I Missed the VMA's (Video Music Awards) That Showed on MTV on August 28...?

haha. I would desire to declare that for Paris Hilton, i am no longer that shocked. i think of each and every person is used to seeing her "out-of-it". Oh nicely, atleast she grew to become into "unique" (because of fact she makes me snort) interior the VMAs.

1. What is the difference between the functionality and performance of S-video and VGA?

S-video is a low-quality, low-definition analog video signal from the days of old boob-tube TVs. It cannot go above 1024x768 in resolution, and all the data is jumbled together in one Chroma channel, which gives a fuzzy image. VGA is a high-quality analog signal that transmits color data in three separate channels, Red Green and Blue. And two other channels for H-sync and V-sync. MUCH higher resolution than S-video, much clearer image. To connect to an LCD HDTV, I prefer HDMI or DVI (both use the same digital video signal).

2. How to use a VGA to S-Video / RCA Adaptor ?

VGA to Component/Composite/S-video cables may never work, because they try to combine formats in different color spaces. VGA is RGB, everything else is Luma/Chroma. In other words, you need a color converter. The only way it may work is if your video card can output YPbPr over VGA

3. If you closed your eyes when you heard Osama's video, wouldn't you think it was a Democrat candidate talking?

Do not be silly sweetie! you do not need to close your eyes! OBL is a Democrat... a Commie Dem!! just like the liberals!!

4. How many of you feel that Sen. Obama's campaign will always be dogged by Rev. Wright's video remarks & rants?

This is a campaign killer. Put this together with Obama's own unfortunate comments about "typical white people" and the whole bitter small town thing and he's hit the campaign killer trifecta. Mostly because none of this is going to die down. Whether it's Wright doing interviews that continue to damage Obama, or McCain talking about his elitist ways, or Hillary talking about it all as his opponent, it's here to stay. Through the primary, and all through the general if he gets the nomination. If this continues to escalate and he continues trying to treat it as nothing but distractions, the super delegates are going to have more to worry about than why he can not win the Big Four Swing States. And the thing that may hurt him the most is that he and his supporters bite back by attacking the media, and Clinton, for making an issue out of it. They just do not get it. This is an issue that people are talking about at their dinner tables and in their living rooms every night. To them, these matters are not distractions, they tell them the measure of the man, they tell them something about his character that they feel needs to be discussed. I do not think he's helping the situation by trying to laugh it off, making fun of ABC, refusing any more debates, and being sarcastic. He just does not seem to get the point. People CARE about these matters, whether he wants to pretend they are distractions or not. And what the Republicans will do to him will make what they did to Kerry look like a walk in the park - and he was a war hero.

5. I can't get my S video cable to work with my DVD player?

Same thing happened to my sister in law, Skip the s video and switch to component. After I changed connections, everything worked great

6. pc to tv help using a s-video cable?

If both devices have S-Video, connect one end to the PC and the other to the TV. Turn on the S-Video on the PC and change the input on the TV. Done, and done

7. Is it possible to scale an emulator's video to see more of the level?

Yes you can, as you did not specify an emulator the Dolphin GC/Wii emulator is able to expand the view to be more than the original, I have 3 monitors and I have played several games in Dolphin at 5760x1080. There can be a lot of weird issues with doing this though, often developers and artists are lazy with things that are not supposed to be on the screen and the things on the outer edges will be distorted, behave strangely or simply wo not be there. These issues are somewhat common even in popular PC games.

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