Where Can I Find a LED Strip That Has All Ranges of Colors with a Control Box and Remote?

Hi Try Ebay. Regards John

1. RGB Led strip connecting to pc.?

Hi Yes that should work but if it does not then try the reverse ie ground to the ground connection and 12V to the color.

2. Can you connect multiple LED strip to one of their ends, or multiple to one power supply but you have an extension cord to one, or do you need more watts?

Yes. Maybe. It depends on factors you have not described

3. ATTiny45, LED strip, MOSFET, touch interface, but Vcc drops and tiny resets

I've solved the problem by putting a 100nF capacitor (the only one I had here, but with the xoscope it seemed to work very well) between the gate of the mosfet and ground. It seems that this way I've provided a low impedance path to the high frequencies of the spike when turning off the gate driving. Maybe the manual wiring to ground had a higher impedance than if it has the ground layer as it was supposed to have.Thank you all for your time. ale

4. Speaker not producing the right sound after a led strip was introduced

The tone() command is interrupt driven.To get the tight timing needed by the LED strips interrupts are disabled while sending the data.That means the tone() command stops while you are updating the LED strips and starts again afterwards.The end result will be the sound is corrupted - maybe sounding like it's bubbly or underwater or just "rough". The two basically can not work together and I am not sure what to suggest to make them work together on a low-end MCU like the AVR

5. How do you properly test an LED strip?

Use a battery or transforma of the same volts needed. - to - and to

6. How many amps does a 12v LED strip draw?


7. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?

As far as I understand the DAT (Green wire) is a digital data wire. Try the following: 1. VCC to 5V pin 2. GND to GND pin 3. DAT to 2 Digital pin.Then try to change the state of the 2 digital pin from high to low and see if anything happens... That's what I would start out with.

8. LED strip, one wire is red other is black, which one should I connect to ve & which one to -ve terminal ?

red is positive and black is negative

9. Wiring 12V LED Strip to plug into an outlet?

A common 12V DC wall-wart power supply (AC adapter) would be very easy to use, and relatively cheap. I've picked up a number of them at thrift stores, estate sales, and elsewhere for as little as 25 cents each. I've never paid more than $3 for a used one. New ones normally cost between $7 and $20.

10. Hi, I would like to know what are the consequences if I use a weaker power supply on a led strip, other than have weaker light.?

It will depend on what you mean by 'weaker power supply'. For example, for this discussion let's assume the LED strip is rated for 12V DC and draws 1A. If you were to feed it with a power supply that is only 10 volts, and say 800 mA, then the LEDs will be a lot dimmer and with this reduced voltage most likely draw way less than the rated 1A. Perhaps only 200mA. That's not a problem for this power supply at all, so you just end up with low brightness. On the other hand, if you were to connect it to, say, a cheap traditional wall wart that is rated at 12V DC but only for 300mA, then the brightness will still be limited due to poor current capability, but also the poor thing will be severely overloaded and most likely overheat. Often these things have an over-temperature fuse built into the windings (or rather, between the layers of plastic tape that's covering the windings) These will usually melt to prevent the thing from catching fire, say when it reaches 85 degrees Celcius. In such case, it has self-destructed. It will no longer draw/supply power. If it does not have an integrated thermal fuse, there will be a much greater fire risk. More modern, switch mode type of wall warts may have better current limiting protection circuitry, in which case they probably do not overheat much. Still, it's never a good idea to use one that cannot deliver the required current capability (amperage).

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