Insights on the LED Tube Light Global Market to 2026 - by Region and Application

With the inflating prices of electricity around the world, consumers are shifting from compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) to LED tube lights. This is further supported by awareness campaigns and policies for energy conservation and environmental protection by governments in various countries. On the other hand, manufacturers are coming up with different LED lighting products and investing in marketing through newspapers and televisions which is increasing product awareness among consumers. Further, strong demand for LED tube lights is emerging from the corporate sector as they offer better ambiance lighting, enhanced controls and reduced maintenance costs. They are also widely being used in automotive, general lighting, mobile devices, signal and signage, healthcare, forensic, academics and street lighting which is stimulating the market growth. Looking forward, the publisher expects the global LED tubelight market to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% during 2021-2026.

15 Best LED Tube Lights Reviews 2021 | For Home or Garage

Upgrading from fluorescent to LED is never a bad idea. However, before you buy the exact LED products that you need, you would have to do a brief, thorough analysis. So that you do not end up buying something that does not suit your needs. So, here we have compiled a list of the best-LED tube lights available in the market. To buy the right tube light, you will have to study a few features before you proceed to analyze the different products that are available in the market. Due to that purpose, we have compiled a buyer's guide for you. The number of lumens determines the brightness of the light. A lumen is a unit of measurement for the intensity of light that any light generates. The more the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be. For homes, a tube light with a lumen count of 1600 would do. But for offices, it needs to be at least 2000. The wattage of light determines how much electricity it will be consuming, to deliver the lumens. The more the wattage, the higher your bill will be. For 1600 lumens, a 20-watt bulb will be enough. The tube lights meant for domestic uses should deliver 85 lumens per watt, and the ones meant for office should deliver 100 lumens per watt. There are different colors offered by different LED lights, and their color is determined by their temperature. It is measured in Kelvins. The warm yellow light that is supposed to provide a soothing environment is 3000k. Moving up, we have bright white and blue light that is 5000k or above. The white, common daylight, starts from 6500k. The more accessories and functions you want, the more you would have to invest. For example, some tube lights come with dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness. Sometimes, there are also remote controlled lights or the ones that can be connected to Bluetooth or wifi. They are more expensive than standard ones. As the name says, this light is very appropriate for shops and professional spaces. That is because it is very bright. The lumen output is 8500 lumens. And for 120 watts. The light goes to every corner of the place. Every LED light has the power consumption of 72 watts, so you will be able to save 70% on your electricity bills if you replace your fluorescent tubes with these. They are easy to install, you can plug them in any fixture. They let you wire five lights in one series so that you can save up on wiring. The color temperature they offer is 5000k, which is daylight white. And no harmful radiation too. You can install these lights, whether you have a ballast or not. Which means they can be installed as the primary fixture, as well as a replacement for incandescent bulbs. If you have a ballast, they will be 20 watts, and if you do not have a ballast, they will be 18 watts. They can be connected from either one end or both ends. This is another feature that adds up to its versatility. The original shunted sockets are called tombstones. You can install these directly into them. No need to remove them to fit these. They have frosted glass and are impact resistant. Can be installed with or without ballast Not as bright with ballast These 4 feet LED tubes will give you 133 lumens for one watt. And combined, the lumen count that you will get will be 2400. They have a wide beam angle, which is 220 degrees. You will not need to replace your lighting over and over again once you have fitted these lights in your house. These lights have an 82 color rendering index, which means you will get a near daylight experience. Their temperature is 5000K. They are powered from a single end, and you need a ballast for them. The installation process is easy. You will be able to install this tube light simply by bypassing your ballast. If you do that, you will be able to save yourself money and time, because ballasts tend to fail over time. They also consume a lot of electrical power. The installation process is very simple with this one. The lights can be installed into the tombstones directly, with no need for extra, tiresome installation procedures. This tube will let you have the single end, or the double-ended connection as well, whatever suits you. The shatterproof glass allows impact resistance. Ca not be used with ballast With these tube lights, you will have an energy-efficient solution for your lighting needs. They will give you the maximum output by using the minimum wattage and lowest heat output. The tubes are made out of shatterproof materials. You can use them with almost any light fixture there is. You will not need a ballet for it. The uses of them are highly versatile; you can use these for domestic as well as for commercial use. The lights offer 3000 lumens. You can replace them easily with your fluorescent bulbs. Ca not be used in damp locations Switching to LED from fluorescent has never been easier! You can install these tubes in five minutes only, whether you have experience or not. They will only use 18 watts of your electricity and provide the output of a 40-watt fluorescent bulb. The color temperature is a comfortable 5000k, which will fulfill all your brightness needs. The number of lumens this tube has to offer is a solid 2000. Which means it is very appropriate for commercial use, and also for domestic use if you are looking for a near daylight kind of illumination. As the name says, if you are looking for the best way to illuminate your shop, then this is what you should go for. One tube light is eight feet so that you will save yourself the hassle of wiring and installation of many fixtures. The color temperature is 6000k, so it gives off a cool white color. You can link one lamp to the other, the maximum number of lamps that you can link together is 4. You will need no ballasts for this. The number of lumens is 7200. Clear glass so glare is there These bulbs will offer you 100-110 lumens per watt, which is quite an efficient amount of lumens for any kind of use. This way, the wattage used will be less as well. You can fit these lights in almost any fixture; they are compatible with t8, t11 and t12 fixtures. All you need to do is that you will have to bypass the ballast first. The power consumption and the thermal output will stay low. So you will get cheaper, brighter, and healthier lighting solutions. And the steel housing is durable and rugged. These lights offer a decent replacement for the fluorescent tubes for conventional uses. They have a wide range of applications and can be used for residential, commercial, and professional uses. They have a wide beam angle of 270 degrees. The clear cover gives the light more brightness, unlike a frosted cover, which devours most of the light. The led lights give off 120 lumens per watt, and in total, they are 7800 lumens. You can save 65% on your electricity bills with this thing. Another good product by JOMITOP, only this time, the tube lights are eight feet. This means you will be able to save yourself time and money, as well as hassle, by avoiding more wiring on more products. Use one eight-foot bulb instead of two-four feet ones. They have the brightness of 7800 lumens, and the temperature of 5000k. You will be able to install it easily and save up to 65% on your electricity bill. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Can be used as plant growing lighting These integrated fixtures are capable of lighting almost any work area, rest areas, commercial areas, or residences. Cut the costs of your electricity bill and opt for cleaner and healthier lighting solutions by replacing your fluorescent bulbs with kihung ones. These lights have two rows of LEDs; they keep the brightness maximum while keeping the heat minimum. You can connect four lights together. They have a large beam angle to offer, up to 270 degrees. The installation process is easy, just plug and go. The snap joints are included, so you can just insert the plug, it will light up. By switching to luminous, you can avoid the fatigue, heat, and bills caused by fluorescent bulbs. Save up to 50% of your billing with these lights. They light the place up with as much as 4000 lumens, by only using 40 watts. They have a long lifespan, and the bill will never go up. Dual-end powered, and they can be fitted with almost any light fixture. Just get a simple ballast bypass, and you will be able to install them. Not a lot of rewiring will be required. These HYPERIKON led lights are going to offer you a total lumen count of 2140, and 118 lumens per watt. The beam angle that it will give you is 140 degrees. The life span is also more, saving you a lot of money. It has been approved by the UL, so it will end up providing a healthier solution that the other lighting options. It is safe for the eyes, as well as healthy because it does not emit any harmful radiation. The installation process is also easy; you can I stall them directly. And if you are installing them in the place of a fluorescent bulb, then a simple ballast bypass would be needed. This product offers you a total lumen count of 1120 lumens, which means brightness is ensured. The color temperature is 6000k. The beam angle is 120 degrees, so individual spots of the led lights will not be an issue. Their cover is transparent, so the brightness will not be affected, unlike a frosted cover, in which the brightness is hindered. The power it will consume is just 8 watts. Which means you will be able to save heftily on the electricity bills. The bulbs are dual-end powered; they can be installed easily, with no need for a ballast. Last product of the list. The superior lighting products will not disappoint you in terms of beam distribution; you will never spot individual led spotlights. They are highly shatterproof because of their thermoplastic cover. The beam angle is 240 degrees. Their color temperature is 4000k and 5000k. You will get up to 150 lumens per watt. They will not flicker or buzz; instead, they only take a second to switch on. They will last you more than 45000 hours. Reduce your electricity bills by replacing your fluorescent bulbs with these. A ballast is a device that is used for the regulation of electric current in the fluorescent tubes. This electrical component is only meant for the fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes, however, do not require one. This is because the LED ones are powered by the household wording directly. LEDs are the cost-efficient replacement for fluorescent bulbs. Most of the time, you can reuse the fluorescent fixture by putting an LED into it. And other times, you will need minor rewiring. The LED lights can be used with a ballast, but it is better to remove it because it will only take up more energy. How many lumens is a 4-foot T8 bulb? In a 4 foot T8 fluorescent bulb, there will be 2850 lumens per bulb. Which means 11,400 lumens for the entire thing. LED tubes are not only brighter, but they also do not flicker like fluorescent bulbs. The LED lights also help you save money. The whole idea behind LED lights is that they save money by not needing starters and ballasts. But there are also those LED lights that can be placed inside fluorescent fixtures, the fixtures that are already attached to starters. Those LED lights need starters to avoid rewiring. Is LED tube light harmful to the eyes? Generally, LEDs are less harmful and dangerous than fluorescent bulbs. But, if your eyes are exposed to the LED lights for a lifetime, then there is a chance of macular degeneration that is age-related. Which is better, LED, or tube light? The LED light is better than a tube light because it lasts way longer. It is known to last approximately 40,000 more hours than the tube light. It will also help you save tons of energy. The LED lights are environmentally friendly as well. Can led tube light to be repaired? The traditional incandescent bulbs cannot be repaired. Not at all. However, in an LED tube light, you can replace almost anything. All you need to do is pinpoint the malfunction, and then fix it, to prolong the life of your bulbs. How much watt LED bulb is required for a room? Mostly, it depends upon if you need more brightness or less. For an average living space that is 250 square feet, you will have to use at least 5000 lumens for just the primary light. This is equal to five CFLs of 23 watts, five incandescent bulbs of 100 watts, or eight LED light bulbs of 10 watts. What is inside an LED tube light? There are many LED lights inside an LED tube light. They are all arranged in a row, and they run on either 110 or 220 volts. There you go, you have all the information necessary to upgrade to LED tube lights. We've ensured that you do not have to get in the hassle of reading multiple customer reviews or scouting multiple sellers on Amazon. This comprehensive guide would help you choose the best-LED tube light that falls into your budget and requirements.

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