What Are the Signs That Someone Is a Low Key Genius?

Subtle one-liners.Because of where I live I get to meet a lot of super-smart people. Amongst the set of patients I regularly see I can count two professors of physics, a professor of neuroscience, a couple of applied mathematicians, a handful of medical colleagues and a small set of barristers - and thats just the people who spent years at universities. There are also a few entrepreneurs and media magicians I enjoy talking to. Its a peculiarity of the postcode.

Anyway, I take low key to mean someone who is not self-promoting and not deliberately demonstrative of their intelligence. Greg Burns immediately comes to mind.Now, I find that amongst the very bright bunch I get to shoot the breeze with many have a tendency to condense whole conversations or complex concepts into funny little phrases - jokes that contain the essences of quite large amounts of information. Also, the profundity of these pithy little pronunciations is often only evident to me later.

For an example of the sort of thing I mean, see the following xkcd strip. I imagine Randall Munroe is full of fun like this:Unfortunately, I also worry that the lives of some of these people must be much more frustrating than mine. After all, a data scientist once presented me with the following clip as an explanation of what his professional life was like. At least after that point I was able to ask him how he was going with the Red Line Project :)

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Is Jimmy Page overrated as a guitarist?

It depends on the criteria you are using to judge.If youre judging on the basis of technical chops then you'll easily find technically better guitar players sat in almost any guitar shop in the world. On that basis, he is definitely overrated.

In my opinion what sets him apart as a guitarist is:A unique timing and feel that has proven to be almost inimitable over the years. His playing style is instantly recognisable and distinctive, melding the best of his influences such as Buddy Guy, the early rock n roll guitarists and others into his own unique signature.The way his playing fits into his wider compositional skills demonstrated in Zeppelin, some of the best (and most popular) rock music ever created.

Against this, you can balance the following negatives:Even if were not using technical precision as a primary criteria, Pages playing at times has drifted into unquestionably ragged territory, particularly his live performances in the late 70s and early 80sArguably unsavoury practices in terms of the authorship of some of Zeppelins compositions, e.g. Subsequent writing credits being given to Willie Dixon and Jake Holmes on, respectively, Whole Lotta Love and Dazed & ConfusedViewed objectively, his output for at least the last 30 years has been sporadic and arguably of inconsistent quality.That said, in my opinion none of these factors undermine the positive qualities comprehensively enough. Listen to Jimmy Page at the height of his powers, for example the Stairway to heaven solo or his performance on In My Time Of Dying and it is obvious that he is one of the all time greats, and in no way overrated


As an atheist who was born and raised in a religion, what is the hardest to swallow of your former beliefs?

Actually Im a pretty simpe guy. The way my family raised me it was like literal belief in Christianity. If the bible said it happened then it supposedly happened. And this was the fault of religion that basically created the crack that eventually turned into the flood that overcame the damn.

Everybody told me God was supposed to be omniscient (knows everything), omnipotent (able to do anything), and omnipresent (present everywhere) including the bible. So basically gods perfect.I actually believed this until I was around the age of 16 and heard about the fact that wives are supposed to obey there husbands (Ephesians 5:2224) and I thought always??? Like she cant say no ever??? Cause youre not supposed to say no to god, and theyre supposed to obey their husband like the husband obeys god. I was a big equality teenager/person so that was basically the crack in the damn that started it. Then I started finding alot of contradictions in the bible. In one verse theyd say one thing and then in another verse theyd say the exact opposite.And then the straw that broke the camels back was when I decided I was going to go back and read the entire bible as opposed to all those verses Pastor told us to study every week. I made it to Genesis 1:26 Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."Who the fuck is Us, Our, Our????? At that point I knew it was man made and everything else just went out the window. Damn broken.So nothing is hard to swallow. Religions man made. Therefore I Atheist


Why do smart people make poor decisions?

Amazing question as it can be answered many ways.To be able to know the reasons of people making poor decisions is a predictive analysis. Let us start with a description first with some guess, a hypothesis.

We all have a personal, subjective, and often biased view on what is smart and what is poor.Why is the hardest question of them all.Decision by the definition is cutting out of particular action of our habits to improve in the long run.For example, let us say someone smart, like you, decided to be better and ended up in an embarassing situation like try saving another persons life and risk your own which can be seen as a poor decision to be better. Is that embarassing situation itself enough go say that the decision was poor?From my humble perspective, it is a matter of situation, conversation, feedback rather than criticism, and simply appreciating people trying their best or worst to discover themselves with help of these decisions.People learn and it is getting bad choices with good ones as a part of our experience. Like ying and yang, there is black and white, good and bad, man and woman, question and answer, smart and dumb, rich and poor.

And there is also everything in between this and that. Like question why does everyone make bad decisions? and is there ever a bad question to ask on Quora and any other place?.I bet if you ask the person they will tell you amazing details about how that particular poor decision plays out in their untold stories of their lifes. And I encourage you to do your research, too.I hope this helps, thanks for asking


Can Prophet Muhammad be compared with people like Buddha or Jesus?

Muhammad was an Arab military ruler of his time. He was appointed as God's messenger when he was in his middle age. In his younger days he was known as Trustworthy merchant and an orphan who despised idolatry. When he meditated in a cave God revealed Quran to him. After becoming prophet he became the most powerful person of Arabia. His military career was surely most influential among all legends of his time. I am sure the world leaders of that time knew about a man of Arabia who in short time become the iconic figure of whole Arabian peninsula. I guess even Chinese leaders heard about him during his time.Jesus and Buddha were ancient religious figures whose actions are not well documented in history but Muhammads biography is explicitly mentioned in Hadiths and sirats. Even though not all hadiths are reliable but no other religious figure has such huge biographical references except Muhammad.He was more of an Arab superhero than just an Arab leader. His life was exemplary for an entire race Arab and an entire religious community Muslims.

The difference between Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad was how they preached their religion. Muhammad claimed he was just preaching same message Jesus used to preach during his time. So you can compare Jesus and Muhammad but Buddha was entirely different from him. Buddha was not sure whether there was a God. He was searching the truth and never really got an answer. So he emphasied on earthy life than afterlife. He was arguably atheist. Muhammad was firm believer of one God Allah. He already got his all queries about life and afterlife from Allah unlike in Buddha's case


Why is Jimmy Carter considered to have been a bad president?

Heres a list of conflicts involving Egypt and Israel before 1976.194749 - Israel War of Independence195070 - Reprisal operations where Egyptian and other Arab troops would infiltrate Israel1956 - Suez Crisis (that one nearly started World War III between the U.S. and ENGLAND!)1967 - Six Day War196770 - War of attrition1973 - Yom Kippur WarAt this point, Israel is in possession of the entire Sinai Peninsula and has closed down the Suez Canal.

Heres the list of conflicts involving Egypt and Israel after 1976No, thats it.What happened?JIMMY F*CK*NG CARTER HAPPENED!In 1978, Carter invited the heads of government of Egypt and Israel to Camp David to attempt to resolve the issue of the Sinai.At the end of that meetingIsrael agreed to withdraw its troops from the SinaiEgypt agreed to demilitarize the Sinai, sending troops no further east than the Suez CanalBoth sides agreed to the re-opening of the canal.

Was this popular in Egypt or Israel? It was not. The Egyptian president Sadat was assassinated by members of his own military three years later. Israeli prime minister Begin lost a good chunk of his own party over the matter.

But its been 41 years now. Israel has not sent soldiers into the Sinai since. Neither has Israel.Lets see - first 29 years of Israels existence, about 27 of them were marked by conflict between Israel and Egypt. None of the following 41 were.And Carter didnt even get any credit for it until 2002 when he won the Nobel Peace Prize for pulling off the toughest negotiation in history.


Which one is the better song: "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles or "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin?

While my default answer to almost any question is usually "The Beatles" I'm actually going to go with Stairway on this one. I love A Day In the Life, but part of the reason that I do is because it's the perfect closer to a great album. Taken out of context it's not quite as good.

Both songs have real power but there's no doubt Paul's "Woke up, got out of bed" section benefits from John's contributions on either side. It' works at a counterpoint but on it's own it's just another disposable Paul ditty that nobody would get to excited about. Stairway on the other hand builds constantly.

The other thing that makes me give Stairway the nod is the fact that there's so much more open talent on display. A Day in Life has studio innovation and while getting an orchestra to build gradually to a crescendo and playing four pianos three times creates a great effect, it's still just an effect. Stairway has a guitar solo that is just brilliant. It really is one of the best collection of notes ever squeezed out of a six string. Nobody in the Beatles could have pulled that off. Robert Plant's vocals are also damn impressive. Hell that guy could sing and Stairway gives him a chance to show off his full range. I'd take both songs over most other things going but if I had to choose one over the other I'd pick Stairway, if only because I love anticipating how damn perfect that solo is

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