Any Sad/Depressing Rock Songs That Are Sort of New?

Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy When Your Gone by Avril Lavigne Between The Lines by Sara Bareilles Thinking of You by Katy Perry If I Die Young by The Band Perry 100 Years by Five for Fighting Love the Way You Lie (part 2) by Rihanna and Eminem Gravity by Sara Bareilles These are some of my favorites (:

1. My daughter-in-law is on bedrest and feeling very sad?

I mean there is nothing you really can do.... Just rub her, keep her cool and give her lots of water so she will not feel dehydrated. Good Luck with your grand babies!!!!!

2. Do you get sad when you watch videos of your baby when they were younger?

Yes it makes me sad too. I just want to reach into the screen and hold my little baby again when I see her in the video's

3. How do I get over feeling sad that my extended family is not really family (just friends)?

maybe you should try to get in touch with your relatives and tell them you want to see them

4. My first crushFuguchi >>>>Japan Tsunami story

I do not want to be insensitive... but this writing was so ridiculous that I could not bear to read all of it. When I saw that tsunami hit Japan, it just ripped my heart out. Trust me, I really feel for them, but this writing is not doing it just.

5. What do I do? I am so very sad and I feel like I have hit rock bottom and I am so lost and me!?

You need a break from this relationship and find yourself first. You must endure the loneliness for a while because only when we are going through difficulty will our minds clear up and show us what we really want and how we should deal. In the heat of the moment, your decisions are never wise. Instead, plan a few days of rest with only you and God. You should get to know God of the Bible. Only by knowing Him will you find your self. And by finding yourself you will know who is right for you and what is right to do in this situation. My immediate advice then is to cool down. Maybe also consider the fact that you do not believe in premarital sex, then should you date someone who does it as your boyfriend does? It seems to be a little unhealthy.

6. I want to read a sad book that will make me cry?! Family Drama Fiction!!?

A Time for Dancing By: Davida Wills Hurwin It is really sad. Also has a sequel that is more funny than sad. The name is at the end of the first one.

7. i always look sad...can you help me chipper up?

Lol? Do you want someone to "landscape" your face? Wrong section!!!

8. What is a good sad song about heartbreak?

achy breaky heart billy ray cyrus

9. How can I not be jealous of people who are famous, accomplished, and the same age as me? I was watching Stranger Things, and got sad when I thought about all the attention and fame the actors were getting compared to nothing for me.

That's because you are not doing anything of any significance to get that attention yourself. Are you putting in the hours and hours of work that you have to do to become famous ? Do you realize that not everybody became famous overnight and not everybody who works or previously worked for the entertainment industry became famous ? because some of those people spent years doing it only to be told they were not good enough but never gave up and kept working until they finally got their big break after many years of obscurity or just did not have the requirements for it and quit. Plus the lifestyle of people who are famous is not glamorous like you think it is, you get no privacy, large crowds of people follow you everywhere, you get stalkers and people who hate you and criticize everything that you do or say, things said about you in the news that is not true etc.

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