Can I Upgrade My Processer?

Can I upgrade my processer?

Can I Upgrade My Processer? 1

no you would need a new motherboard,ram and video card -processor sockets are different from the sempron to the AM2-AM3 -your video card is agp these are no longer supported and you would need a pci-e card although they still have some agp cards on the market but its not worth it if pci is faster and cheaper -your ram is DDR1 you would have to go DDR2 or DDR3 Parts are really cheap though you could easily build an a decent pc under $500 thats alot more powerful then yours

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Will this computer (LapTop) run spore? How much will it cost to upgrade?

Like Aaron said, you are out of luck there. The unfortunate things about laptops is that other than the memory and hard drive, nothing else can be upgraded (unless you are one creative SOB). You are only solution is to buy another PC. If you want something for gaming, I would definitely say that you should go with a desktop. Laptops can game, do not get me wrong, however the upgradability, power, and bang-for-your-buck of a desktop outweighs the portability of any notebook (personal opinion). For a good desktop, search around sites like Tigerdirect and Newegg and see what deals they have. They often have sales on different desktops. They also have barebone kits for a pretty decent price, only thing is you will have to build them yourself and buy a few more components (operating system, video card, cd/dvd/bluray drives, monitor, keyboard, mouse, upgraded cooling, etc.). Look around for a quad core processor (dual works fine if you are on a budget), 3 gigs of RAM (REMEMBER, you MUST have a 64bit operating system in order to utilize more than 4 gigs of RAM), and one or two hard drives. For video cards, I love my 9800 GT (because I got it free from a friend, woohoo!) but for higher-end games you will need to shell out big money on your card. If you need that portability then just go with a slightly more expensive model laptop, that way you will get both. I would recommend an HP or an Acer, but look for one that states the graphics card (Radeon HD 4650, etc.). You will need anywhere from 2-4 GB of RAM (the more the better), and a 250GB hard drive should be fine (if you really need 500 gigs on a laptop, just friggen buy a 2.5" portable drive. That much in an everyday laptop is overkill.). All-in-all, expect to pay about $400 for any (decent) new computer. The better specifications you choose, the higher the price. The best advice I can give you is to compare every system that looks interesting with other websites. You see one you like on Newegg, then you look for one similar on Tigerdirect, as well as Bestbuy, Costco/BJ's/Sam's Club, etc. Hope any of this helps!

Can I Upgrade My Processer? 2

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my gaming computer parts, need advice on whats missing?

exciting construct. generally while somebody expects to pay $1500 for a gaming rig i might generally tell them to for for an i7 construct, because of the fact they might have the money for it. >Seagate Barracuda LP stressfulpersistent - 1TB 5900RPM 32MN SATA-3G x 2 is this for storage, or for common use? substitute this to a Samsung Spinpoint F3. that's the quickest a million terabytepersistent (at the instant) or maybe outpaces the wildly universal Caviar Black. I actual have the two drives and can vouch for the samsung. For storage, you are able to (and could) pick a Western digital green a million.5 TB. >EVGA GeForce GTX 295 Superclocked version (video card) old. . old. . purely helps DirectX10. that is large returned then yet there are extra beneficial opposition out in recent times seek for the Radeon 5870 or Radeon 5890. >XCLIO Windtunnel totally Black end (case) circumstances with doorways are not particularly my factor, yet once you desire a stable case with superb air flow take a glance on the CoolerMaster HAF 932 or Antec 1200. >OCZ ModXStream professional capability grant 700W For a extreme end construct I usually desire to dodge OCZ *streams decide for a extra physically powerful kind like Seasonic, Antec TruePower, or Corsair Hx series. yet there could be no problems with your p.c. in simple terms my 2 cents. >Logitech professional 2000 Black Keyboard Logitech LX6 Cordless Optical Mouse - 1000 DPI Logitech G15 / G9 Logitech G5 laser gaming mouse (corded) or Microsoft Sidewinder X6 cordless laser >extra enormously, does ASUS make stable video reveal instruments? ASUS makes extremely stable video reveal instruments. They outsource their panels from Samsung. . so in certainty ASUS would not particularly totally produce their very own liquid crystal reveal video reveal instruments. they only make the shell and use Samsung branded liquid crystal reveal's. Samsungs are between the extra beneficial liquid crystal reveal producer's around.

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