What Were Some Events That Led to an Increase in Diversity in America?

Race - Slave trade 1500 - 1700 Class - Emancipation Proclamation -1865 Ethnicity - Great Potato Famine in Ireland Late 1800 Population increases - Refugees immigrating from Europe WWI and WWII 1915 and 1946 Gender - Decline of males to females due to deaths during Civil War, WWI and WWII Korean War and Vietnam.

1. What led to the downfall of the actor Simbu in Tamil cinema?

To be frank he has a very big mouth and he acts great only in movies directed by him. He does not perform very well in movies of other directors, he thought he can change his physique like Christian Bale and Chiyan Vikram, but he's not a person capable of such dedication which made him gain lot of weight

2. What were Hitler aggressive actions that led to WW2?

his concentration camps and the mass killing of the jews

3. Is it illegal to have Blue Led Lights in the grill of the car in utah?

i dont think it is legal not because it is a destruction because look at semi truck but blue is for emergency vehicles only use orange green exc but i am not 100% sure of the laws in utah but i know blue and red is off limits unless parked

4. The events that led to the murder of Thomas Becket?

Originally, Beckett was loyal to King Henry II and supported his policies. In return, when the post of Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest ranking clerical position in the kingdom, became vacant,Henry appointed Beckett. Whether he simply took his new job very seriously, or his new power went to his head, or for some other reason, Beckett and King Henry came increasingly into conflict, mainly over Henry's efforts (typical of the Norman and Plantagenet kings) to limit the power of the Church within the realm as a means to increased royal authority. Beckett was forced into exile in France, where he lived for a number of years. Eventually Henry managed to coax him back. Almost immediately upon his return, however, Beckett was up to his old tricks. Finally, on 29 December 1170, Beckett was assasinated in his bedroom by four knights, on Henry's indirect order. The line most often quoted has Henry saying "Who will rid meof this turbulent priest?"

5. What led to an aggressive Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union?

Russia inherited the Soviet Union. History is a continuity. The same people who ran the Soviet Union were still running Russia (Putin is ex KGB), and they all saw te collapse of the Soviet union as a defeat and the natural reaction would be to try to recuperate what was lost on terms of power and influence of their country ok the international scene . The other option would be a total collapse if the Russian nation

6. WHO led England to defeat the Spanish Armada?

Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham (previously 2nd Baron Howard of Effingham) was named Lord High Admiral of the English Navy in 1585. In 1587, he was named as commander-in-chief of the English fleet against the Spanish Armada although he did not directly take charge of the fighting. Effingham ordered an indirect strategy of harassing the Spanish fleet rather than attacking them directly. While controversial, the strategy succeeded (helped a little by some awesome weather that scattered the Spanish ships)

7. has science led us too believing god?

It is hard for me to believe that existence is just a coincidence. And there are too many inexplicable things on this earth. If you look at science, everything comes from another thing and where does all that lead to? God. Some things are just not made for humans to figue out. As it says in the bible "I am thebeginning, i am the end"

8. what are some of the evens that led to the development of constitutional monarchy in england?

We are not here to do your homework for you. If you do not do it, you are not learning anything. And, anyway, this is not a royalty question, this is history. Asking us to spoonfeed you the information you were assigned to research is cheating, you know.

9. What has led riots at BHU recently?

You can read it here. Someone anonymous's answer to What exactly happened on 9th of April in BHU with respect to fight between the law faculty and IIT?Recently, what has led to riots at IIT(BHU)?

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