Hello Quora Followers, I Am Looking for a Commercial Realestate Broker in the Atlanta Area. Do Anyon

That depends on what you want to talk to a broker about. Not all brokers are alike. Most will specialize in a particular property type such as office, retail, multifamily or industrial properties. Some represent buyers, some represent sellers and many represent both. Some only handle leasing transactions and others handle sales or both. Finding a broker is easy; finding the right broker is not so easy

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Why is PHP so complex?

If you talking about learning PHP syntax and basic, it is not hard, but if you talking about using PHP development and everything other what comes along in web development, yeah, it can be complicated.Because PHP is one of easier languages to start with, Php become very popular. But there are things that not just learning language you must to know how server works, to learn about design patterns, coding standars , security, databases, frameworks, cms-stuffs.


Can we start a conversation?

You would start with a greeting, ask how me/other person is doing, make conversation by telling a story or something current going on in your life or what you'd like to do, and if you'd like to chill in silence that's cool too, no ones forcing you to talk, just don't be weird about the silence lolHow can I take a conversation with you?


What do you think about people sending messages to just say hello and not wanting to chat or commit to plans?

All is fine sometimes a simple hello trumps any ice breaker. people play games so beware but don't think committing and making plans plays into it. after the hello and initial contact to determine whether the person is serious, serious enough to dedicate time to and ultimately important enough to continue to mentor into committing and planning is all upon your capacity to open this up in them in a way that benefits both.


Hello. Usually I buy a power supply that as more amperage than needed to avoid overheating. May I get a 20A power supply for a nichrome wire that needs 10A, or the nichrome may burn out?

No, your more Amps policy is absolutely fine. Go ahead and get that power supply, but make sure input (mains) voltage matches your mains and output voltage is the correct value required by your nichrome wire.If it is just a heating element, no other control electronics involved, then you could use a simple AC transformer with adequate power and the proper primary and secondary voltages; they are more robust and longer lasting than electronic power supplies but would be heavier and need an on/off switch on the primary side.


Does an object of class NoneType, in Python, need some space in memory like any other object having a value? I tried with type (print ('hello world')) and id (print ('hello world')) before asking. How is that managed according to garbage collection?

Yes, but there is only one object of type NoneType.Let's take a look:>>> id(None)4497209448>>> type(None)>>> return_val print('hello world')hello world>>> print(return_val)None>>> id(return_val)4497209448So, as you noted, many functions-print being among them-don't return a value, and therefore they return None. Or more correctly, they return a reference to the singular NoneType value that exists in Python when it starts up and is never destroyed.


Hello! I wish to start my career in the film industry/serials I am 13 what can I do?

Join theatre groups. Theatre is the best way to learn and nourish your acting skills. Build your portfolio up and once you confident start applying for tv serials and advertisements. Getting into serials is easier than getting into films. So get into tvs and serials and make your profile better. Get in contact with good agencies. Don't fall for the auditions that charge you amount for even applying.Good luck


Why can't people get along with me when all I do is say hello?

I don't feel that greetings are about either getting along or making friends. They're just a polite way to acknowledge someone else. If it isn't returned, then I'd advise shrugging and ignoring the person in the future. No need to take it personally when someone doesn't like us/want to engage, because there are way too many people on this planet to fret about those we don't click with


Hello. Can someone tell me how can I get a good in Germany without college? I speak really well the language.

Every German hillbilly (who prematurely left school) can speak German reasonable well.But since Germany has no natural resources, they have to export high-quality work in exchange.Where do you stand out from the crowd - What was your doctoral thesis about. Which sports do you master at the WC/Olympic level. ?Google for EU blue card and/or Positivliste Mangelberufe (further education required and not an impressive salary)


Hello to all the marketers out there . Can a mobile app (which will definitely help customers to save time) be considered USP for a business?

If the business is the app itself where the key pain point faced is the 'time taken' - it most definitely would be considered to be the USP. If you have a completely different business - where your key-activity has very little to do with the app then probably not. It's hard to say until you tell us more about your business. Saving time could just be considered as a convenience rather than a unique selling point that actually puts you on a pedestal in comparison with your competitors


How do I make C language programs in Code::Blocks IDE? When I make any program and run it, the console shows "hello world".

Here you refer to the following link can follow the video google.




What is a function to display "hello, how are you" 25 times called?

You could call this function anything but a meaningful name might be printHelloHowAreYou25Times, e.g.:printHelloHowAreYou25Times() for 1 to 25 print("hello, how are you")The pseudocode above will print hello, how are you 25 times.Or if you prefer a more generic print method, you could supply parameters such as:print(String messageText, int numberOfTimes) for 1 to numberOfTimes print(messageText)Which prints messageText out numberOfTimes. The parameters would of course be set when the method is called, i.e.:print("hello, how are you", 25)


Hello guys! Can I say" well written, thanks for showing Your appreciation"?

The sentence is grammatically fine but I do feel there is some problem with tbe second part.Well written is okThe second part must be, according to me, thanks for your appreciation.Because Appreciation is something that is not shown.

I hope you can understand my point.

Just write -well written, thanks for your appreciation.I am a bit doubtful about this. Let's wait for others to answer


Hello there bhaiyya! Can you please say how much hours did you study in a day for your IIT preparation?

I used to study minium 7 hours a day.( When schools were closed)3 hours mathematics,2 hours physics and chemistry.Now excluding my school classes i used to study 4 hours for my IIT preparation and 2.30 hours for my school( my subjects are PCMB ENGLISH). For this reason i used to study less for my IIT preparation.If in your subjects biology is not present then you can study more as compared to if you have taken biology


What screams "I am into you"?

Indifference. The stronger my feelings are, the more I conceal them. Its like Jane Bennett/ Mr Bingley situation when she appeared too reserved which led his friend Mr Darcy to separating them as a result. So not always a person who is into you makes it obvious. Sometimes a person who appears most indifferent, avoids eye contact and behaves overly coldly is actually madly in love ;)


Is it weird that sometimes when I hear someone say hello, I make the mistake of saying hi, thinking they were talking to me?

It's been happening to me all my life. I also sometimes see someone waving and wave back only to find that the wave was for someone behind me. It's a little embarrassing, but it happens to just about everyone at some time or another. Just try to forget about it. The person using the phone might have left the room to avoid disturbing you with her phone conversation.

If it happens again, just smile and say, "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were on the phone."


Does it make you feel old when people tell you "hello young man"?

Well hello young man has a usual meaning and the other meaning which downplays your age which in both senses is done in kindness.If a young man was presented with these words, if he has social skills, would reply in kind.An old man replying would most likely be cheery and laugh because they know they are not getting any younger and feel rather humbled by it.


How do you reply when some stranger says hello on a jogging track?

Definitely say helloMost importantly make eye contact and make it obvious youre observing them. One things for sure, someone who wants to sneak attack doesnt want you to see them coming.So say hello. Nothing more. Try to put distance between you if you feel uncomfortable. Be constantly looking around. They should definitely get the feel that you are aware of your surroundings.Best to you


Why do I (very often) wink, smirk/smile, say 'hello' in a flirty way and fingergun at plants (usually when I'm just passing by)?

Practicing on plants is good! Plants are non-speaking and non-violent. Thats an excellent idea!Its better than what guys did when I was in high school. My first love, we didnt used the term crushes then, would pass me in the hall and punch me in the arm! Wow! He like me!Hopefully as you become more self-confident you can at least re-direct to humans in place of plants.


Why do people continually insist on using 'what up', or 'what's up' as a greeting instead of a simple 'hello'? I find it very infuriating so much that I've answered 'the sky' or 'everything over your head'!

Whats up , unlike hello is not a greeting.Hello is usually replied with a Hi.Whats up is a better conversation starter, and it entices a response telling what is going on with you.Of course its common usage can also be attributed to hippies or people trying to look cool, but personally I think its a more upbeat manner to start a conversation.


What screams "Hello can I talk to your manger?" ?

I left my keys on the table. I came back about 2 minutes later and they said they found them.The waitress who claimed to have last had them looked around for a minute and then went back to serving tables."Hello?""Oh yes. Just write down your name and number and I'll look for them again when the restaurant closes.


. what?".


Lately, babies have been saying hello to me. Are they seeing something that adults don't?

I'm not sure if this applies to you or not, but I'll put it out there for you. It's not uncommon for babies, kids, and animals to perceive different things than most adults do. As a medium, I've seen them react differently, and my understanding is that they were perceiving something spiritual in nature, such as individual spirits that were around and about at the time. It might also be that they perceive your energy, your aura. It's hard to know for sure, but it's something to consider


What does the code of a website displaying "Hello World!" with Elixir and Phoenix look like?

I'm assuming the real intent of this question is to try and ascertain the minimum possible code required to have an Elixir/Phoenix code.Phoenix itself is extremely lightweight compared to something like RubyOnRails, the code you get out of the box with the default generator is already very close the minimum viable one.If you are really looking to be as barebones as possible checkout this article by Peter Corey: Minimum Viable Phoenix.


Is the player actually the bad guy in Hello Neighbor, because we are sneaking in his house?

No. because you see him do something really strange and scary so you Sneak inside because there is somthing freaky you think is in his basement. there is there is a long hall going down when you open the door and its dark with some candles lighting some things up but when its the end there is a little room with candles standing in a circle and in the circle is a matress with a teddy bear laying on it i think he kidnapped a kid


Why would you feel uncomfortable if you met a person for the first time and instead of shaking hands or just saying hello, they hugged you?

It depends on the context. Is it a friends spouse that Ive heard about for years but havent met yet? Sure, a hug is fine. Is it a new coworker? No, not fine.I also hate being touched in general, unless Im really close to somebody. Im not a hugger. I love it when I meet somebody who is also not a hugger, because the social expectation isnt there.


Why don't they install different sounding horns for varying purposes in cars like a friendly hello versus move out the way?

UK Highway CodeThere is only one use for the horn; to warn of danger.Rule 112The horn. Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively. You MUST NOT use your hornwhile stationary on the roadwhen driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.

30 pm and 7.

00 amexcept when another road user poses a danger.Rule 195Zebra CrossingsDo not wave or use your horn to invite pedestrians across; this could be dangerous if another vehicle is approaching

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