Help My Laptop Led Indicator Turns Green at 90% Instead of 100%?

Seems like a small error in the battery charging program , when it reach 90% let it continue to charged should go to 100 % if it do not and since it's under warranty can return it or could be the battery it self

1. My computer is shut down and the charger is connected.Charging LED indicator is blinking.Battery fully charged. Suggest me some solution ?

Press your power for a long time

2. Other than the external LED indicator, how can I be notified that my phone is done charging?

I believe my phone vibrates when it's done charging, but I've never seen a setting for it. I am certain you could set up a profile with Locale to notify when charging is done

3. my ps3 stops after like 3 mins of gameplay and then LED indicator flashes red whats going on?

There is probably some sort of hardware malfunction. But since you've had your PS3 for less than a year you should call Sony and they should honor your warranty. All PS3's have a limited 1 year warranty, but they should honor your warranty.

4. Can I connect an LED indicator rated at 10Vdc to a 10VAC source? If not, how can I connect it?

Whether you can or not depends on your physical abilities. Whether you should or not depends on the indicator's reverse voltage limit in the spec sheet. If the reverse voltage is not acceptable (more positive than -14.4 Vdc), add a bridge rectifier and an electrolytic capacitor - and hey, how about an LM7810 just for good measure, although you are likely to get only 8.6 volts out, due to the voltage drop across the bridge. Can you find a 12 Vrms AC source instead?

5. What does the LED indicator on db43ld motherboard mean when flashing?

I have read somewhere at sometime that removing the USB plug from the front of unit solved the problem. Try unplugging all but you RAM and HDD to see if it runs. Worth a try I think. '

6. How can you change your BlackBerry curve's LED indicator light color?

This might work: Under your profile settings is where you can change whether it flashes when you have new notifications. Have not become part of the BlackBerry users so I am not sure if JiveTalk or BerryBuzz have a price or not

7. can a hacker activate my laptop webcam without activating the LED indicator?

No. He would need physical access to the innards of your camera

8. Lg tv led indicator turns green then blinks four times. Do anyone know the problem?

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