Is It Possible to Install Another Type of Flooring Over Ceramic Tile?

From an engineer's perspective, it rather is an extremely undesirable theory. you will upload intense weight to the floor joists to boot as risking nails puncturing the tiles which de-stabilizes the floor's eveness. wood and tile are of distinctive density. wood is going to boost and settlement plenty better than tile ever will. because of this distinction, your glue wo not final. it is going to shift with enlargement/contraction and quickly so will your flooring.

1. You like any tips with installing linoleum, vinyl tile, ceramic tile?

Okay, supposing you live in a sub-zero weather area and you just brought a roll of linoleum home to install. Should you use felt paper glued down first as a base? Can you start right in to paste it down to the floor as soon as you arrive home?

2. How can I remove excess grout from very porous ceramic tile?

vinegar and a scrub brush

3. I would like to lay ceramic tile on my wooden floors, would there be a problem ?

You must have a base that does not flex. 4 inches of concrete should be firm enough for interior use; remember to cut the same amount from the bottoms of any doors.

4. I used Ceramic Tile mastic and it didn't set up. Now what?

It is preferred to use a thin set mortar for floors, but in residential use, you can use mastic with tile up to 6x6 on floors. Of you are installing tile in an area that is going to be exposed to water conditions, use a mastic that is water-proof so that it will hold up well. This is very important. If you are applying floor tile in areas not exposed to water you can use a mastic that is not water-proof. Epoxy adhesives are also available but their drying times can be difficult to control

5. What do I need to do to lay ceramic tile floors in a mobile home?

Yes it would you need a backer board you shouldnt lay tile on wood or without support. Get backer board, almost looks like sheet rock, but a gray color with little squares on it, you can find it at home depot or lowes or any local hardware store near you. You also need sheet rock sqrews so you can drill it down, they are usually green, and you will need you tiles of course, a tile saw, grout, and your grouting tools, such as your smother and sponges. OH and lets not forget the thin set to get the tiles to stick. Good luck

6. Can anyone tell me why my kitchen ceramic tile floor is suddenly cracking?

The steam mop is creating too much thermal stress (expansions and contractions)

7. we have a ceramic tile floor with bad stains (grease, oil) any ideas how to clean?

Stuck on grease is usually a sticky goo-ish type substance that is best dealt with by using a soapy kind of cleanser- namely a degreaser along the lines of 409- and a heavy duty nylon scrubbing pad. A warning however: Depending on how heavy the build-up is, it usually requires a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of it. The problem with that is you have to be careful not to ruin the finish of whatever that build-up has latched itself onto. If you are not concerned about the surface, scrub away with a heavy duty nylon pad and degreaser. If the surface is a concern, forgo the scrubbing pad. Spray the area with degreaser (testing a small patch for colorfastness first) and clean with a rag dipped in the hottest water possible. (Gloves may be a good idea here.) Wring out your rag in fresh hot water often- and change rags when necessary. If the build up is really, really heavy, soak the area in degreaser and scrape off the build-up with a putty knife. Then use the heavy duty scrubbing pad and/or the 'hot rag' method...

8. Is it necessary to use concrete backerboards before installing ceramic tile?

No, you do not have to put it down if you have concrete floors. We have done a concrete foyer and are getting ready to do two concrete porches and we did not put down the durock (sp?)

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