Digital Assets OTC OTC Exchange Development, Blockchain C2C Trading Platform Development Source: Zho

Digital assets OTC OTC exchange development, blockchain C2C trading platform development source: Zhongrui Dave

Many people in the development of the exchange feel that there is no market and feed back that the market has been disturbed. In fact, this is not the case. Since Hong Kong has announced the way to operate the exchange project with the exchange license, it means that the exchange market will certainly be well regulated in the future and sort out the whole market. As a blockchain system development company, we also have rich experience in this area. For details of exchange development, please consult 138-2315-3121   QQ:199—289—1126

In short, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, one-to-one transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. The concept of blockchain first appeared at the end of 2008. With the popularity of digital asset trading, it gradually came into the public view. At the same time, because of its unique technical value and advantages such as decentralization, openness, tamper proof and anonymity, it has been sought after by financial institutions and enterprises, and triggered a round of blockchain boom.

The financial industry is the first to embrace digital asset blockchain technology. This is mainly because the traditional financial industry is highly centralized, and there are a large number of centralized credit intermediaries and information intermediaries in the traditional financial industry chain, which slows down the system operation efficiency and increases the capital transaction cost. Many institutions tried to break through this situation, but a considerable part eventually became the central node, and even caused chaos in industries such as self financing and capital pool.

Recently, the digital asset market is in a comprehensive recovery stage. Xiaobian noted that although the mainstream currency represented by bitcoin has decreased by 50% in the past three months, it rebounded sharply in April, and the whole market seems to have ushered in a rising tide again. In this market, many investors regain confidence, they firmly believe that the bull market is returning. Similarly, in the face of this rising tide, more investors no longer wait and see, and crowded into the ship of digital currency.

With the increasing role of Finance in the economic system, in order to meet the needs of expanding transaction scale, commodity currency gradually evolved into credit currency in the 20th century. People's trust in the government and the central bank is the basis for the existence of credit currency. In order to ensure the safety of public deposits, commercial banks must pay deposit reserves to the central bank according to a certain proportion of deposits to ensure their basic payment ability.

As the first and most important digital asset in the world, bitcoin adopts the blockchain technology with distributed Ledger as the core, which has many advantages such as decentralization, traceability and tamperability. Nevertheless, this decentralization is that digital assets do not have a future.

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Digital Assets OTC OTC Exchange Development, Blockchain C2C Trading Platform Development Source: Zho 1

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