What Are the Must Do/must See/must Eat Things in New York?

Quintessential places to eat in New York would have to include Pizza, Chinese Food, Italian food, Bagels and smoked fish and a high end restaurant or two. Here's what i recommend: Pizza- Tottonno's - 2d ave & 80th st. Some others like Lombardi's on Spring street or John's on Bleecker. You can try them, but Tottono's is the best. Chinese- Chinatown-south side of canal street, Mott st. Pick a place. Italian- North side of Canal, Mulberry street. I like Luna's Bagels and smoked fish- Barney's Greengrass on amsterdam and about 89th street High End Restaurant- Chanterelle, in Tribeca. Very expensive. Other interesting places include Bolo (Mario Batali's place) Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's Restaurant) and Union Square Cafe. All of the places listed from the high end line down require reservations that may be hard to get. Avoid tourist type places like the Hard Rock, ESPN Zone, etc. Usually the food is very ordinary and over priced. Oh yeah, do not forget street food. These guys sell all kind of things for a couple of dollars. I've never seen any over five. Choose wisely!

What Are the Must Do/must See/must Eat Things in New York? 1

1. How safe is the street food in Taiwan?

Hey! I'm Taiwanese so I think it's fair for me to answer this question.So, mostly they are safe. Depends on how clean the stand is. As for the food itself I don't think you should be too worried cause nowadays it's WAY cleaner than it was before when I'm still a child. And back then it wasn't that bad either. Here're my personal suggestions, bring your own stomach meds if you have an extremely sensitive stomach and enjoy the amazingly delicious street foods in Taiwan! I'm sure you'll be amazed.My personal favorite:uff08tofu pudding/bean curd)-basically soy bean pudding served with all kinds of sweat toppings such as bobas and soft peanuts. The texture is similar to creme brle but even better ;)uff08stinky tofu)-there're fried ones and the ones with soup. TRY BOTH!!uff08popcorn chicken&fried EVERYTHING)-this is basically the most popular soul food for Taiwanese people and it comes with about 50 ingredients that includes vegetables, sausages, tempuras and all kinds of things you might not seen before in your country.)Hope you can try all the stuff you like during your stay. Enjoy! And hope this helps :)How safe is the street food in Taiwan?.

2. Do you eat street food in the Philippines? Yes or No.?

National Geographic Street Food

What Are the Must Do/must See/must Eat Things in New York? 2

3. What is Istanbul's best street food?

Without a doubt hamsi. Black Sea whitebait, cooked on board the boat and served up in half a baguette at the quayside before they're even landed. The guys tie up, send the lad for bread, flash up a simple cooker, fry the fish and hand the sandwich up to those waiting on the embankment.What are some of your favorite street foods that you enjoy eating in Istanbul?.

4. Hw come there r no street food in Saudi?

we have small little restaurants on all the main roads selling street food.. we dont have people standing out on the street with a cart selling stuff.. its just too darned hot here, and there is such a thing as hygeine.. the food would spoil in this heat,, .. so its kept inside with the a/c going 24/7..... also cats are all over the place here.. so there used to be a problem with cats crawling all over those little carts and kiosks.. so the govt cracked down on them and shut them down.. but when a holiday comes like Eid.. you will see the carts out in parks and at the beach..

5. Where are some nice places to go when I go to Japan? Which areas are safe? Good hotels?

The whole country is one of the safest, esp for tourists. It's a big place though, about the size of California. I liked Tokyo a lot and went to see Ueno Park zoo which is nice if you like ducks. Akihabara is the tech town in Tokyo and you can get stuff that is four or five years ahead what is in the US now. Kyoto has great castles esp Nijo-Jo which means two castles. Hotels can be very pricey. I stayed mostly in youth hostels which are clean but bunk beds for about $30-50 a night. Then there are Ryokan bed and breakfasts that are not bad but can be a little less confortable. The good thing about hostels is you can meet other tourists who know their way around. You may have to apply for a hostel membership online, but it's a good deal if travel is your goal and not a fancy $300/night hotel. For food be sure to have Tempura Soba, which is buckwheat noodles with a big piece of tempura shrimp or veg on top. The good shops do not have stools. My favortie was near Shinjuku station in Tokyo, but I can not tell you how to get there. I lived on the stuff. There are plenty of American franchises there too if you do not mind eating fast food. In general there is a lot of street food and it is marketed to drinkers at night. Good stuff. Asahi super dry beer is good. Kyoto and Tokyo are the big tourist areas. Kyoto has English recordings on all the buses. Himeji Castle is great but out of the way. Look for festivals to go to. Onsens are hot springs but sometimes will not welcome foreigners. They can be kind of like clubs. The only danger are some "hostess" bars which may have a big cover and they do not tell you when you come in. It can be on a sign in Japanese, but you wo not be able to read it. Those are mostly in the Ginza district in Tokyo. I never had any trouble but I've heard stories about $100 covers and then $20 drinks.

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