Unitone Tapped to Fit Security Systems.

Leviev Boymelgreen Developers, The Brodsky Organization and Gotham Construction Company have chosen Unitone Communication Systems, Inc. for advanced security and communications systems in Manhattan multi-family residential projects totaling more than 600 units, reports Rick Delfosse, senior project manager of Unitone. The installations of Unitone systems are nearing completion at Leviev Boymelgreen Developers' 15 Broad Street, which will have 387 units; The Brodsky Organization's 4 West 21st Street, a luxury condominium with 56 units; and Gotham Construction Company's 68 Bradhurst Avenue, with 183 units. "Developers and agents realize that now, more than ever, it is essential to provide residents with the most superior protection and communication available," says Mr. Delfosse. "With advanced security features, 24/7 communications and lifestyle enhancing options, Unitone meets their demands and exceeds their expectations." Unitone's security systems are installed in buildings with and without doormen. For those without doormen, the apartment units provide automatic video surveillance from a flat-screen color LCD video monitor, including coverage from at least two camera angles. That way, when visitors enter a building, residents can see if anyone has followed them into the lobby. Unitone's more sophisticated systems for doormen buildings have an array of features that make high-rise communication more efficient for residents and staff alike. Some of these features include building-wide audio announcements in case of emergencies; remote management and messaging capabilities; on-screen messages for package delivery or maintenance alerts; and taxi/garage request for convenient transportation arrangement. Unitone's medical alert can immediately pull up a resident's medical information, such as medication needs and the doctor's name. Personal intrusion alarms have a feature called emergency duress, which allow residents to alert the doorman without the intruder's knowledge by intentionally entering an incorrect security code. The automatic call back feature for the concierge helps the front desk manage many calls at once. Additionally, the system includes integrated card access for easy entree to the gym, garage and storage facilities. The system can also be connected to smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Most insurers provide discounts of up to 20 percent on policies for apartments with Unitone systems. "The essentials are being redefined," says Delfosse. "They now include communication and security benefits that enhance one's life because they make modern apartment living safer and more convenient."

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