Who Owns the St. Louis Blues?

Who owns the St. Louis Blues?

Who Owns the St. Louis Blues? 1

Tom Stillman is the majority owner.From today's St. Louis-Post Dispatch (part of a longer article) ".... But ownership instability became a recurring theme. Sid Salomon Jr. was an awesome expansion owner, but his son Sid Salomon III let things slide. Ralston Purina picked up the pieces, but eventually shut down the franchise after the NHL blocked its sale to Saskatoon investors.Harry Ornest swooped in, slashed costs and unleashed the family dog in the bowels of The Arena. Mike Shanahan's group rescued the team and spent record-setting dollars to add star power to the franchise. But in time those money guys fired Shanahan, then bailed themselves. Bill and Nancy Laurie came along, lost millions and bailed. The Dave Checketts group came along, ran out of money and bailed. Finally, Tom Stillman brought stability. "Mr. Stillman said, 'Here, get us a winner, whatever it costs, whatever we have to spend to get it,'" Plager said. "We've done that."...."Who owns the St. Louis Blues?

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What is there to do for fun in St. Louis?

We have a free history museum in Forest Park that's very good. During the summer St Louis has lots of free concerts on the riverfront and in the parks. Check out the local free paper the riverfront times on their web site. rft.com We also have the Muny opera, the Pagent and Fox Theaters and other music acts coming into the Verizon Amphitheater etc. We have lots of local bars on the landing, in Soulard, in the Grove, on Washington Ave that also have music. There are riverboats below the Arch. We have quite a few local casinos too that also have bars with music. I do not know what kind of food that you like but many of my favorite restaurants are on the Hill, South Grand, Soulard, Lafayette Square, the Central West End and University City Loop. We've got lots of fun things to do here that are low cost or free: zoo, art museum, history museum, science center, city museum, grants farm, Arch, brewery tour and many more.

Who Owns the St. Louis Blues? 2

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What are your Top 5 St. Louis, MO Attractions?

In no particular order: The Arch and museum (go early, the lines are ridiculous!) History Museum and Forest Park Casinos (President's Casino near the Arch or Harrah's) Union Station Busch brewery (I've never done that but if they give out free samples like they did at the Heineken factoy in Amsterdam) it will be worth it!

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What is in The St. Louis Blues's Future???

I think the Blues are on the right track. The hiring of John Davidson as GM last summer will ensure intelligent drafting and development of young players with which to build the franchise's future. He's already made several good trades dealing away veteran players who are past their prime for draft picks and younger players. In addition, the hiring of Andy Murray to replace Mike Kitchen behind the bench further demonstrates JD's commitment to developing young talent. Murray is a teaching coach and this bodes well for the team's future. So be patient and hang in there. Things are definitely looking up in St. Louis... but it might take a couple more years to produce a winner.

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How much are St. Louis cardinals season tickets typically?

this is not a travel question ask in baseball check their web site call them

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Honest question - Why are St. Louis residents protesting the not guilty verdict of former St. Louis Police officer Jason Stockley?

It's all about race. The liberals do not give a crap about facts when they can have a martyr

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What is the best area to live in St. Louis?

Creve Coeur is a very nice area

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Price of a navel piercing at ALLSTAR (in st. louis)?

Mine rate 20, have no idea what that's in $. Btw I endorse paying the additional to get a titanium bar over stainless-steel, it's so much greater to your frame and no more more likely to rationale a response. It normally fees approximately five-10 greater than metal.

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Who is better Atlanta or St. Louis?

World Series champions. Or the team the did not even hit .500. I would have to say St. Louis

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What do people think of St. Louis?

Most people have a bad idea of what St. Louis is like. They have the idea that it is really bad with muggings, etc., mostly from bad reviews, but actually it is not that bad. We have a lot of of attractions such as the St. Louis Arch, Baseball Stadium, Laclede's Landing, etc, which is well patrolled for visitors. There are some areas of St. Louis, such as North City that you do not want to wander into to, but for the most part, The areas where The Muny, St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, Opera, Soulard Farmers Market, City Museum and all other attractions are, the foot traffic is well patrolled. The above mentioned is all in the city, where the bad reviews are coming from. It all depends on where you are in St. Louis and the people you come across on how they act

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