How Can Delhi Amend Its Mistake of Electing Arvind Kejriwal CM?

Show your anger towards him in the upcoming MCD elections, by not voting for himExpose his lies about "achievements" and don't let these anti national idiots come to power in a state bordering PakistanVote them out in LS 2019 and Delhi 2020 (or if Delhi assembly elections happen midterm)Don't stay quiet about his blatant lies!! Speak the hell up!!Don't ever say "I'm not interested in politics". Cuz politics is pretty interested in you and it'll come back and bite you if you don't show any interestHow can Delhi amend its mistake of electing Arvind Kejriwal CM ?

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Greta Van Fleet, a very young upcoming rock band, has been compared to Led Zepplin, do you think they're just playing how they play or trying to replicate the Zepplin sound?

My opinion, is that, Greta Van Fleet, have a love for great classic rock. They are very Led Zeppelinish. I've also heard flashes, of Blind Melon. They do emulate Led Zeppelin quite a bit, although, I believe this to be intentional, there is nothing wrong imitating your heroes.Led Zeppelin borrowed plenty, from many artists, that came before them. Taurus vs. Stairway to Heaven, is a prime example.

While Josh Kiszka's vocals, are very similar to Robert Plant's, and he does mimick, Robert's stage mannerisms, I'm not always hearing Zeppelin, in the instrumentation. I hear many classic rock influences in the arrangements, which also include Led Zeppelin


Thinking of joining the police, what were your motives to join and have a career as a Police officer?

Im a curious guy and I like being where the action is. Ive always looked up to and admired police officers and decided at a young age to be one if I could. I liked the idea of something different every day. Not the boredom of a desk job. An opportunity to help people was high on my list. Some people are afraid to turn a corner if the dont know whats there. I dont want to know, I deal with whatever arises as best I can. It is exciting at times by almost always interesting. No day (or night) is ever the same


Why do members of the US Navy's SEAL Team 6 have a disproportionate mystique compared to regular SEALs even though half of all regular SEAL members who try out for Team 6 get in?

Hi. Lets start with nomenclature. There is no SEAL Team Six. Its real name is DevGru. And DevGru SEALs are the _most_ elite SEALs. In fact, there are only two (2) Tier One Special Operators in the US Military: DevGru SEALs and Army Deltas. DevGru SEALs are nicknamed Jedis, and they call regular SEALs vanilla (which is harsh. Lol!) And I dont believe that 50% of SEALs who try for DevGru (on the Green Team) actually make it; I think the percentage is lower. Its hard to confirm with NSW because DevGru SEALs are _so_ elite and highly classified. LA


Is Thor an actual god?

Marvel goes back and forth (depending on the writer and editor) on what the definition of a god is. The Big G does exist in Marvel, as does his eternal nemesis, Satan. (along with other hell lords, like Mephisto and Satannish.

)The Asgardians and Olympians gods? (as well as the Celtic and Egyptian ones) ? Marvel has never wanted to get pinned down on definitions, but basically they are mystical alien beings. None of them are omnipotent or omniscient. In fact, theyre clearly dwarfed in actual power by the Celestials, Beyonders, Galactus and Watchers.

But they were all once worshipped by a section of earthlings, so they have a certain imprimatur of godhood


How did Porsche end up being owned by Volkswagen when it first owned Volkswagen in 2009?

It is a weird story. The Porsche management developed a plan to take over Volkswagen and piled up a giant debt in order to achieve this. The strange thing is that both VW and Porsche are owned the Porsche Holding, which is owned by the two Porsche tribes Porsche and Piech. Members of the families are sitting in the board which controls the management, so the board must have known that Porsche was ruining themselves. In the end VW (!) saved Porsche (!!) with a big loan from going bankrupt. In the end a lot of investors lost money and VW became bigger


What is that one thing you know can change about yourself, and why haven't you done it yet?

Changing my appearance.I've wanted to lose weight for years but have struggled with an eating disorder (binge, exercise, purge, restrict, repeat...) so it has been hell.I'm finally doing something about my weight but am frustrated with how long it takes. I know I need to be patient, but it's damn hard!I always knew this journey would be horrible (giving up junk food, eating healthier, exercising properly), but a quote I saw online actually helped me to take the plunge...(Courtesy of Google images)Such a simple quote, and yet it really gave me the boost I needed!.


How did the industrial revolution cause imperialism in Britain?

The Industrial Revolution began in the British Isles because they were blessed with the resources vital to the building of industries. Once the industries were established, the next thing they thought of was how to use the industries to enlarge their spheres of influence ( needed resources). Once the sources were found in sufficient amounts needed, the next thought was how to get them cheaply or no cost at all. Answer was guns and cannon large enough to take the resources needed and wanted. Next step was take the areas with the resources as colonies to supply the needed minerals, iron ore, etc. Imperalism was the natural outcome


Can generalized anxiety disorder negatively impact academic performance?

Genralized Anxiety Disorder can definitely negatively impact academic performance in multiple ways. If you have anxiety and can't focus during study or test taking times. If you are having anxiety and don't get adequate sleep that will also have an impact on your ability to retain information and think clearly. If you are suffering from Generalized Anxiety DIsorder you should definitely seek treatment to do the best you can to understand how to live with it and figure out what adjustments you need to make in order to do your best.Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Overview, Causes and Treatments | PACSTherapist Directory - Panic and Anxiety Community Support


Why are people obsessive about RLJ theory?

Jon's parentage!I think most of the times, the questions related to Jon's parentage come from the readers who've just recently read the books for the first time. And it's not obsession but genuine curiosity that drives them to ask the questions.I know that right after I read the books, I had a thousand questions and was sort of overwhelmed. The first question that I wanted answered was about Jon's parentage. And I think that's the case with most of the new readers.It's one of the first mysteries introduced in the books and that makes it the most memorable.


What is the import duty of bringing a 55-inch smart LED TV from Dubai to India?

Depending on the model of the TV the customs in India has an assesable value. If the officer is corrupt he or she will try to pressurise you with a higher value. To extract a bribe. However the duty is around 30%. You are entitled to Rs 50k worth of duty free imports. Ask the officer to deduct the 50k value and to charge you the customs on the balance value assesed provided you don't have any other valuable items. Going bribe rate is around 5k to 10k if no duty is to be paid. Or a hybrid of 5k bribe plus a small duty for formality.


Which are collectively better musicians, Led Zeppelin or Rush?

I'm gonna go with Rush on this one. In terms of overall better band, the answer would clearly be Zeppelin, but that wasn't the question. The question was musicianship, and as far as Rush is concerned, you can easily make a case for Neil Peart and Geddy Lee as greatest drummer and bass player ever (the latter being perhaps a bit of a stretch), but if you do a simple google search you could find Top 10 Lists with these two at the top relatively easily. Combine that to Alex Lifeson's guitars (Page is probably a little better; more soul and heart) and I would say they make an overall better 'musicianship,' if you will.


Why isn't there a Nobel Prize for mathematics?

The version I was told hit all the bases: misogyny, sexism, male superiority, and academic fraud. So, Nobels wife, a mathematician ran off with this way more talented Russian mathematician who let her publish some of his minor work under her name.Were those different times or what? All of us men in the class thought it was a great story. There were no women of course. There was a Cold War going on. Maybe it was Soviet Dissinformat to undermine the decadent wests moral underpinnings. Nah. The Russians believed it too.Dont know about you but I feel stupid


Why does the USA hate Iran? What background made the USA and Iran hate each other?

We dont.We require Iran to cease pursuit of nuclear weapons and to quit trying to rule the Middle East. If Iran chooses to do so, there will be no belligerence between us. If they dont, theyll be punished. We would be delighted to have them as allies, and we are also quite willing to beat up on them if they insist on being enemies.

Its as simple as that, really. Theres nothing right or just about it. As everything in geopolitics, its about power. We have it and Iran will conform the the US global security system, or pay the price.


What makes being a police officer such a thankless job?

It is absolutely not a thankless job. The ultimate job of the police is not arresting people. It is protecting people, even when its saving them from themselves. I1ve been retired for a long, long time, but I still proudly recall that back when I was a Patrol Officer I saved 3 lives, in 3 separate unrelated incidents in one 2-year period. None of them were in response to an actual call for service. They were all the result of good, hard work and observation while routinely patrolling my City. I believe that most Officers generally consider having to arrest people as being the down side of the job.


Are there any successful people with social anxiety disorder?

The good news is that social anxiety is not only treatable, but the treatment is also successful. Social anxiety no longer needs to be a life-long, devastating condition. It is these automatic "feelings" and thoughts that occur in social situations that must be met and conquered in therapy. Remind them that while they may feel distressed, the feeling will pass. Work with the irrational thoughts and acknowledge that the person is worried. For example, try something like: I can understand why you feel that way, but I can assure you that it's just your anxiety. Go to my Profile and you can find all about anxiety disorder material there


Why did Greece desperately support Serbia over the Kosovo issue?

Greece historically proclaims to be an important ally of Serbia and considers Kosovo a conquest during the Balkan wars and Serbia's historical right, an integral part of what embodied Orthodox Medieval state before the Turkish taking over.Greece considers the Albanians of Kosovo a minority within sovereign Serbia and elevating the Albanians from a minority to independence could undermine and open a scenario dangerous within its own national minorities such as Slavs and Turks which has never made a clear policy without even mentioning here the linguistic minorities such as Vlachs and Arvanites.For now Greece has in its external agenda of future supporting Serbia on Kosovo issue.


How good were Led Zeppelin live?

Led Zeppelin were a good band. They were no better than dozens of other acts that played loud, blues- based rock. Their classic years were during the days of open, festival seating at venues they played. The music was designed to be enjoyed by an audience that was "high, buzzed, drunk" or whatever term was attached to a state of being under the influence. The sheer, auditory volume, with the light show and the stage craft all contributed to the production that just enhanced the experience of the event. The occult mystery surrounding the band played into the excitement of seeing them in person, because they were larger than life

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