What Would a Dragon Have to Exhale to Cause Rain?

Just a thought: do you allow semi-magic? If a dragon can belch out a large thermonuclear device, that explosion will definitely produce rain. You did say "do not worry about how a dragon produces chemicals..." but unless you are going to present dragons as having supernatural-chemical-lab powers, that is not going to happen either.

What Would a Dragon Have to Exhale to Cause Rain? 1

1. How would a self-propagating explosion like in the 1994 Independence day work?

[Disclaimer: Probably not very well thought out] Antimatter. Use spectrographic analysis (can be done from a distance) to determine the most common building components in the target area, and create a beam of antiparticles that directly oppose those common particles. I am not a materials science expert, but I am certain there can be certain elements that appear in large quantities in the buildings we use, but not in the air around them. As I understand it, antiparticles react only to their opposites, not other, unrelated particles. Now, rebar is in almost everything we build in modern day. Rebar is primarily iron, and there's very little iron in the atmosphere around the city. So anti-iron would not react to the air, and as the initial shockwave from the first exploding building sent the remaining anti-iron out, it would continue to react at ground level. It will not continue to make more, so the initial beam had to contain all of the anti-iron intended for the target city

2. In the Chernobyl series, there is a scene where radioactive lava would cause an explosion of megatons if it touched water tanks. Why don't they do this in nuclear fusion reactors to get more energy?

You are badly confused on the subject of nuclear energy, reactors, etc. I suggest you do some reading at the library. A nuclear reactor can not explode like a nuclear bomb. "Lava" produced by a melt-down of a fission reactor can not either. And none of this has anything at all to do with nuclear fusion. If you are interested, get thee to the library.

What Would a Dragon Have to Exhale to Cause Rain? 2

3. What is the story on the explosion in texas?

According to the news this morning there was a fire in a house next door to the factory which then spread . Some of the ingredients of fertiliser are highly flammable and explosive, so the factory went boom when certain chemicals got hot. Just an accident, nothing to do with Boston or anything else.

4. How is uranium created in a supernova explosion?

Current thinking is that most uranium, along with other heavy metals, was formed in neutron star mergers rather than supernovae. The link is to a paper on how rapid neutron capture creates these elements during the mergers

5. Why do 'christian' questions so often misconstrue the 'big bang' as an explosion?

Come on, they misconstrue evolution, climate change and anything having to do with atheism as well

6. Atheists, how do you explain that sudden explosion of light and matter that created you and the universe?

Just stop, you wont convert us

7. If it's possible, how would one survive a direct nuclear explosion?

'They' actually built and tested dome-shaped structures at the Nevada Test Site in the mid-1950s. Some of them survived a would irect' hit from an nuke 1000' overhead. That was quite an accomplishment for a structure on the surface (not underground). The walls were steel reinforced concrete and were many feet thick. The structure survived, but the 'occupants' (test dummies and instruments) still ended up with a huge dose of gamma and neutrons, so I would not advise this method. One of these structures several dozen feet underground would probably be your best-bet. .

8. If Time and Space came into being with the Big Bang, what existed before the explosion and where did it exist?

The ultimate question. The real answer is nobody knows where the universe was before it began, how it got there, or what it is expanding into. Surely if the universe has an edge, there must be something beyond that. Ow, my brain hurts now.

9. *Survey* Are you having a crotch explosion overload today?

Am I ever!

10. How do I make sense of the javascript frameworks explosion ? Should I learn them all? [closed]

Especially with Javascript, I think it is most important to learn the language itself. If you really learn Javascript and understand its wackier corners, then picking up a framework will be cake, and you will really be able to appreciate all the work the framework is doing for you. More importantly, you will be able to use native Javascript calls in situations where it's either more efficient or where the framework is doing something you do not want it to. Also, try and pick frameworks to learn that make the most sense for what you are doing. For example if you are doing vector graphics, learn about Raphael. And, this is something I myself do not do enough of, do not just learn the frameworks, peek inside them. The great thing about Javascript is that the source code is right in front of your face. Most (all?) frameworks make their source code available in non-compressed form. Look at the source. This will teach you about practical and hopefully good Javascript, and you will be able to apply this knowledge to whatever framework you use. Finally, you will often find necessity dictating the frameworks you learn. If you know jQuery, but you are brought into a mature project that uses Mootools, you would better choose to learn Mootools

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