Best Tires for Mazda Protege 5?

Kumho and Toyo were the best tires I have ever used on my Mazdas. Kumhos suck up the bumps. Tread life is also excellent on both

Best Tires for Mazda Protege 5? 1

1. Why are there less new Mazda vehicles on the road nowadays?

It's not that Mazdas are bad cars, but for the price they ask you can get a better Toyota. I do not think that Mazdas are uncommon by any means, at least around where I live I see quite a few of them. Now if you had said Mitsubishi well then you would have a point, there are less of those on the road these days.

2. What's the difference between a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6?

My mother has a 3 wagon and I have the 6 sportwagon. We both LOVE our cars (she bought hers on my recommendation). The main difference is the size; the 3 is a bit smaller and better on gas mileage. My car is peppy and reliable; I have not had any problems with it so far (knock on wood -- 27000 miles/ 2 1/2 years old). My mother absolutely loves her car too, she thinks it is adorable and zippy -- she's already got more miles on hers in one year than I have on mine and she has not had any problems with it. She lives in the snow and says it is great in weather too. My main gripe about my 6 is that the tires are these special low-profile tires which cost an arm and a leg and a hand to replace -- if you go with this car definitely buy the road hazard covereage from the dealer... it was about $300 extra and ended up saving me $750 (or 3 tires!!!!).

Best Tires for Mazda Protege 5? 2

3. Is there an auxiliary jack in a 2006 Mazda 3?

where can I go to have one put in & how much would it cost me?

4. Seals on a Mazda rx7 1991?

Turning the key off and on repeatedly wo not do that. The seal would've gone bad for a different reason. To fix the seal, the motor will have to be pulled and taken apart. If you pull the motor out and take it apart, you should replace all the other seals too. This process will cost you $800-$1000 if you do it yourself, or $3000 if you have a shop do it

5. Sputtering Mazda

Your vehicle can not support e85 fuel or also known as flex fuel. The lines need to be lined with teflon to avoid damage to the fuel lines, that high amount of ethanol will eat through the fuel line. Is your valve cover leaking oil? Same issue as yours, customer came back after a trip, car had a hard start and hesitation under load. Valve cover leaking oil in to the spark plug valley, new plugs, coils and wires along with a new valve cover gasket. Fixed the issue. If you are slightly mechanically inclined, try and pull the spark plugs and check them for clean burning or fouling. My customers vehicle is a 1996 Protege with a 1. 5 motor. A car your age might have a few oil leaks, they cause many issues if not taken care of right away

6. Mazda MX-3 KLZE Engine Swap?

that query would be complicated to understand. you notice, you do would desire to get new cord harness that's properly matched with that engine. The ECM must be reflashed with a working laptop or workstation utility that's able to doing that so it could examine the variety of engine that's swapped into. .the flywheel would would desire to examine that kind of engine which you are swaping into. My answer wo not be all maximum suitable, in spite of the shown fact that it particularly is advisable to talk to someone who focuses on all that

7. Mazda Protege? pros and cons?

Do not listen to Don R. He's an idiot that gives sh!tty advice. The Mazda Protege' 5 is a GREAT car! They run forever. Go get it if you can buy it for the right price. Pros: -Quality (run forever) -Resale value is high Cons: NONE! Do not listen to anyone that says any different. They are great cars so go get it before it sells. Mazda Salesperson :-)

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