind. In practice there are other compounds in the wood and the burning process is never 100% efficient, so some residue is left.

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Should i replace warped deck wood with pressure treated wood? Can i paint straight away with solid deck paint?

You need to let the wood dry out. I'm not sure when you replaced the boards but I would wait until the following spring before putting any kind of finish on the deck. I recommend cleaning the deck first with a deck cleaner and letting it dry for about 48 hours. Then use a good quality semi-transparent stain on the deck. I prefer semi-transparent because solid stains have a lot of pigment in them which tends to rub off over time


We Can Easily Move Our Hand In Air But to Do The Same Through Solid Block Of Wood We Need A Karate Expert ?

we can easily move our hands in air because in air the particles are much farther apart from one another i.e they contain a lot of space b/w them so we can move our hands but in the case of wooden block we need a karate expert because the wood is closely packed and contain a very very little space b/w them so we can t move our hands through it.

thank you......


Is it easy to distress wood at home?

never done that distressed look BUT, I do want you to be aware of the wood that the desk is made from is it solid woof or is it a veneer top over pressed board ??? If it is solid wood you can go to work with the tools that have been suggested on those multiple sites that tell you about the ball peen hammers and the big link chain that will dent the wood top of your solid wood desk


what is the best way to clean wood of smug marks. i tried Murphey oil and it just streaked the wood.HELP?

Im not an expert on wood, but I do restore antique furniture. On Cherry Wood I have used Olde English for DARK WOODS (there are several types of Old English Polishes, so look for the one for Dark Woods). It not only polishes, but it cleans off minor streaks, dirt marks and restores. I have absolutely no luck with Murphy's oil soap as it streaks and makes the wood slippery


Does the type of wood your electric guitar is made out of really matter?

Yes, even with a solid body guitar the type of wood is a factor. The heavier timbers have better sustain.

The different types of timber all have their own particular tone quality.

The type of timber used on the fingerboard will also influence the sound : maple, rosewood or ebony.

Sound preference is very personal so if you like your guitar and the way it sounds then don't worry what other people think.


i have a wood table thats stratch up real bad,what can i do for it?

If you don't have a belt sander, rent one. Use 80 grit and 120 grit sanding belts to smooth the surface of the table. ( 80 grit first then 120 grit to finish). Stain the bare wood to match the rest of the table. Hand sand the newly stained wood with 220 grit sandpaper to remove any grain that has resin from the staining. Apply at least 2 coats of clear polyurethane. That should restore the table to near new condition


How can i tell if the floors are real hard wood or laminate?

At some point in the room that it is in, there should be a "threshold" or transition strip between the hardwood floor and carpet in the next room or hardwood floor and tile in the kitchen, etc. Usually these strips are just screwed down. So unscrew this strip and you will be able to see a side profile (edge) of the flooring. Seeing this, it should tell you whether it is solid wood or laminate



Move his head around until you have an even finish.

Seriously, you have two choices, use more oil to even out the effect, maybe mineral oil or use detergents to pull out the oil (soap), keep in mind that the finish on the wood is also oils so you risk pulling that out too. Whatever you do will likely affect the appearance somewhat but the goal is to even it out.


Can I Use 1/8" thick Laminate Floor Padding Under 3/4" Solid Wood Floors?

Not enough help on the sound to take a chance. That type of "padding" will also create movement under the wood flood and can cause noise from movement since the flooring cannot be nailed down as tightly as needed. Stick with the 90# felt. Also if your using a prefinished flooring you will not have any warranties for using the wrong underlayment. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL


Is this a good beginner ukulele?

It's an excellent choice of ukulele. They're made made Keli'i who are a really respected maker. And the wood is pretty much indistinguishable from koa (which is far more expensive).

The tenor size is good if you're want to play Shimabukuro-type solo stuff. Or if you're more into strumming, the soprano might suit you more.


veneer vs solid wood?

Check the inside of the door opening to see if you can see a seam where the veneer meets the base wood. Also check the edges of the doors for the seam. Another test is to check the grain of the wood on the outside of the door against the grain on the inside of the wood. If they match, then it is solid wood, if they don't match then it has been veneered


What is a solid? (please answer this, i really need to know!)?

Of course, Wikipedia has a short answer: But the term solid can mean so much more : .

For example, particle board is a solid but it is not solid wood: .

But to really understand a solid, you need to know about the phases that matter exists in, see this link: .


what does "Solid Top" in guitar mean?

First, there are hollow body and solid body electric guitars. Hollow bodies have a different sound because of the space inside. Among hollow body instruments, some will have holes in them to make the sound even different. In electrics, the holes are in the shape of a fancy "F" shape. The solid top has no holes.

None of these are better. Just that each type makes a different sound.


solid wood furniture,where to buy solid wood furniture?

well, why not try this solid wood furniture store: solid wood living room furniture: solid wood dining room furniture: solid wood bedroom furniture: solid wood study room furniture: this furniture prodcuts are so popular and with high quality,best service in China.


How much do i charge?

If you are buying the material the going price for wood picket fence. Not solid wood fence. Is $12 per foot. That includes everything. If it is a solid wood cedar fence $15 per foot. If you are just doing the work either charge per hour what you think is reasonable, or the going rate is around $3.

50 per foot. Sounds like fun. Wished I was there to help. I like putting up fence.


Fixing a burn in wood?

Admit to the burn. It will not be possible to fully hide it. Is the problem only the burn, or what you did that caused it, such as smoking?

If solid wood, the burn could be sanded out and refinished, but will leave a dent.

Filling the hole with putty or inlaid wood will be smooth, but visible, and you will still need to refinish that area.

Good luck.


What is a good wood for an Acoustic guitar?

I would try to check out guitars with solid cedar tops. From what I can find, this might give a more similar sound to bunya than spruce does.

I'm not familiar with the artist you mention, but his tone is going to depend on technique as well as the equipment used for recording and playback. Size, shape, and bracing of the guitar are also important - it's not just the wood.


Does a Ibanez PF25WC PF Series Acoustic Guitar have a solid wood top?

They don't typically advertise "plywood", so unless it explicitly says "solid" it's probably not. Martin, of course, uses HPL backs and sides on their cheaper guitars (but it's actually plywood). It's all pretty deceptive advertising. These PF series from Ibanez advertise Mahogany back and sides, and spruce top, but they never use the word "solid", and they're definitely not


how do you reboarder a wall in your house?

'Go to a home supply and purchase what they call base board at least as high as the old one so you don't have to sand and repaint the part exposed if you choose a narrower base board. Your choice? very carefully remove the old one without damaging the wall as you do you will see the nails they used get the same type nail and replace


Milk is to Cheese as Wood is to: A. pencil B. desk C. pole D. paper?

presently mine has been going decrease back and forth between 16-17%...yet i trust it truly is on sluggish downward vogue because some months in the past it grow to be round 19-20%...with assistance from the appropriate of the three hundred and sixty 5 days i wish to be at a million-2%. even as it is going to a adverse type, which will be my clue to flow on


solid wood door:which company is best?

Haiston is a very professional manufacturer in sold wood doors .Haiston company was established in 2000, specialized in all kinds of doors, specially in solid wood doors. After ten years foreign trading , Haiston has established a long-term network of marketing in the world, has built 4 sales agent in some country , especially focus on Dubai as the center of middle east market.

On alibaba: www.haizhitong.en.alibaba.com

Haiston official website www.haiston.com


A solid block of wood floats in a bucket of water.?

The question infers that the block is already displacing its own weight of water, as it is floating.

If you then push down with a force equal to 1/2 its weight to immerse it, it is displacing 1.5 times its own weight of water. That's 3 x half its weight total.

So originally it was floating with 2/3 of ots volume underwater. Its average density, therefore, is 2/3 the density of water, 0.66g/cc., or 666.66kg/m^3.


What is a solid top acoustic guitar? and what is the difference?

Solid means all wood. It is two solid pieces of wood, spruce, mahogany, cedar or other types of sound wood, glued together along the middle of the top

The other type is laminated. This is thinner layers of wood (veneer) which is glued/sandwiched to create one piece.

The acoustic properties are better in the all wood/solid tops. The top is the most important part as far as sound goes in an acoustic guitar.


How does dry ice affect solids like wood,metal,plastic,etc?

Define "affect" - it's cold, about -40C or something, you could look it up.

So some materials will be more affected by the cold than others.

And CO2 is a weakly acidic gas, that's why the bubbles from your Coke make the back of your nose tingle briefly.

That's it. Or at least all I can think of. Look for CO2 on YouTube, there's a few odd bits.


Would a wood bookshelf have any pest on them?

Bookshelves, like all wooden furniture, can have bed bugs hiding in them. You have to question why someone would throw out a perfectly good bookshelf. Spraying alcohol would be safer than bleach.

If you have a garage, I'd recommend quarantining it. Wrap it in plastic with a Nuvan strip for a month. That will kill any bed bugs (and likely anything else) and won't harm the wood.


Wood is 100% solid when still but we can see through it when spinning, why?

You are not seeing through the popsicle stick, you are seeing past it. Hold a pencil vertically a foot from your face. Close one eye, then the other. The pencil seems to move back and forth with respect to the background. Another experiment. Hold the pencil a foot from your face and focus your eyes on it. It appears solid. Now focus on the background, You can see"through" the pencil. This is called parallax

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