Intense Foot Pain When Snowboarding?

You might have some underlining foot problem. If it persist get it checked out. Did you take and good falls during your runs? Did you experience this pain when you started or just when you finished? Could be you might have tweaked your ankle learning in the beginning. Another possibility could be your boots. Were they yours or rentals? If the were rentals that could be a problem. You might not have been used to them and that causing pain. I work at and ice rink and give out rental skates plenty of people come back with foot pain. If they were yours where the pain? Side of your feet your boots are to narrow, bottom pain your need some arch support, from and back boots are too small. Theirs a lot of possibilities but go again and see if the pain continues. if it does see a doctor

1. What's causing my mom's sudden foot pain?

go to a salon like u know do something there by the pinkky that should work.If not i think a trip to a doctor or foot cream

2. Is there anything that can alleviate the horrendous foot pain that follows intensive chemotherapy?

email me, I may be able to help I get alot of emails every day from people wanting info. So in your email just jog my memory of your case. thanks Dave

3. What to do about severe foot pain?

talynol..and rest in for the next day or 2

4. Help With Severe Foot Pain?

See your health care provider as soon as possible (podiatrist or neurologist). A burning sensation on the soles of your feet can arise from any number of causes, from ill-fitting shoes to diabetes. The most serious cause is peripheral neuropathy--damage to the leg nerves--often from diabetes or alcoholism and less commonly from vitamin deficiency or lead poisoning. A rare disorder called erythromelalgia increases blood flow to the hands and feet and can also produce a searing sensation. Some people experience fiery feet because they are sensitive to a chemical in the inner lining of their shoes (particularly some types of athletic shoes). Try changing your footgear to see if the problem subsides. If not, see your doctor to rule out medical causes. I hope this helps you. And good luck.

5. Foot pain, blood clot? achilles surgery?

Did they give you compression stockings to wear? If so, you should definately wear them. It is very easy to get a blood clot after most surgeries, especially if you are restricted to bed-rest. Do you have abnormal swelling, abnormal redness, and/or abnormal heat to calf muscle or other areas? If so, call doctor immediately or go to emergency room. They will perform an ultrasound on the area to for proper arterial and venous blood flow. Good luck to you!

6. I have severe foot pain at night and an mri scan shows broad based disc bulge at L4-5 contacting L4 nerve root?

A lot of relief from problems caused by stress on your feet is found on placing them once a week inside a hot water plastic container with a tablespoon washing powder. Relax while you watch TV or read. After 15 min you use special sandpaper and remove the hardest skin from the sole and use a proper moisturizer after drying them. A would try treatment for the feet if the worse pain appears there.

7. OMG I have bad foot pain mostly in my heels.?

I have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, and that's exactly what it feels like. My podiatrist had me take ibuprofen for the inflammation, ice my feet for 15 minutes at a time every hour or two during the evening (frozen peas work great for this), and do stretching exercises. Buy a yoga strap or a long belt. Put the belft under the ball of your feet and stretch the toes backward until you feel the stretch and it almost hurts and hold it for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat again 10 times. Repeat for the other foot. I did not need surgery after doing this. Also get some really good insoles for your shoes. I have custom orthotics, but I find Dr. Scholl's gel insoles more comfortable. Plenty of arch support is also important. Good luck. I know how painful this is for you.

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