The LED Display Technology Industry Is Wonderful, and the Development Advantages of Full-color LED A

Smart home appliances found in the survey that both inorganic LED LCD TV, organic OLED TV and even quantum dot TV actually involve blue light, and the blue light wavelengths in the three display technologies are basically the same. LED TV, that is, LCD TV, which is often contacted, will be accompanied by harmful blue light due to limited technology. However, OLED TV has subversive made technical changes to replace the original bright light beads and use the principle of self illumination to control the divergence of harmful blue light to the greatest extent, which is more healthy for human eyes. LED display has become the mainstream of development in the world, but with the continuous innovation of technology, a new product called full-color LED display is gradually entering people's vision. The huge potential value of full-color LED and the huge advertising benefits caused by it have attracted countless people. For a time, the manufacturers producing full-color LED display screens all over the country have increased sharply and the types are also increasing.

Compared with ordinary LED display, the service life of full-color LED display will be longer, which can reach more than 100000 hours, and the picture quality is clear, which is suitable for playing high-definition film and television works. Although its production cost is relatively high, it will be more cost-effective due to its long service life. Moreover, the adaptability of full-color LED display screen to the environment is far more than that of general LED display screen.

Full color LED display screen has been widely used in enterprises and institutions to play outdoor advertisements. Its high-definition playing image makes people love it. Even in some bad weather, it can work normally. We can foresee that full-color LED display will be a development trend of display in the future, which is worthy of more attention from relevant manufacturers.

The LED Display Technology Industry Is Wonderful, and the Development Advantages of Full-color LED A 1

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