Which Field of Smart Home Develops Best

In today's smart home market, there are a wide range of products such as smart speakers, smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart rice cookers, smart door locks, smart smoke detectors and so on. Buying smart home products has also become a new trend.

The emergence of smart home products and multi-channel sales undoubtedly provide consumers with more diversified and broader space to buy home products. Compared with ordinary furniture, smart home products have achieved many improvements in appearance design and built-in functions. Some smart home products have become good partners for many users to travel at home because of their convenient carrying and simple operation.

As a kind of smart home products, smart appliances occupy an important position. In the final analysis, smart home appliance is an ecosystem that takes the residence as the platform and connects various devices in the home through the Internet of things technology, so as to realize intelligence. Based on Internet of things, WiFi and other technologies, smart appliances can be interconnected with intelligent lighting control, intelligent electrical control, security monitoring system, intelligent background music, intelligent video sharing, home theater system, etc., so as to better meet the owner's audio-visual entertainment, home office and other needs.

Different from the smart household electrical appliance industry, the development of smart small household electrical appliance industry can be said to be very rapid, with more diversified products and smaller appearance. The characteristics of simple operation and low power consumption of smart small household appliances make them quickly stand firm in the market. A number of smart small household appliance enterprises rise rapidly and speed up the development of new smart small household appliances.

On the whole, domestic small household appliances can be roughly divided into small kitchen appliances such as soybean milk machine, electric cake pan and electric rice cooker; Air humidifier, intelligent breathing table lamp, intelligent robot and other small household appliances; And personal care small appliances such as razor, electric toothbrush and facial cleanser. At present, intelligent rice cookers, intelligent hot water kettles, intelligent dishwashers, intelligent air conditioners, intelligent fans and other products on the market are particularly popular with consumers.

The accelerated arrival of 5g era also creates more possibilities for the development of intelligent small household appliance industry. 5g technology accelerates the commercialization and provides strong technical support for the release of the functions of smart home products. For example, 8K TV is difficult to run smoothly under the condition of 4G network. With the support of 5g network, the stability, transmission quality and transmission speed of data download have been further improved. At the same time, 5g makes 8K smart TV video programs play more smoothly and viewers have a better viewing experience.

As another important place besides the workplace, home carries consumers' experience and expectation of high-quality living standards. In terms of smart home products, consumers not only hope to flexibly select products according to their actual needs, but also hope to realize barrier free interconnection between products of different brands, so as to experience the real integrated life of smart home. This requires smart home manufacturers to adopt multi protocol industry general standards to realize seamless connection between different products.

Recently, strategy analytics, a market research organization, released the Research Report "2019 global smart home market". According to the report, by 2019, consumers' spending on smart home related hardware, services and installation costs will reach US $103 billion, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11% to US $157 billion in 2023.

The report also predicts that the sales volume of equipment will exceed 880 million units in 2019; Equipment expenditure is US $55 billion, accounting for 54% of the total expenditure, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to US $81 billion in 2023. In addition, some analysts believe that with the deepening of people's understanding of smart home solutions, some consumers who have not purchased smart home products will try to buy smart small household appliances, which will also contribute to the wide popularization of smart home products in the Chinese market.

With the rapid development of market economy, drastic changes in consumer demand, and the universal application of Internet of things, cloud computing, mechatronics and smart home appliance technology, smart small home appliances will usher in new growth opportunities in the new era. Intelligent dishwasher, intelligent hot kettle, intelligent temperature control desk lamp and other products are also expected to enter thousands of households.

Source: Security Exhibition Network

Which Field of Smart Home Develops Best 1

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