How About the Splicing Screen? Features of 55 Inch LCD Splicing Screen

55 inch LCD splicing screen can be used not only as a display, but also as a LCD splicing wall. According to different use requirements, it can realize the functions of variable large screen: single screen split display, single screen separate display, arbitrary combination display, full screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical screen display, optional compensation or covering of image frame, support roaming, scaling and stretching of digital signals, cross screen display, and the setting and operation of various display plans, Full HD signal real-time processing. Commonly used for outdoor advertising, government information display, office meetings and other places.

Product features:

Super long service life: the service life can reach more than 100000 hours and the brightness can reach 1000 lumens

Large viewing angle: the viewing angle can reach an unprecedented 178 degrees

High resolution: the physical resolution of the LCD can easily reach the retinal level that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. The brightness and contrast of the LCD are very high, the color is bright and bright, and the image is stable and does not flicker.

Ultra thin and lightweight: LCD has the characteristics of thin thickness and light weight, which can be easily spliced and installed

Very low power consumption: liquid crystal display equipment has always been praised for its low power and low heating. It is only 3W in standby.

Low failure rate: liquid crystal is the most stable and reliable display equipment at present. Due to the small heating capacity and stable components, it will not cause failure due to excessive temperature rise of components.

The above are the advantages of 55 inch LCD splicing screen. When selecting, we should also consider the problem of distance. If it is a long-distance viewing, we should consider the LED display screen, because the effect of long-distance viewing of LED display screen is better than that of LCD splicing screen. However, the picture of LCD splicing screen is more delicate.

How About the Splicing Screen? Features of 55 Inch LCD Splicing Screen 1

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