Is My Power Supply Dead?

Your PSU has been fried, you put too much wattage through it. Go for 650w or maybe higher to future proof your system

Is My Power Supply Dead? 1

1. Power supply defect or CPU defect?

It sounds possible. Does the power supply have a wattage stamped on it? Sometimes on older models, they can not keep up. I've found many below what the mobo maker recommended wattage. I always keep a spare on hand, so try one, and if that's not the problem, at least you've got a spare. Do check all connections on mobo.

2. What happens if you get a cheap Power supply?

You should be totally fine. It does not impact the speed of your computer at all. The worst that can happen is the power supply completely exploding (happens sometimes), but with those specs, you should be fine

Is My Power Supply Dead? 2

3. Power supply problem on my laptop?

considering you need to use the pc with the charger plugged in it must be your battery. beyond prevalent time pc batteries slowly die. An occasion would be while i bought a pc and after some years the battery does not value in any respect so i had to purchase a clean one.

4. Help choosing a power supply for my pc?

I think most HP's use HIPRO. They are like 15$ for a 400W. I would get a Antec 400W, or 350W. The only thing you need to make sure you have is the right case factor (ATX ect.), and if you have the right power connectors. Since you said your computer is pretty old, it will probably have all the needed ones.

5. Trying to identify a component in a switching power supply?

Zero ohm resistors (used to do things like connect the analog ground to the digital ground at one specific location, etc.) typically have a single black band around the center, but I've never seen one made of glass! Or possibly it is a pair of anti-parallel diodes in one package? If so, should have never more than 0.6V drop across it in either direction. Other than those 2, I can not think of what it might be... Good Luck - GH, a fellow tech/eng PS - for what it's worth, the vast majority of switcher problems I 've seen over many years is, second, the driver FETs/transistors, and first, particularly in higher-milage supplies, the friggin' transformer. They just wear out, believe it or not, due to temp cycling and 1000V spikes on the switching edges from parasitics, etc.

6. Is a 600w power supply enough for this build?

600 watts is plenty. Just make sure which ever one you buy has all the connectors that you will need. Joe The Old Computer Guy

7. Help with part and/or circuit 3-15V input, 5V output power supply - Boost, buck, SEPIC,?

You might just about be able to get 3V in and 5V 1A out with this: -If you look at the PWM graph on the right, they are implying a 5V output with 2.7 volts in at about 800mA load current. It's close but worth a try I think

8. Is the power supply not strong enough?

to be honest even not know what hardware you added one can pretty much tell that 250W will not be powerful enough for this days use. at least a 450W will get u some where but not everywhere

9. Does this sound like a Power Supply issue?

NO its a common problem, fitting incompatible memory. memory slots are effectively wired together and the memory ARRANGEMENT thats its width and number of chips on each dimm, and their CAS Latency(CL value) all matter. Thus some systems will support double-sided some two rows of chips on the dimms and some 128 bit wide some 64 bit wide. This all means that 2 dimms can work properly if they are the wrong arangement becuase they are using some of the wires reserved for the unused slots(when they shouldnt be using them) but as soon as you fit all four its like shorting a few of the chips connections together is best way i can describe it. that manufacturer(as do others) prints a Qualified Vendor List this shows which dimms from which manufacturers have been tested. Just specifying ddr2 PC2-6400 is not precise enough you also need to specify CL value and memory arrangement and other things so its easier just to get the list and find a supplier with one of the approved parts. here are the links i found for you check your exact Memory dimm part numbers from the list. Corsair memory is in the list, but maybe not the exact same part as you have got. see cpu and memory support for legacy nforce chipsets

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